Book 7: Chapter 18 - He Rather Die Than Stay Alive

Suddenly, Ah Duo’s fingers moved in his hand. At once, Ah Fei snapped back to reality and glanced at Ah Duo, worried. “But Ah Duo…” He looked down in agony, revealing a helpless expression.

I glanced at the silent Ah Duo, before I met Ah Fei’s anxious gaze. With a smile, I asked, “Ah Fei, are you willing to take Ah Duo as your wife?”

Ah Fei stared at me in shock. He was so shocked that he unconsciously clenched Ah Duo’s hand tight, extremely nervous.

Ah Duo’s expression immediately shifted from blank to dumbfounded.

I smiled at Ah Fei. “You have been taking care of Ah Duo,and wouldn’t leave or abandon her. So how do you feel, and what do you think?”

Ah Fei held Ah Duo’s hand tightly, his eyes welling up with tears. “I-, I have always liked Sis Ah Duo. I like her…” Ah Fei suddenly burst into tears, as though he’d bottled up too much agony in his heart and didn't know how to vent it out besides crying. “I really like her a lot… It hurts my heart to see her like this… It hurts… I really want to suffer the pain on her behalf… But I don’t know what to do… Your Highness… What should I do to make Ah Duo happy again…” A guy who was much bigger than me was wailing his lungs out before me.

In this world, there was hardly anyone who’d studied much. People here didn’t have any complicated or scheming thoughts. Neither did they know how to express their emotions through words. Hence, they could only express their feelings and emotions in the most straightforward way, baring their most sincere feelings.

I glanced at Ah Duo. Tears were flowing from the corners of her eyes. Her blank expression reminded me of another person.

He was just like her. Both of them only kept quiet, their gazes forever empty. Their bodies lived on in this world but their souls had already fallen into the underworld.

Frowning, I walked to the side of the bed and pressed a button. “Little Carl, bring me a wheelchair.”

“Alright, mommy!” Little Carl was in charge of cleaning the entire palace. He liked to clean. 

Raffles had said that Little Carl might have evolved his own self-consciousness. His consciousness was superior to the regular AI, because he had started to seek self-value. Little Carl found purpose for his existence through doing chores.

After a short while, Little Carl pushed a wheelchair in. Smiling, I stroked his head. He was very happy. Besides the three lucid birds, only he could play with Lucifer. Yeah, in our eyes, Little Carl was already a human. 

“Ah Fei, carry Ah Duo onto the wheelchair. We are bringing her for a walk."

“Okay.” Ah Fei wiped his tears away and gently picked Ah Duo up. He was so gentle it was as though he was worried that he might break Ah Duo. Then, he slowly put Ah Duo on the wheelchair. I picked up the blanket on the bed and put it over Ah Duo.

“Sis Ah Duo, are you feeling better?” Little Carl asked with concern.

I rubbed his fluffy ears and assured him, “Don’t worry. She will be better soon.”


“Where’s Lucifer?” I didn’t want to bring that person up, but I knew that Lucifer had been with him.

“Lucifer brought his brother to the garden.”

I was surprised. “That… that person is not in the lab?”

Mm.” Little Carl nodded. “Uncle Haggs said that he needs to be in the sun too. Sunlight is beneficial for the absorption of blue crystal cells."

It was rare for Haggs to be nice to his experiment subject. He probably wanted that person to live longer.

We all knew that Xing Chuan didn’t have long to live, which also meant that it was meaningless to kill him. Plus, he’d already paid his price.

Ah Fei pushed Ah Duo and followed me to the only garden left in the palace. Seated in a wheelchair like Ah Duo, Xing Chuan was looking up blankly at the sky. His white hair fluttered in the wind, dry as a dead log covered in spiderwebs.

Lucifer kept him company. He looked sad, just like Ah Fei who kept Ah Duo company.

Ah Fei was surprised to see Xing Chuan among the flowers. No matter how vibrant those flowers were, it failed to tint that person in any color. He was in a far worse condition than Ah Duo. Ah Duo would still respond occasionally. Her heart wasn’t dead; she merely didn’t want to respond to any noise in this world. 

Ah Duo’s vigorless eyes reflected that figure who looked more feeble than her. Anyone could feel how Xing Chuan showed no sign of life. 

Lucifer seemed to feel something and he immediately looked in my direction. He seemed like he wanted to speak but I shook my head gently at him. So he only lowered his face in distress and continued to stand next to Xing Chuan.

“That person…” I slowly squatted down next to Ah Duo, “... was abandoned by his parents too… When he was three, his parents abandoned him. His grandfather ate the elder sister who he relied on and liked the most. Yet he couldn’t take revenge on his grandfather, and was afraid of him instead. His grandfather raised him up to use him. Once he lost his value, he was abandoned once again…” Somehow, I felt a tingling at the bottom of my heart. The time I’d spent with Xing Chuan soared up uncontrollably before my mind’s eye. 

We had been through too much. The times we’d spent together were so memorable that I couldn’t forget even though I’d tried. It was truly a love-hate relationship. His love for me was like the explosion of a star. The glaring light had engulfed me entirely, leaving me nowhere to run.

I had felt sympathetic towards him, a kind of heartache even. Because of that heartache, I had developed feelings for him that had surpassed friendship. However, due to his domineering and overbearing character, I hadn’t been able to accept him. I had strongly rejected his forceful method too. Our relationship had been like a rubber band. The more I’d wanted to part, the tighter it had become. When we had finally gotten close, we had bounced away from each other yet our bond still couldn’t be broken.

“His superpower was consumed by his grandfather. He lost his superpower and also lost his strength to live on. He was abandoned in a desert with his life-force draining away. Forgotten on the dessert and left to run his course… If it wasn’t because his parents had found him again, he would have died there…”

I paused, because I realized that I still felt heartache for him. I hated him but agony still overtook my heart when I brought up his past. The pain was suffocating. Why do I still sympathize with him?! He deserves it!

Think about Harry. Aren’t my feelings for Xing Chuan a betrayal to Harry?!

The figure among the flowers remained silent on the wheelchair. Now he no longer looked up to the sky, and instead only stared in front blankly. His once handsome appearance had become older over these past few days.

“His parents found him and wanted to make it up to him because he was dying. He is growing old day by day. But in order to receive my help, they sold him out again. Before he died, he was still abandoned by his family again.”

Throughout Xing Chuan’s life, he had been abandoned by his family over and over again…

Ah Duo’s face revealed a sorry and sorrowful expression.

“In his life, he had only ever loved two women. One woman had been consumed by his grandfather while the other woman…” I paused. “The other woman…”


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