Book 7: Chapter 21 - Surprise Attack

“The Great Ghost King plans to get Gehenna to exhaust their forces internally. He wants the Ghost Eclipsers to fight among themselves in order to weaken my power. By the time all the fighting ends, he would be able to control me.” Although Su Yang had come down from Silver Moon City and had studied for decades, his knowledge was nothing compared to the warcraft and techniques that humans on Earth had accumulated for over five thousand years.

He still thought that I was from this world, that I would be uneducated and uncivilized. He thought I couldn’t see through his tricks.

When one got into a war, he would understand that studying was as equally important as fighting.

The Ghost Eclipsers fought wars in a very direct and simple way. They fought merely by force. There were no techniques involved. Even for those who were smarter, knowing how to utilize their superpowers would be pretty much their limit. 

I believed that Su Yang had relied on his wisdom and intelligence to gain his position as the Great Ghost King, as well as obtaining everyone’s admiration and trust. Just like what Gehenna had mentioned, educated people were great at talking.

“He is so sly!” He Lei’s expression immediately grew stern. “As expected, that’s Silver Moon City’s style. Humph.” He looked up at me. “Bing, we can’t let them take advantage of us.” 

I smiled. “That’s why we should counter by seizing this opportunity to unite the rest of the Ghost Eclipsers instead. Let’s show them that their Great Ghost King is unreliable; instead, we are the ones they can truly rely on.”

Ha! That’s right. This is a good opportunity.” Harry placed his hand on He Lei’s shoulder. “We have to thank the Great Ghost King for giving us a chance to build our prestige and reliability!”

He Lei suddenly understood and smiled too. “The Great Ghost King will regret this.”

Turning towards Harry and He Lei, I smirked. “So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Mm.” Harry and He Lei exchanged a glance and smiled. Then, they placed their arms over each other’s shoulders.

Instead of moving things and picking fruits, I knew that both of them yearned to gallop across the outside world and soar through the sky like an eagle hunting its prey. Their desire to battle was boiling in their bones.

Firstly, we had to find a metahuman who had a shapeshifting superpower that could alter appearances in our database. Such a metahuman would be like a chameleon and he could change his appearance to look like another person. It was different from Ah Zong who could transform into a woman,or Xing Chuan who could transform into a variety of strange species.

Shapeshifting metahumans had a large range of variation in how their superpowers manifested.

I remembered that there should be one in the theatre play troupe.

“Ice Dragon, search for metahumans with superpowers for appearance alteration.”

“Sure, Your Highness.” Ice Dragon waved and photos of people flashed past the screen. Suddenly, a person popped up on the screen. As expected, it was a member of the theatre play troupe. His name was Brad. 

“Attention! The members of Radical Star! Those whose names are called out, please gather at the square.” I began to choose the members for the surprise attack. Everyone outside the window stopped their tasks on hand and lifted their chins as they listened to the announcement.

“Lieutenant Xiao Ying, Xiao Ye, Brad, please report at the square."

Right after I made the announcement, He Lei, Harry and I rushed out of the palace.

“He Lei, you come with me. Harry, stay back in Queen Town,” I said as I walked down the stairs. We didn’t need so many people for the surprise attack since there were other backups on Gehenna’s battleship.

“No way!” Harry immediately stood by me. “I have nothing to do here.” He spread his claws as though they were itching. “Why don’t you stay in Queen Town while He Lei and I go. Just us two would be enough.” Harry was extremely confident.

“Harry is right. You should stay back.” He Lei and Harry both stopped, blocking me at the stairs.

The people below the stairs had stopped working because of my announcement earlier. They were watching us anxiously.

I glanced at Harry and He Lei as they met my eyes equally seriously. My face grew grave, “No way. There are many powerful enemies. You can be confident but you can’t be overly confident. I have to go. Only then will I be at ease.” I pushed their arms away and rushed down the stairs.

Ice Dragon started rising up above the square.

Xiao Ying and Xiao Ye were already there. Ah Zong and Raffles greeted me at the end of the stairs as they asked anxiously, “What happened?”

“I’m meeting Gehenna to take down Nubis’ battleship,” I answered. Then, I looked at the people who had stopped their work on hand and said, “Everyone, don’t be worried. Situations like this will happen very often. I hope that everyone adapts to emergency situations. In order for everyone to adapt to emergency situations, we will have drills more often in the future.” 

Everyone relaxed as I spoke.

I faced them calmly. “The Great Ghost King is sly. He promised to crush the Ghost Eclipsers but he didn’t send any man out to help. So, we have to fight alongside Gehenna’s Eyes. However, this is also an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to make our family stronger. I want more people who want to leave the Ghost Eclipsers to see us, to see that we are the ones they can rely on, not the Great Ghost King!”

“That’s right!”

“Our Queen is the best!”

“Long live the Queen!”

“We love our Queen the most!”

“Queen! Let us join you this time!”

I waved. “Everyone will have a chance to perform in the future. This is a surprise attack, so we are going with as few people as possible.”

“Your Highness, Brad is here.” Moto dragged Brad out from the crowd. Brad looked like a flustered bunny, who didn’t even dare to look straight at me.

I rushed down the stairs. Seeing him get all fidgety worried me. 

“Didn’t, didn’t we agree… to let me go home…” he said nervously as he shivered in fear.

Moto got angry when he saw Brad reacting like this. “Brad! Pull yourself together! You are a man! Isn’t the Queen nice to you?!”

Moto’s stern tone made Brad’s limbs grow weak. He nearly fell to his knees but I caught him in time. Brad curled up his body even more out of fear, not moving an inch.

I looked at Moto, saying, “Moto, Brad is just like how all of you were back then.”

Moto was stunned. He glanced at Brad and lowered his head with a complicated expression. “I see… That was how we behaved back then….” he sighed and patted Brad’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, Brad. You haven’t adapted to this yet."

I smiled at Moto. “You, Eletta and the rest also took a while to adapt. We took a long time to trust each other. However, to Brad and his other men, I am a total stranger. Him being scared of me is only natural.” I looked at Brad and let go of his arm. “Brad, we are going to attack Nubis’ battleship. I need you to pretend to be Nubis. Don’t worry, I will ensure your safety.”

The beautiful young men surrounded Brad and eyed him enviously.

Brad’s face grew pale. “Pretend, pretend to be Mister Nubis?!” Even his lips had turned pale. Now he indeed looked similar to Nubis’ corpse-like face.

“That’s awesome! Brad! You are going to war with the Queen!”

“We are so envious of you, Brad!”

The boys repeated as they patted Brad’s shoulder one after another. Moto was especially envious as he grabbed Brad’s shoulder tightly.


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