Book 7: Chapter 22 - A Different Happiness

“It’ll be difficult for Brad if he’s acting like this,” Harry commented from where he stood next to me. He patted Brad in an attempt to comfort him. “Don’t be scared."

Brad’s face went blank at once, as though he was afraid that Harry would drag him onto the spaceship there and then.

“Bing, let’s opt for someone else,” He Lei said glumly as he furrowed his eyebrows, looking at Brad.

Eyeing the dumbfounded Brad, I had to agree that he might not be a suitable candidate for this fight. I turned to Raffles, asking, “Raffles, do you still have any disguiser masks?”

Raffles frowned and thought before answering, “A disguiser mask won’t be able to create similarity in body shape.”

“Your Highness, please allow us to go with you!” Moto and Juye proactively requested, “Please give us a chance! We will perform well!”

I looked over Moto and Juye. Moto’s superpower was to go invisible. And although Juye looked timid when he spoke, he could release powerful vibrations that could temporarily concuss the metahumans’ brain and fragment their memories. In short, it would be like a brain short-circuit.

Their powers might have been the reason why Margaery had kept them with her. They were great to have as auxiliary metahumans.

“They can do it,” He Lei put in a good word for them.

I thought for a while. Time was ticking. Finally I replied, “Alright. Moto, Juye and Xiao Ye, board Ice Dragon.”

“Yes!” Thrilled with excitement, the two of them quickly ran towards Xiao Ye.

I glanced at Xiao Ying, instructing, “Xiao Ying, delegate the tasks you have on hand and board Ice Dragon.”

“Alrighty! Silver Snake, Fat-Two, come here.” Xiao Ying pulled Silver Snake and Fat-Two to the side as she handed over her tasks.

I turned to Raffles. “Prepare a mask.”

“Understood.” Raffles rushed back to his lab.

Everyone surrounded Brad and sighed. “Brad, you only need one battle to be reborn!”

“Exactly. Look at Moto. He is completely different after he followed the Queen to a battle!”

“Brad, if you lose this chance you’ll have nothing to boast about when you go back to Zone 6.”

Tsk. Sigh. It’s a pity. I’d really like to go gain some experience with the Queen. It’d feel like being reborn. I really want to be like Moto.”

“Brad, if you go back like this you’ll still continue to have nightmares at night. But after you’ve fought the Ghost Eclipsers once, you will no longer have any nightmares!”

As everyone surrounded him, Brad lowered his face, his body going stiffer and stiffer.

I patted Brad’s shoulder and said softly, “Go home. The entire livable zone has me to depend on. Everyone will be fine.”

Brad’s body stiffened. He stood stunned under everyone’s pitiful and disdainful looks.

I turned and walked to Ice Dragon with Harry and He Lei.

Raffles rushed to us with a crystal box in hand. Inside was a human skin mask that looked exactly like Nubis, seemingly as lively as if it had been freshly peeled off Nubis’ face. Holding it in my hand, I felt chills down my spine because it looked too real.

We didn’t have anyone who could turn into Nubis, so we could only use the mask. Just as Raffles had said earlier, the mask could only make one’s face look like Nubis’s but it wouldn’t change one’s body shape.

Nubis was so scrawny that he looked like a skeleton. No one could mimic such a body shape. We would only show his face during the call to make them open their battleship hatch. Things would be easy from that point on.

“Alright!” I glanced at Harry who urged me along, “Let’s go!” Then, we took huge strides onto Ice Dragon.

Ah Zong and Raffles watched us leave.

“Be careful.” It was impossible for Raffles to not be worried. No matter how confident we were, our family who loved us would still be worried.

“Ah Zong, you are in charge of settling the people from Zone 1 when Eletta brings them back.” I handed full authority to Ah Zong.

Ah Zong smiled sweetly at me. “Don’t worry, Your Highness. I will take good care of your people.”

I felt at ease handing over Queen Town.

“Hold, hold on!” Brad suddenly staggered out from the crowd. He stared at me with a pale face. “Your, Your Highness, I, I’ll do it!” He watched us fearfully. Beneath the fear in his eyes was also an unwillingness to admit defeat, wrestling with hesitation. As though if he had the chance he’d quickly shrink back into his shell.

Sometimes, a person needed only one push to change their lives.

We had to grasp his courage and pull him out from the whirlpool of his past. Then, he would be able to change his own future.

I smiled and stretched out my hand from Ice Dragon. “Welcome!”

He gaped at me blankly while Moto jumped off the spaceship and ran over to nudge him happily. “What are you waiting for? We can’t waste any more time!” 

Moto pushed Brad towards Ice Dragon. Smoothly, Juye extended his arm and pulled Brad up on my behalf. Moto then jumped onto the spaceship. They waved at the young men who looked envious, seemingly proud of themselves for being able to go to war.

Finally I could see the enthusiasm and high spirits of the young men on Silver Moon City on them! They were transforming. They had become enthusiastic because of Radical Star and at the same time they were growing strong along with Radical Star.

Ice Dragon plunged at full speed towards the coordinates that Gehenna had sent. In the passenger cabin, Moto and Juye were encouraging Brad, who was participating in a war for the first time.

It was Brad’s first time getting involved in a war. Even under Margaery’s ruling, he had only ever been a performing actor in Queen Town. He’d simply changed into anyone’s appearance and performed cautiously.

Brad looked extremely nervous. Not only did he look pale, he was also covered in cold sweat.

“Brad, don’t be nervous. You only need to look like Nubis. You don’t need to speak.” Juye patted Brad’s back.

*Retch!* Brad was so nervous that he gagged.

He Lei, who was usually extremely strict on his soldiers, couldn’t bear to take another look at him. “Is he really okay?”

“Give him a chance,” Harry chuckled and patted He Lei’s shoulder, while He Lei only crossed his arms glumly.

“Brad, we will protect you. The moment they open the door, Lieutenant Ye will send you back!” Moto patted his chest. He’d begun attempting to give people a sense of security too.

“No-, no way. I-, I’m going to get diarrhea!” Brad covered his stomach and ran away. Laughter filled the cabin.

Xiao Ye watched Brad running out, remarking, “He is so timid.”

“Because he has seen a lot of death in the past,” Juye sighed. “Because he has a better superpower, which is to turn into anyone, he got to live longer. Many people died before him. Most of them died under torture. Everyone died… a miserable death…”

Moto became quiet as Juye spoke.

“Luckily, we Honeycomb Boys are well off.” Xiao Ye supported his head on one hand, with the natural shamelessness of a gigolo. “We ate well, wore nice clothes, our customers made us feel comfortable…” As he spoke, his expression turned subtly feminine. Leaning against Moto’s seat, he continued, “Our customers treated us well. They brought us precious treasures too.” The treasures he’d mentioned were food or items that had been found in the historical sites. But, to the Honeycomb boys, those had been rare treasures.


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