Book 2: Chapter 16 - Flying Corpse King

“Bill!” Harry shouted with all his might.

*Hong!* Bill ran before Xue Gie and shouted, “Ah!” With his long hair flowing in the gale, he looked incredibly courageous at that moment.

She didn’t like to talk, so he always sat silently next to her to keep her company.

She always daydreamed, while he was content to watch her daydream from afar.

She stood at the frontline during the war, and he gazed at her from behind in admiration.

When she was in danger, he would be the first to stand before her and roar in love!


Instantly my stomach jerked in quick spasms. Before I threw up, I glimpsed the flying corpses in front of Bill falling on the ground and throwing up.

The flying corpse that had been closest to Bill was in the worst condition; it was lying limp on the ground, unable to get up.

Xue Gie who stood behind Bill turned around and vomited as well.

However, the sensation I had felt from my position wasn’t as intense. Bill’s superpower seemed to be limited by range; his attack would be stronger the closer you were to him, while the farther you were the less damage you would suffer. 

*Retch.* The sounds of retching were all around, and the air was filled with the foul smell of puke. Even though I hadn’t been about to throw up, I immediately vomited once I smelled the puke.

*Retch.* Everyone behind the city gate threw up as well. Harry, Sia and the rest, as well as Khai and Williams who had dashed out were all vomiting.

The flying corpses couldn’t fly. Even those advancing with their wings spread for defence had all bent down to puke, their wings scattered all around like the torn steel plates of a bombarded tank. 

“Luo Bing! Retch!” Uncle Mason looked at me as he supported himself against the wall. “Go now, look for the Flying Corpse King! Retch!” 

Uncle! I feel like puking too when I see you speak like that!

Uncle Mason pointed at the flying corpses at the far back of the flock, “That - retch! - one who gave the command! Must be it! Retch!” He gulped. “He must be the Flying Corpse King! Retch!” He then started throwing up again. 

My stomach was still jerking as well!

“Joey! Retch!” I gagged as I jumped down next to Joey who had been kicked off the city gate. Joey was retching even as he looked at me, “What is it? Brother Bing.”

“Bring me - retch! - to, to the back of the flock. Retch!” I pointed at the flying corpses at the back. The rows of flying corpses were still throwing up. Just then, the flying corpses who formed the tent retreated at lightning speed, out of Bill’s range.

“Got it! Retch!” Joey barfed as he nodded.

I stood behind Joey and he carried me on his back. Then, he took a deep breath as though trying to prevent himself from throwing up halfway, and leaped!

The flying corpses at the frontline had long lost their determination to fight. The ground was filled with their puke.

Bill’s superpower was disgusting! It was simply deranged!

It was the end of the world. It was tough enough to have a full meal! Who would be willing to vomit out what they had eaten?! Some of the flying corpses were actually scooping up their puke to stuff back into their mouths.

“Mm!” I quickly covered my mouth. Joey’s chest jerked and his body grew weak, stumbling when he landed. Then, he continued to leap onwards. 

Joey carried me as he jumped and leaped past the flock of flying corpses. As we landed at the back, the air before us was clear as rainwater showered and lightning flashed around us. At that moment, I felt like I wasn’t in hell anymore but had passed through to the other side.

The ground was drenched. If lightning were to strike right then, the outcome would be too dreadful to think about! However, the lightning had seemed to light up and the rainstorm was moving forward quickly. Xue Gie’s superpower had stopped working once she started throwing up. Thus, the rainwater resumed falling, and could finally wash away the puke.

All at once, a long whip swung at us in between the flashing lightning. It was a flying corpse’s tail. Joey immediately picked me up and leaped. Yet when he was in mid-air, another tail lashed at him and pulled him down by his leg.

“Ah!” I was thrown off at once. As I fell, a tail that wrapped around my leg, picking me up and swinging me over. I instantly felt like I was on a roller coaster ride.

Luckily, I had gone through centrifugal force simulations in recent training. Because I would face various situations when driving a spaceship, I had to train my tolerance against throwing up when I drive. 


I had vomited during that first drive out on Ice Dragon. That had been embarrassing.

*Roar!* I heard a short roar that differed from the earlier howls. Then, the flying corpse stopped and threw me on the ground. The rain had become less heavy. Drenched, I stood up in the rain, probably appearing worse than when I’d first landed in this world.

*Fuu, fuu.* Sounds of heavy breathing came from the surroundings. I peered up through the rain and saw the huge flying corpses hemming me in. They spread their wings and surrounded me with their wing-tent, blocking out the rainstorm outside and leaving only a small hole that allowed light to shine in.

Before me was a circular curtain of rain. Two flying corpses moved aside, and a huge muscular flying corpse entered the encirclement. His footsteps were heavy, each step making a deep thud like a drum roll. His white hair was tied into a ponytail behind his head, and his fringe was scattered messily. On his head, there was a shiny crown!

It was a real crown made of platinum and embellished with gemstones! It was the most valuable thing I’d seen since coming to this world, yet it was on the flying corpse’s head. His clothes were different from the other flying corpses too - it wasn’t animal skin but a tight sleeveless black sportswear! The flexible material revealed his muscular chest, where a gold crown-shaped logo was emblazoned.

I was familiar with that sportswear material; it could let him spread his limbs and wings flexibly while keeping him warm and waterproof.

Walking around the curtain of rain, the Flying Corpse King came before me. He bent down and put his face before mine. I didn’t move but looked back into his moonstone-like eyes that were the same as Second Sis’.

In that moment, in the world made of the flying corpses’ wings, there was only me and the Flying Corpse King. We studied each other in silence under the flashes of lightning.

He sniffed.

I knew it! I must have smelled of Second Sis’ scent. Everyday I slept and ate with Second Sis, her scent must be on me. Even though I had gotten drenched under the rainfall, the scent wouldn’t be gone completely. A human couldn’t smell it but the flying corpses could definitely pick up the scent.

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