Book 7: Chapter 23 - Among The Boys

Moto and Juye listened to him. Neither of their eyes held any disdain towards gigolos; instead, they looked envious. “Then… you really are lucky…”

Moto and Juye truly felt that Honeycomb boys like Xiao Ye were very lucky.

If this had been in my world or in Silver Moon City, it would have been hard to understand.

However, in this world that did not have enough food nor warm enough clothes, where people were constantly living at the edge of life and death, Xiao Ye’s life was honestly considered much better than many Ghost Eclipsers…

Harry, He Lei and I exchanged a glance and they became quiet too.

They had once looked down on the Honeycomb boys but they wouldn’t anymore. On the contrary, as Xiao Ye and the other shared their happiness, they wore a complicated, sympathetic look.

In this world, many worldly views were distorted.

If I had to compare, Xiao Ye’s worldly views were comparatively more normal than the Ghost Eclipsers’.

Mm… It’d be great if Brother Ah Zong is here. Brother Ah Zong can calm Brad down.” Xiao Ye pursed his lips as he rested his head on one hand. Now he could handle any situation at ease when he was out with me. He was no longer nervous.

Moto and Juye glanced at him. Juye nodded in agreement. “Yeah. It’d be great if Lieutenant Ah Zong is here.”

“No way!” Moto objected sternly, becoming strict. “One has to overcome it himself. He can only be reborn after he overcomes this obstacle!”

Juye gazed at Moto in admiration. “Moto, you are so amazing now! You are just like a warrior!”

Moto blushed and looked away bashfully. “I-, I am doing this for Brad’s own good. I am going to see him. What he needs the most now is encouragement.”

Mm! Go get him!” Juye cheered.

Moto’s face was red as he rushed out without looking at me.

Just as he opened the door, Xiao Ying happened to enter while she munching on a bag of snacks. She watched as Moto left, asking, “What happened, what happened? Where is Moto going? What did I miss?”

“Lieutenant Xiao Ying!” Juye immediately greeted.

Ying flirtatiously stroked his face, greeting, “Hi.”

Juye blushed, touching his face as he returned to his seat happily.

Harry waved at Xiao Ying. “You didn’t miss anything.”

“Brother Harry!” Xiao Ying pounced and leaned over the back of Harry’s seat.

Juye was confused. They didn’t know Harry, so they only thought Ghostie had changed his name.

On the other hand, Xiao Ye became a little upset and didn’t speak anymore.

I grabbed a handful from Xiao Ying’s bag of snacks. It was a kind of dehydrated baked cereal, which we’d sprinkled handmade chili salt on. It was considered a very delicious food in this world.

“Brother He Lei, why do you look so stern all the time?” Xiao Ying smiled at the solemn He Lei, commenting, “You will frighten the rookie.”

“Exactly. Brad ran away from him. Hahaha!” Harry chuckled and slapped He Lei’s back.

He Lei sighed in disapproval, furrowing his eyebrows. He looked solemn, as though he was an adult distressed by the bunch of kids he was hanging out with.

“Brother He Lei is so gloomy. I am terrified.” Xiao Ying rested her cheeks on her palms. “You are making everyone nervous.”

He Lei wanted to say something, but in the end he only pursed his lips and looked away. Somehow it seemed like he was the only one worrying over the upcoming war.

Seeing that He Lei remained quiet, Ying stole a glance at me. I smiled at her. She inched over to me and whispered in my ear, “Brother Bing… I think He Lei is quite domineering. I’m afraid you can’t suppress him…”

I rolled my eyes at her while she smiled wickedly at me.

JuYu glanced at us before he continued to ask Xiao Ye, “Were you Honeycomb boys really popular back then?” Juye seemed to be curious about their past. 

Ying was curious too. She watched them as she ate.

“Yeah,” Xiao Ye smiled arrogantly. “My customers liked me a lot. They always brought my good food, interesting toys. Sigh. But I didn’t manage to take any with me when we left Blue Shield City. All my babies were left there. I will bring you there if I have a chance to next time.”

“It’s such a pity. I don’t even know what it feels like to be pampered.” Juye was upset. The two of them sounded like two best friends having a pillow talk right now.

“Then… have you done it before?” Xiao Ye suddenly asked.


Cough!” He Lei and Harry choked at the same time. A bunch of air bubbles billowed up in Harry’s helmet.

Pffft!” Xiao Ying spurted out all the snacks in her mouth. She blushed and glanced at me while I smiled calmly. Xiao Ying wiped her mouth and continued to eavesdrop.

“Done what?” Juye asked curiously in reply.

Ye chuckled in a cute and innocent way, replying, “Sleep together. The thing that you do in bed. Didn’t you do it with the old lady back then?”

Juye instantly blushed and averted his eyes. “We-, we were food… The old lady liked brawny adult men…”

Hence, it was once again proven that the old lady had wanted to eat me, not to do it with me.

“Oh…” Xiao Ying was paying full attention as she munched on her snack. I had never seen her this serious, especially not when we’d been studying with Raffles back in the days.

“It feels very nice. I will show you when we go back,” Xiao Ye said unabashedly. I was stunned. Honeybomb boys were truly different.

“I’ll teach you,” Xiao Ye offered.

By now, I was covered in cold sweat. I tried hard to tell myself that the worldly views at the end of the world were different. There was no need to forcefully rectify their views because Xiao Ye thought he was doing a good deed, something that would make everyone happy. Just like what Ah Zong had done to me back then.

Of course, Ah Zong had understood then but I couldn’t ‘educate’ Xiao Ye about it. Rather, I thought it would be best for Ah Zong to do it because Xiao Ye was his people and his charge.

Juye instantly blushed even harder.

“Ye!” He Lei abruptly roared. Xiao Ye looked at He Lei confusedly, “Lieutenant He Lei, what’s wrong?”

He Lei stared at him sternly to cover up his embarrassment. “Don’t talk about things like this. We are going to war soon!”

Suddenly realizing it, Ye blushed. He hung his head in shame, apologizing, “I’m sorry… Lieutenant He Lei…”

Ye hadn’t done anything wrong because teaching it was something normal and ordinary to him, just like how I’d taught them to fight and study.

“Brother He Lei is a party pooper…” Xiao Ying pouted. “We were just about to reach the interesting part…”

He Lei looked stern but his face was the reddest in the cabin.

Harry had looked away long ago. He had always been good at mixing around with other people. He would never be that strict, which was why he could make his men put down their guard and relax before the war.

Men liked to talk about this topic.

Regardless of whether it was the men in Noah City, Silver Moon City or the Aurora Legion.

Forget about men. In Noah City and Silver Moon City, the girls always gathered to talk about it too. Especially Sis Cannon and Sophia, they loved to share their thoughts about it.


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