Book 7: Chapter 27 - Many Ghost Eclipsers On The Battleship

He seemed resigned to his fate, just like the people in Margaery’s livable zone.

Had this person… been forced to yield to Nubis?

There were too many people who had yielded to the Ghost Kings among the Ghost Eclipsers. For instance, Silver Snake and the other men in Margaery’s livable zone. They were fearful of the Ghost Kings’ superpower. They didn’t have strong enough superpowers to fight against the Ghost Kings so they could only succumb in humiliation. But these people would become the hope of the new Kingdom.

He averted his eyes, although his gaze remained cold. “All the best to you.” Then, he cut off the connection. Brad collapsed onto the console in cold sweat. “So, so terrifying…”

Everyone turned visible again. They all patted his shoulder and commended, “Well done!”

“You did great!”

“Good job!”

“Boss, the door opened!”

“Alright!” Gehenna immediately looked at me. I nodded at Xiao Ye and he grabbed Brad with him in an instant. Opening a space, he dragged Brad back to Ice Dragon and retreated along with Brad.

We went into invisible mode again and stood in front of the battleship.

Since Underworld Ghost had wished us all the best, we shall forge on to the end with his good wishes!

The battleship came to a steady stop, and a metallic clanging sound rang out to signal the connection completion. The cabin door opened before us, revealing several pairs of legs in front of us. As their figures slowly appeared, a gust of human breeze blew past me. The corners of my lips lifted.


“Where’s the King?!” They stared uncomprehendingly into empty air.

“Oh no! Someone’s here!” Someone exclaimed, but syringes had already appeared and instantly stabbed into their necks!

“It’s a trap!”

“Show yourself!”

As rows of people collapsed, a few Ghost Eclipsers appeared behind them. The surrounding syringes exploded into pieces as one of them swung a shapeless light-wave at us. It instantly broke our invisibility, and we appeared before them.

They gaped at us in surprise.

“It’s a woman!”

“Who is it?!”

“It’s Gehenna!”

“The Gehenna’s Eyes!”

“What are you doing?!” They gathered and stared at Gehenna next to me in shock and rage. These people looked quite powerful.

I smirked at them. “You should have listened to Underworld Ghost. Go!” I signaled with both my hands and Nino’s arms transformed into thick gun nozzles at once. He laughed with his cigar in his mouth, shouting, “Let’s get the party started!”

Bullets shot out at them. They immediately scattered but the bullets chased after them. Lights interweaved in the air.

“Don’t even think about behaving insolently here.” Suddenly, a huge cape flew past the entire cabin and instantly blocked Nino’s bullets. Descending from above like a black curtain, it blocked off our entire view.

The black cape slowly fell, revealing a scrawny man with greenish skin. He glared at Gehenna angrily, demanding, “Gehenna’s Eyes, what did you do to our King?!”

Gehenna shrugged. “Your King is enjoying himself in the electromagnetic prison in Ghost King City.”

“The Great Ghost King is a b*stard!” The scrawny man roared furiously. Skeletons hovered around him with their mouths opened.

Gehenna scratched his head without bothering much about him. Resting one hand on his waist, he advised, “Second-ghostie, I suggest you surrender. Otherwise, you will die a miserable death.”

“Bullsh*t!” The man was infuriated. “I am the Skeleton King. Who the h*ll is a second-ghostie!”

“Aren’t you second to Nubis?” Gehenna grinned widely at Skeleton King. “So, you are a second-ghostie. I’m serious. I suggest you…”

“Nonsense! Die!” Skeleton King’s skeletons pounced at me. Just as Old Iron wanted to defend us, Harry charged forward. His palm instantly grew bigger and filled the entire cabin, before slapping the skulls like a giant’s palm.


The entire world became silent. A scattering of white ashes fell from the huge palm. 

Harry retracted his hand. Skeleton King gritted through his teeth, “What are you?!”

Harry broke into a smile. “Water ghost. I am the real ghost!” Although Harry was just making a joke, I felt my heart clench at his words.

The very next moment, Harry charged at Skeleton King. On the other side, Gehenna merely stared and the few people behind Skeleton King were instantly crushed onto the ground.

“Don’t look at Gehenna’s eyes!” The others averted their gaze.

“I’ll do it!” Suddenly, someone pounced forward with his eyes shut. He blew hard and thick fog flowed out his mouth, concealing everything.

“Be careful,” I reminded everyone softly.

Everyone nodded and slowly walked forward.

Moto wanted to go forward too but I stopped him. “Retreat.”

Moto furrowed his eyebrows and returned to our cabin in disappointment.

Juye went forward and I nodded at him. He immediately roared without making any sound and the fog froze, no longer growing thicker.

The battleship evacuated with Moto onboard, while the rest of us continued forward.

I heard some landing noises. Blue Feather spread his wings and fanned. The fog dispersed before us but the cabin had already completely emptied out, besides the Ghost Eclipsers who lay defeated on the ground.

“Second-ghostie and the other guys have retreated. Be careful!” Gehenna reminded with his guard up. His sharp gaze did not miss out a single corner.

Nubis’ underlings shouldn’t be underestimated. Earlier, they’d been able to sense us despite us being invisible.

Gehenna, Harry and I exchanged a glance and a nod. Right now, we’d only broken in through the entrance of Nubis’ battleship. The Ghost Eclipser who had released fog earlier had been obviously covering for the rest of their crew to retreat. Hence, the trap in front of us was still unknown. It wasn’t time to relax yet. 

“Nathan!” Gehenna roared and Nathan instantly exploded into fine eyes and flew forward. The eyes snuck into fine ventilators and we began to advance.

Syringes surrounded Vanish again, hovering in mid-air. He was prepared to attack at any time.

We advanced cautiously. Every single step we took might possibly lead to a metahuman’s trap. We might possibly step foot into an imaginary illusion or space gap or rotting liquid. We were exposed in the light whereas they were hidden in the shadows.

We kept close so that we could better protect each other. Entering the huge hanger, we saw fighter planes neatly parked with blinking red lights. Suddenly, there came hasty footsteps and someone roared.


“Don’t damage the spacecrafts,” I exhorted as I drew my laser gun. People came charging at us from all directions and we were immediately engaged in a fierce fight.

Old Iron spread his shield while Nino shot with his guns. His bullets had tracking functions so no one could run away from them.

“Leave this to us!” Nino shouted with his cigar in his mouth. He was full of heroic vigor!


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