Book 7: Chapter 24 - Among The Girls

There were very few girls on Kansa Star. Everyone was open about sex, and there were plenty of men up for their choosing since the ratio was one female to ten males. Even if a female used up her quota, no one would find her greedy.

Hence, there were times when girls gathered to compare the length, the thickness, the length of time, or the texture. One had to conform to local practice and get used to it.

Anyway, I’d gotten to listen to both the guys and the girls. So, I was not as surprised about it anymore. At least, I was much calmer than He Lei.

Back in Silver Moon City, I had always joined Gale and the other guys’ discussions. Harry had purposely pulled me away a couple of times too. Till today I couldn’t forget Gale’s embarrassed look when he’d finally found out that I was a girl.

“He Lei, don’t be so stern,” I said calmly.

He Lei stared at me in surprise. “Bing! How can you tolerate their behavior?! We are going to war! This would shake the army’s morale!”

“They are men. This is normal. Gale, Yama and the other guys often talked about it in Silver Moon City and it helped create more of a relaxed mood. It’s not good to be too tense. Plus, they might be able to improve their tacit understanding for teamwork and perform better.” Reminded of Gale and the guys, I couldn’t help but laugh. “I remember that Gale would boast about how amazing he is but the girls would make fun of his lasting time. Hahahaha!

“Bing! You are a girl!” He Lei abruptly roared. His face was so red that his black pupils seemed to be tainted red too.

Harry turned away and hunched over, obviously holding back his urge to laugh.

“And Xiao Ying is here too!” He Lei pointed at Xiao Ying.

Ying pouted and said, “I don’t mind…”

I snapped back to reality. “Oh, yeah! I got used to it. I feel like a guy whenever I go to war. I shall withdraw myself from this conversation. You can continue.” I stood up while He Lei held his forehead and sighed.

Harry chuckled and patted his shoulder. “Bing has always been like this. Get used to it. Back in Silver Moon City, you don’t know how exhausting it was for me. Hahahaha…” Harry chuckled happily.

I lifted my hand and knocked his helmet with a glum face, letting him feel my murderous intent in full. He immediately held back his laughter as his body went stiff.

“I shall go too. You are simply excluding the girls! Humph!” Xiao Ying turned and left.

We opened the cabin door just as Moto and Brad happened to return. Brad looked much better now, but he became nervous the moment he saw me again. Turned out that I was the one who made him nervous.

“Your Highness.” Moto held Brad as he greeted me.

“Brad, relax. By then, you will be the first to leave. You will be absolutely fine.” Xiao Ying patted Brad’s back in assurance.

Brad nodded nervously.

“Go in and let Brad relax. Don’t scare him,” I said and walked past them with Xiao Ying. I heard Brad let out a breath of relief.

Ying and I returned to the cockpit. We had a strange feeling of being ‘isolated’ by the guys. No one had avoided me when I’d been a guy but now, everyone avoided me.

I had been a guy longer than a girl. Returning to my female self all of a sudden, I had yet to quit some of my habits. At the same time, I had yet to practice any feminine habits too. I felt like I was in an awkward period where I was neither masculine nor feminine. 

I supported my head with one hand. I was upset.

“I think Brother He Lei is jealous.” Xiao Ying ate while she spoke, “He treats everyone as his rival in love and he is guarded against everyone.”

“Don’t cause turmoil,” I puffed. I actually felt that He Lei had started treating me differently ever since I’d started being my female self again.

“Even a blind person can tell that he is guarding against any man who has any thoughts about you, as though he’s trying to prevent robbery. Sigh. It’s so annoying to have a jealous man too,” Xiao Ying sighed and shrugged. “But there aren’t many men who’ll threaten his position. Brother Harry looks like this now and he can’t be jealous. Plus, Raffles and Harry are your husbands to begin with. He is not qualified to fight against them. I reckon the biggest threat for him now is Brother Ah Zong.”

“Ah Zong…”

“How are you and Brother Ah Zong doing?” Xiao Ying moved closer, her eyes shimmering. “Brother Ah Zong is so nice and he is so loyal to you. Don’t be brutal to him. Ah, I really want Brother Ah Zong to like me. Brother Ah Zong is too beautiful.”

“You don’t stand a chance!” My face turned grave.

Ying immediately looked at me while I returned her gaze glumly. Xiao Ying chuckled, “No way! When did it happen?! Do Raffles and Harry know?! Wow! Brother He Lei is going to flip the palace upside down! He lost to Brother Ah Zong! Hahahaha…

“I haven’t thought about how to tell Raffles and Harry. But… they seemed to feel it.” They had always been sharp. Although I had not announced anything about Ah Zong officially, Raffles and Harry had never treated Ah Zong as an outsider. Sometimes, they’d even got Ah Zong to keep me company.

“Have you done it yet?!”

Poof! Cough, cough, cough!” Look. Girls talked about it too.

“No! I will not accept any other man until Harry transforms back!” I was determined and stubborn about it. Plus, I hadn’t needed to tell Ah Zong that but he shared a tacit understanding with me too.

Ah Zong respected me and he respected Harry too. He felt that it would be a kind of blow to Harry if we got married or did that before he transformed back.

Therefore, everything would only take place after Harry recovered.

“But…” Xiao Ying stole a glance at me carefully, “What if… Harry can’t be transformed back?”

“I will accept him too!” I gritted my teeth. Even if Harry couldn’t transform back and he would forever be a water ghost, I would continue to stay with him and we would remain as husband and wife!

Ying stared at me in surprise. “Brother Bing… I never expected…your taste to be so… peculiar…”

“I love him!” Hot with emotions, my face turned red. “No matter how he looks like… and plus… I am used to it… over time… It is actually okay…” I smiled faintly. “His body is cold and smooth. It’s kind of nice to hug at times…” 

Ying gawked at me. She gulped and blinked. “Ugh… Ice Dragon… Turn me into data… I think… I want to calm down in the data world…”

“Sure.” A helmet descended from above Xiao Ying’s seat and a data cable connected to Xiao Ying. In the blink of an eye, Xiao Ying disappeared before me, leaving only a bag of snacks behind.

Ying couldn’t take it and ran away. Sigh. She would eventually understand that one wouldn’t care about the other person’s appearance if she truly loved him.

If Harry couldn’t transform back, I would have to sleep with him in the pool because he couldn’t leave the water. His skin would become dry if he left the water for too long.

Why isn’t Xing Chuan the one who turned into a water ghost?! I thought to myself. He would then get a taste of the pain of turning into a water ghost! 


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