Book 7: Chapter 25 - Relaxed Enough

“My master, let me keep you company. My taste has been peculiar all along.” Ice Dragon appeared before me with a sly smile.

I rolled my eyes at him. “I regret turning back into my female self. I forgot that there are very few girls in this world.”

“I can turn into a girl to keep you company.” Ice Dragon smiled maliciously. He touched his chest with an infatuated expression. “Oh, I used to have a pair of amazing boobs back in the days.”

“Get lost!” I really didn’t understand how the honest Raffles could have written such a monstrous program.

Ice Dragon straightened again, smiling. “Don’t you want to know what the men are talking about behind your back?”

“No,” I replied immediately, although my gossipy heart was itching to hear it.

“We will take a look anyway.” With a cunning smile, Ice Dragon rolled out a screen before me.

The scene on screen looked extremely quiet. The mood seemed to be even tenser than when I’d still been present.

Brad curled up next to Moto and Juye. Moto stole glances at He Lei who sat in front of him, nervous.

He Lei always looked so solemn that people didn’t dare to speak to him.

Juye became cautious too. He nudged Moto lightly and said softly, “Moto, he’s teaching us that at night…”

“What’s that?” Moto glanced at Juye and Xiao Ye confusedly.

Brad was curious too.

Xiao Ye broke into an innocent smile but he still peeked at He Lei carefully.

Juye leaned in between Moto and Brad and whispered something. Then, Moto and Brad blushed. Brad didn’t look nervous anymore, instead his eyes shot wide open as he stared at Xiao Ye.

“Moto… If you like the Queen, you definitely have to learn it first…”

Cough!” He Lei coughed and abruptly stood up. Xiao Ye, Juye, Moto and Brad immediately sat up straight again. It was rare to see them all share a tacit understanding.

He Lei glared at them sternly. “War is not a game. Be careful or you will die at war!”

Brad’s face instantly grew pale.

Harry then stood up and draped his arm over He Lei’s shoulder. “You are scaring them again. Look, Brad finally calmed down but you just had to frighten him again. Brad, it’s okay. Take it as changing to a different performing venue.”

Brad nodded stiffly.

Harry winked at Moto. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about if you like the Queen. She is so outstanding. But…” Harry smiled behind his helmet, “... she has Lieutenant He Lei next to her. You’d better be careful.”

Harry made fun of He Lei!

I was upset. Harry seemed to be always pushing me to someone else.

But I could see a tinge of loneliness in his malicious smile behind the helmet visor. I knew that he’d already thought of the worst possible outcome, where he would forever be a water ghost and hence be unable to be with me.

That was why he would help those who liked me and whom he deemed outstanding. Just like how he had helped Raffles to be with me.

Moto gulped while He Lei looked at Harry with a complicated expression. He seemed like he wanted to say something but Harry patted He Lei’s chest with a chuckle. “You should be proud that these boys like Bing! Don’t guard against everyone like they are your enemy.”

He Lei furrowed his brows and looked away. “I am going out for a walk.” He Lei stood up and left the cabin.

Ice Dragon’s screen followed He Lei out of the cabin. He didn’t go far, and instead just leaned against the wall of the corridor with his eyebrows tightly knitted. Full of anxiety, he took deep breaths and let out heavy sighs. He Lei, what are you worried about again?

In the cabin, Harry chuckled as he watched He Lei leave. Then, he smiled at Moto and the other guys. “Lieutenant He Lei is a solemn person but he is actually a good man.”

“We know!” Moto and the other guys immediately stood up, their eyes shining with admiration as they gazed at Harry.

“Master, we are reaching the meeting point,” Ice Dragon reported.

I immediately informed everyone through the intercom, “You’ve relaxed enough. Now, buckle up! We’re here!”

“Yes!” Everyone stood up simultaneously. Xiao Ye shed his feminine behavior, while Moto and Juye slipped into preparation for war mode. At the sight of everyone’s high-spirited manner, even Brad who had been nervous took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down.

In the corridor, He Lei looked relieved too. As if he could only forget about all his worries when he was at war.

Ice Dragon landed steadily on the ground, and I met the rest at the hatch. In my hand was a data disk that contained Xiao Ying. I handed it over to He Lei before the hatch, instructing, “Once you enter Nubis’s battleship, insert this disk at the point where they connect to their main server as planned.” Xiao Ying’s superpower was amazing. She only needed a data cable to invade the other person’s main server.

“Alright.” The hatch had already opened by the time He Lei took the data disk. Gehenna, Earl and Vanish were already standing outside. Seeing me, they quickly came forward.

“Sis, you are finally here.”

We went forward too. “Uncle, we are here.”

“Sis, tell us what’s next on your plan.” The mismatched addresses Gehenna and I used for each other didn’t affect our conversation at all.

The wilderness where we stood had level four radiation. It was barren all around.

I turned back and looked at Brad. “Brad, do you know what Nubis looks like?”

Brad seemed to be nervous. He became even more nervous with everyone’s attention on him.

Moto and Juye each held one of Brad’s shoulders.

“Don’t be nervous. We are here!” Their confident remark and expression boosted his confidence. He felt at ease in their presence too.

The beautiful young men who had once needed a sense of security from other people had become reliable and powerful. They had started to support others and provide them with a sense of security too.

“Me too!” Xiao Ye stood behind Brad. “I will send you back immediately.”

What Xiao Ye had said seemed to make Brad feel even better. Finally Brad nodded and calmed down.

“Is he the one? The boy who can turn into Nubis.” Gehenna went forward and studied him curiously. “Boy, do you even know what Nubis looks like? Hahahaha…” Gehenna burst out in laughter.

Just as Gehenna laughed hysterically, Brad’s body shape shifted and he turned transparent. His facial features blurred and his face disappeared entirely. He had only taken one puff of fishy-smelling breeze to transform into a transparent rubber band.

Then new facial features quickly appeared. Nubis’s appearance slowly took shape on his transparent skin. Slowly, the scrawny body formed too. Since he was now overly scrawny, the clothes that Brad was wearing became loose, hanging off his shoulder. His obvious skeletal frame was as equally terrifying as Nubis’.

Brad held his trousers in place, hanging his head low. He stood there but didn’t dare to look at us. Although he looked nervous, his expression added to his resemblance to Nubis’ crooked and spiritless bearing.

“Impressive! What’s your name, boy?” Gehenna asked loudly, the gaze he fixed on Brad shifting to reveal high esteem.

“Br-, Brad.” Even Brad’s voice sounded exactly like Nubis. I was surprised too. 


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