Book 7: Chapter 17 - Ain’t Easy to Build a Nation

Everyone’s gaze was shimmering, reminding me of the saying, ‘A single spark can start a prairie fire.’

This was a kind of passion and enthusiasm that wouldn’t exist during peaceful times.

Next we decided on our national flag design, declared our laws, and formed a troop. Naming it the North Star Troop, we established military discipline. Members of the troop were grouped into North, East, South and West Troops according to their superpowers.

The East Troop was led by Harry. Eletta and twenty other people joined his troop.

Uncle Mason led the West Troop, which had Pelos and twenty others.

The South Troop’s leader was Ah Zong. Gru and his twenty fellow members would follow Ah Zong’s lead.

He Lei took the lead for the North Troop. Juye was one of his twenty-one troopers.

Xiao Ying would lead the Guardians of Queen Town, who were in charge of safeguarding Queen Town. All the remaining people joined Xiao Ying’s troop.

Guardians of Queen Town included groups in charge of farming, machinery, intelligence, patrol and public service. Everyone had their own roles in Queen Town, but once there was an attack, they would put down their tasks on hand and become warriors!

Everyone was a witness to the establishment of Radical Star and the forming of the North Star Army!

In the end, there was only Margaery’s theatre play troupe left. Since we hadn’t come into contact with them before, we still had no idea about their intentions.

Everyone’s attention focused on them. Among the members was a really beautiful boy. His facial features were so delicate that he didn’t look like a boy at all. Unlike Ah Zong who could turn into a girl, he actually naturally looked like a girl.

His face was only as big as a person’s palm. Lilac long hair fluttered around his face, delicate as cobwebs. His hair was a much lighter purple compared to Zi Yi.

“Ah Xin, it’s your turn.” Moto looked at Ah Xin seriously. He stood proud with his head erect, just like a warrior.

It seemed like the good looking boy was the leader of the theatre troupe.

Ah Xing hung his head low and kept quiet.

The others looked at Moto, not daring to look at me directly. They asked Moto cautiously, “Can… we… go home?”

Moto turned to look at me.

I nodded and Moto turned back to face them solemnly. “The Queen agrees to let you go home.”

“That’s great…” Even their surprised exclamations were extremely cautious too.

Sigh. Such a pity…” Xiao Ying leaned back into her chair and sighed. “I really wanted to watch them perform.”

Ying’s single remark threw the troupe who had finally caught a breath of relief into another bout of anxiety.

Eletta smiled gently when he saw them become anxious, comforting, “Why are you scared of the Queen? She doesn’t kill.”

“Kill?” I glanced at Moto, Eletta and Juye suspiciously.

Everyone became quiet under my suspicious gaze. The mood became heavy.

He Lei, Harry, Ah Zong and the others were confused too. They looked at Moto and the other young men whose faces had turned glum.

“Because… the old lady likes to… watch bloody scenes. So…” Moto furrowed his eyebrows, “There were many brothers of ours who died on this stage…”

I felt chills down my spine. No wonder I’d felt chilly when I’d entered the theatre earlier.

Xiao Ying gawked in shock, becoming upset.

Everyone else who’d heard what Moto said only sighed.

We could never imagine how terrifying those days had been for Moto and the other young men. But from today on, they would live their lives in the bright sunlight and march determinedly towards their amazing future.

I studied the theatre troupe for a while before speaking. “Go home. Everyone else, get ready. People from Zone 1, bring your families to Queen Town this afternoon.”

“Yes!” The morale of the troop was boosted once again. Everyone regained their energy. There were still many things to be done after this.

But first, I had to go see the only person we had from Zone 11, Ah Fei. I wondered how Ah Duo was doing.

Everyone was busy preparing for their and their families’ future. Each one of them worked hard with enthusiasm

It was a bustling scene in Queen Town. Some were busy picking the matured crops. Others were loading the goods onto Ice Dragon. A few more were busy setting up tents.

There weren’t many people in each zone. Zone 1 had a total of only forty people. There had been more people a decade earlier, around a hundred or so.

But just like what Xiao Ying had said earlier, population growth was slow due to the limited number of women. Plus, Margaery had brutally killed them as and when she pleased, and the Ghost Eclipsers had eaten them to boot. Hence, there were now less than half of them left.

The real Ghost Eclipsers were addicted to eating humans.

Take Margaery for example, had she lacked food before? No, she’d had a huge food warehouse. She’d had Zone 6 producing crops for her. She’d even had a huge winery. Her property had included two milk cows too but despite all that, she’d loved eating humans.

Just like the Ghost Eclipsers who still loved to eat humans today.

We would let the people of Zone 1 settle down in these tents first. Later, we would allocate an area in Queen Town to build new housing, so that this town would truly become a city instead of just a dreamy garden.

I believed that Margaery had actually yearned for innocence and dream at the bottom of her heart, because she had built a beautiful garden the size of a capital city and lived in a gemstone castle among the flowers. Just like a playhouse for those six-year-old princesses back on Earth; her home could have been the fairy kingdom of little girls’ imaginations.

No matter how wicked she’d been, she had still taken in the worm that no one had wanted. She’d been a woman obsessed with aesthetics, living everyday surrounded by beautiful young men and even only consuming beautiful young men. Why would she have taken in an ugly worm as her underling? Had she really needed the worm’s superpower? Yet still she had taken him in and let him join her wicked family.

Devils got lonely too. Devils needed homes too.

If it hadn’t been because of this wicked world, Margaery might have actually been a nice woman.

No one was born a devil. Nor was anyone born to be a god.

I stood outside Ah Duo’s observation ward, looking through the window at her lying on the bed. She looked up blankly at the ceiling, without moving an inch. Her figure had become even skinnier than the last time I’d seen her.

Ah Fei sat next to her quietly, holding her hand as he watched her without a word. Helplessness and anxiety showed on his sorrowful face.

I pushed the door open gently. Ah Fei immediately stood up, although he still firmly held onto Ah Duo’s hand.

“Your Highness!”

I nodded faintly and walked up to Ah Duo’s bed. “Ah Duo, I am Luo Bing. I was the one who changed your clothes in Zone 11.”

Ah Duo’s eyes quivered slightly but she remained quiet and vigorless.

I glanced at Ah Fei. “Ah Fei, everyone is preparing to return to their hometowns and rebuild the eleven zones. What do you think?”

Ah Fei was thrilled with excitement at the idea. “Rebuild the eleven zones?!”

“Yes. We will bring seeds and food to them. You have learned how to plant seeds here. Instead of sending the eleven zones resources over and over again, we might as well let them grow their own crops. In addition, we will appoint new zone leaders for the eleven zones. Ah Fei, you are the one who made me willing to forgive the people in Zone 11 and give them a chance. That’s why I would like you to take over Zone 11. I’ll let you give them this chance, and lead them in rebuilding your hometown."

“Real-, really…” Ah Fei was so shocked that he could only stare at me blankly, unable to say another word.


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