Book 7: Chapter 20 - Remained Friendly In Appearance And Estranged At Heart

“Yeah!” Gehenna abruptly stood up, gesticulating haphazardly in his distress. “It simply means us draining our internal forces. In the end, he’ll be able to easily control us !”

I crossed my arms and knitted my eyebrows as I thought aloud, “Even if I didn’t say that, he would still do so. Do you think he actually trusted you before that? Humph. He is a man from Silver Moon City. People from Silver Moon City have always manipulated other people and made them kill one another.”

“Oh my… If you didn’t say so, no one would have found out that the Great Ghost King is from Silver Moon City and that he is Xing Chuan’s father! Tsk, tsk, tsk. To think that he’s Xing Chuan’s father. This is unbelievable. We were all fooled and used…” Gehenna looked away and slapped his thigh. “D*mn it. I trusted him back then! Educated people speak well after all.”

“How many men do you have?” I looked up and asked Gehenna.

Gehenna took his seat and lifted one foot to rest on his seat. Rubbing his chin, he replied, “Those who can fight… about a hundred of them… But Nubis has a lot of men too. Mm… This war might be unmanageable…” 

“A hundred… What about Napoleon? Is he still undecided on his stance?” I asked.

Gehenna scratched his head impatiently. “That guy… is very cunning. He might just remain neutral until the outcome of the war is clear.”

Very smart. He can live longer if he remains neutral - a classic behavioral pattern of a man at the end of the world.

In other words, everyone maintained a friendly attitude on the surface but actually kept each other at a distance at heart. 

This was normal, since it was the end of the world after all. At the end of the world, the first thing a person learned was to not believe in anyone.

Thinking for a while, I glanced at Gehenna again. “What about Ghost King Town? How many people do they have there?”

Gehenna sat down and thought carefully.

“Ghost King City has a total of a hundred and fifty-six people.” Earl unexpectedly walked onto the screen, pushing up his glasses with his middle finger. “Among them, the sixteen Ghost Messengers are the strongest. The others are about the same as us.”

I furrowed my brows and muttered, “So, all of you, together with all of us, if we add on Napoleon…”

“Sis, what are you thinking about?!” Gehenna suddenly became anxious. His eyes shot wide open. “Are you thinking about attacking Ghost King City?!”

“Why not?” I asked in reply.

Gehenna was instantly shocked, while Earl’s glasses slid down from the ridge of his nose to the tip.

“So cool!” Vanish squeezed into the screen too. “You live up to your name, Your Highness! You are daring and bold! Attack him! Back then, the Great Ghost King too defeated Ghost King Town and became the Great Ghost King. If you defeat the Ghost King Town, you will become the next Great Ghost King! This is the law of the Ghost Eclipsers!”

Vanish seemed to be extremely excited. He couldn’t wait to join the troop to attack Ghost King Town.

Gehenna slowly closed his mouth that had dropped opened in shock. He gulped and said, “Sis… I underestimated your ambition back then…”

I met his eyes calmly as I said, “We will talk about attacking Ghost King Town again. Now, everyone is keeping up friendly appearances but are actually keeping each other at arm’s length. So, we have to first defeat Nubis and rope in Napoleon. Tell Napoleon the truth about the Great Ghost King if necessary. Humph. Since he wants to use us to cut down the Ghost Eclipsers, then he can’t blame us for selling him out.”

The Great Ghost King was inhumane to begin with, so we had no choice but to forgo justice too when we dealt with him.

This was what I, Luo Bing, had learned from the family of Xing Chuan, Cang Yu and Su Yang. Stop at nothing until you achieve your goal.

I’d given Su Yang a chance. I had done my best to help him.

But I’d never expected him to be unrepentant. He actually wanted to exhaust our forces internally. By the time he finally defeated Silver Moon City, he would turn right back to come wipe us out.

So, we had to strike first. This was war, not some playtime activity.

No move would be inhumane or unjust when used on wicked people.

“That’s a great idea! If everyone finds out that he is from Silver Moon City, I reckon the people in Ghost King Town will definitely oppose him.” Gehenna slapped his thigh happily as he smirked maliciously.

I smiled coldly at Gehenna. “First, let’s wipe out Nubis’s battleship like what Su Yang wants.”

“Defeating the battleship won’t be a problem.” Gehenna sat up straight. “But if we do that, Nubis’ town will receive the news. By then the situation will turn chaotic. The Ghost Eclipsers will do anything to stay alive. Plus, they are quite loyal to Nubis."

“So, we can’t let the news travel back to Nubis’ town. We have to fight a quick battle and swiftly cut off their communication. Then, we will prepare ourselves again and launch an attack at Nubis’ town and catch them off guard.”

“How do we do that?” Gehenna scratched his head confusedly. “The moment the war starts, they will alert the town.”

I furrowed my eyebrows and sank into deep thought. The office was silent.

*Knock, knock.* He Lei and Harry had come. When they entered the office and saw the screen, they were confused. “What happened?”

“Hi, Brother He Lei, Brother Ghostie!” Gehenna greeted happily. He didn’t show one ounce of the nervousness one should have before going to war.

I glanced at He Lei and Harry. “Spare some time for war.”

“Just spare some time?!” Gehenna gesticulated as he shouted.

“Sure.” He Lei looked calm. That was the steadiness of a strong warrior.

Harry crossed his arms and grinned widely. “Who are we going to whack in our spare time?”

I pointed outside the window casually, as though I was just pointing out a random fly. “Get rid of the spaceship at our gate. We need to sneak in and cut off their communication. Then, we can reform our troop and wipe out Nubis’ den.”

Gehenna gawked again, while Earl totally forgot to even push up his glasses. Vanish gazed at me in admiration. “Now this is a boss who can provide a sense of security.”

He Lei knitted his eyebrows and thought out loud, “The problem lies in how to sneak in. What reason would we have to enter Nubis’ battleship? They won’t open the hatch.”

I chuckled lightly. “Won’t they open the door if Nubis was here?”

“Nubis?” Harry glanced at me suspiciously. “Isn’t Nubis imprisoned in Ghost King Town?”

I smiled. “Can’t we make a Nubis?” I grinned at Harry and He Lei. They exchanged a glance and thought. Then, they smiled too.

“How do you make a Nubis?” Gehenna scratched his head, still confused.

“I understand now! Metahuman!” Earl shouted. He quickly pushed up his glasses with his middle finger. “With a metahuman! Am I right?!”

I nodded with a smile. “Don’t go back to your spacecraft yet. We will find a metahuman to take Nubis’ appearance and meet up with you. Then, we will head to Nubis’ battleship together. This way is more reliable. After we enter, our metahuman will hack into their system and take control of their battleship. They won’t be able to send any message back then.” 

“That’s awesome! Let’s do it! I shall send you our coordinates. See you later!” Gehenna cut off our connection excitedly. I looked at He Lei and Harry. “I guess we can’t rest just yet. Before we bring the people in Zone 1 back, let’s take down Nubis’s battleship!"

“No problem!” Harry gave me a thumbs up.

He Lei looked glum. “What did the Great Ghost King say?”

Knitting my brows, I stood up and walked to the window, and gazed down at the bustling, lively scene below. Everyone was working hard for their upcoming wonderful life.


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