Book 7: Chapter 26 - Can’t Underestimate Your Enemy

“Good job, son!” Gehenna went forward and patted Brad, complimenting, “Your superpower is great. Our success depends on you!”

Brad’s body went stiff but he was thrilled with happiness from Gehenna’s compliment. “I will work hard!”

I looked over Brad’s clothes and commented, “He needs a change of clothes.”

We studied Brad’s clothes. That doesn’t look like what Nubis would wear.

Eyebrows raised, Gehenna grabbed Brad’s loose clothes. Brad was still holding up his loose pants too.

“I’ll do it,” Gehenna said and began tearing.

*Zzzzap! Zzzzap!*

“Boss! I don’t think it’s a good idea!” Vanish quickly cried.

Gehenna tore Brad’s clothes up, then grabbed a handful of dust to rub onto his clothes. In a short while, the clothes on Brad had become tattered and dirty looking.

Then, Gehenna tightened Brad’s trouser waist. Brad looked exactly like a Nubis who had just escaped from prison.

“Done! What do you think?!” Gehenna clapped his hands to shake off the dust. “He looks like he just ran out from Ghost King City. Hahahaha…

It was hard to even tell what Brad was actually wearing now. Not too shabby.

“What do we do next?” Gehenna asked.

I glanced at the spacecraft behind Gehenna. “We’ll board your spacecraft. Then, we get Brad to contact Nubis’s battleship. We’ll say that the Great Ghost King schemed against Nubis and he hijacked your spacecraft. Once Nubis’ battleship opens its hatch for us, we will launch a surprise attack!”

“Alright! Let’s go!” Gehenna waved. We officially kicked off our plan!

Ice Dragon was in invisible mode. Before contacting Nubis’s battleship, we first contacted Gehenna’s battleship. We were thrilled with happiness at the sight of Old Iron and the other members.

“Queen?!” Old Iron and the others were surprised to see me. “You became a Queen again!”

“You look much more beautiful as a Queen!” Nino gave me a thumbs-up with a cigar in his mouth.

“There’s no time for this. Let’s get to business!” Gehenna roared and that bunch of drama queens immediately turned solemn.

Gehenna pulled Brad up before the screen and they immediately cried, “Boss! What did you do to Nubis?!”

“Oh god! Boss, you are sexually indiscriminate…” 

“Get ready. We’ll definitely have to fight against Nubis’ men at this rate!”

Brad looked at them nervously while Gehenna patted Brad’s back with a wide grin. “See that? You fooled everyone. Why are you so nervous?”

Brad smiled and he wasn’t nervous anymore.

“The Corpse King smiled?!”

“How is this possible?!”

They were shocked once again.

Harry leaned by the side and chuckled as he watched.

He Lei looked serious while he spun Xiao Ying’s data disk in his hand, as though he was warming up for the upcoming war.

“Be serious!” Gehenna roared again. He finally brought out the bearing of a Ghost King. “This is Sis’ man. He is a metahuman with the superpower to alter his appearance!”

“Oh!” Everyone was surprised. They moved closer as they crowded around the screen, visibly impressed.

“Impressive, bro!”

“Yeah, bro! We were all fooled.”

“You are an amazing metahuman. How did Ice Queen find you?”

Brad hung his head shyly as everyone complimented him in astonishment. He secretly smiled, seemingly pleased with himself.

“Listen up! Sis is going to brief us on the plan.” Gehenna stepped aside, and I began to share the outline of the surprise attack.

“Understand?!” I asked sternly.

“Yes!” Nino, Old Iron, Blue Feather, Vanish, Earl and Nathan replied in unison.

Gehenna’s spacecraft was getting closer to Nubis’ battleship. Beneath the dark, gloomy clouds, Nubis’ battleship was right across from Gehenna’s battleship. Nathan and the other men remained in their position so that the other party wouldn’t be suspicious.

Ice Dragon hid behind Gehenna’s battleship.

Brad glanced at us anxiously while we nodded at him to reassure him. Taking a deep breath, breathed out. Once he called Nubis’ battleship, Moto turned all of us invisible.

The second the call was connected, Brad immediately roared, “Hurry up and open the door. The Great Ghost King schemed against me. They blew up my battleship so I took Gehenna’s. Hurry up and open the door. They’re coming after me!”

On the screen was a beautiful man who looked extremely calm. His long green hair hung smoothly by his face, his green eyes cold as jade.

He wore a thick skin-tight black armor-like outfit that gave him an ascetic vibe.

“It’s the King! He is finally back!” Several other underlings appeared next to the man. Their faces were painted in white like evil spirits.

“Hurry up and open the door!” Brad roared at them.

But the beautiful man said calmly, “Codeword.”


Nubis has a codeword?!

“Code! Code…” Brad stuttered. We began to worry that Brad might be exposed because we really didn’t know the codeword. We’d never expected the Corpse King Nubis would have a codeword too. 

“Code! The codeword is…” Brad was covered in cold sweat. Suddenly, his eyes shot open and he held his neck. He stretched his hand out at the screen in agony, “, is… Ugh, ugh…” Brad gulped and fell forward in pain.

I was shocked but I was applauding in my heart for Brad’s improvisation in response to the changing circumstance!

Although everyone was invisible right now and we couldn’t see each other, I believed that everyone was cheering for Brad’s performance!




“Underworld Ghost, open the door!” Someone grabbed the man by his collar harshly.

Underworld Ghost faced him coldly. “The King said it himself. Do not open the door without the codeword!”

“F*ck you!” Someone shoved him away and shouted, “Open the door. Prepare for war. Welcome the King!”

A red blinking light appeared on the screen and everyone hurried in all directions.

Underworld Ghost stood up and tidied his collar. He stepped up before the screen and stared at the camera coldly. His cold stare seemed to pierce the screen and fix onto Brad. “We can’t open the door without the codeword.” He turned and looked outside. “Those idiots have been fooled by you!” He watched the blinking red lights.

Brad’s sweat slid down his face but still he remained in his position.

This man named ‘Underworld Ghost’ is impressive. We can’t underestimate him.

“No matter what your intention is, you will not win against Nubis’ men even if we open the door.” Underworld Ghost narrowed his eyes. His gaze looked strange. Those eyes showed neither rage before a war nor arrogance, but instead revealed helplessness. As though… he was saying, You are definitely going to lose no matter how hard you try. You won’t be able to win against Nubis’ underlings and set everyone free.


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