Book 7: Chapter 16 - Our Home

I held my forehead, not knowing whether I should laugh or cry. With a deep breath, I deliberately coughed, “Cough!

Everyone quietened down at once. Xiao Ying and Fat-Two quickly sat down again. Fat-Two in particular looked delighted with himself. Silver Snake and he had become good friends ever since that time when they had competed in drinking. Fat-Two was just seizing the opportunity to make fun of Silver Snake.

He Lei shook his head with a smile, speechless at Fat-Two’s mischief.

“Xiao Ying, don’t take my zone leader away. You can meet anytime but Silver Snake is a great, responsible zone leader. He can perform better in Zone 3 compared to staying by your side!” I motioned at Silver Snake to take a seat. Silver Snake glanced at me anxiously before he turned towards Xiao Ying, as though he was worried that Xiao Ying wouldn’t want him anymore.

“Yes, yes, Your Highness.” Xiao Ying stuck her tongue out at me playfully.

“Silver Snake, I will host a wedding for you and Xiao Ying later. Can you be at ease now?” I looked at Silver Snake, who was fidgeting in his seat.

Silver Snake was stunned at the news. Immediately he grinned widely. “Thank you, Your Highness!”

“And us too!” Fat-Two raised Sia and Joey’s hands too. Joey looked away angrily while Sia dropped his gaze bashfully, turning away as if he wanted to shrink back into his seat to hide.

I smiled at Joey. “Joey, there is naturally an order for everything. I believe Silver Snake wouldn’t mind the order of Xiao Ying’s husbands.” 

Joey blushed at my words

In actual fact, Joey and Sia were no longer the young men they’d been back then. They had grown up handsomely too. 

With his head of curls, Sia appeared mature and steady. His shiny black eyes gave him the air of an elegant prince from Siam.

Joey had grown much taller, a far cry from the shorty he’d been before before. His long legs made him look extremely handsome.

Joey glanced at Silver Snake, who sheepishly scratched his head. “I don’t mind. You can be the eldest.” Silver Snake’s straightforwardness made Joey feel embarrassed. Now it was his turn to turn away and blush with a smile.

Xiao Ying pecked Joey’s cheek too, successfully coaxing him.

I looked around at everyone. “I know that there are very few women in Queen Town. That’s why many of you secretly admire Lieutenant Xiao Ying. As well as Angelina…”

Angelina blushed and lowered her head. She stole a glance at Pelos.

Pelos gazed at me excitedly and nodded continuously, agreeing, “Angelina is an outstanding girl!”

Angelina sighed in disappointment, while Sis Ceci patted her back comfortingly with a smile.

*Sigh.* Boys. They’ll only get it when they’re old enough. Watching Pelos reminded me of the foolish us back then.

“We love the Queen the most!” Someone suddenly shouted. I was stunned. That shout quickly roused a hubbub among the young men.

“Your Highness! Moto has always wanted to be your man!”

Moto was stunned. He jumped up hastily and spun around to roar, “Nonsense!”



He Lei abruptly stood up and glumly roared, “Quiet!”

His outburst had an immediate effect. Everyone stopped fooling around and kept quiet, cautiously watching He Lei.

He Lei swept his dark gaze around the room. When he saw Moto still standing, his eyes turned sharp like a sword. Moto quickly sat down, face red and body stiff.

He Lei didn’t speak again, and only turned to sit back down. Harry draped his arm around He Lei’s shoulders, joking, “You frightened them. The mood is stiff now.”

“Lieutenant He Lei, this isn’t a secret. Everyone loves the Queen. I love my Queen too.” Ah Zong cocked his head sideways and smiled sweetly at me, not at all minding that He Lei and Harry were right next to him.

Harry grinned widely behind the mask because everyone really did know that Ah Zong loved me. It wasn’t a secret at all.

Zi Yi crossed his arms gloomily from where he sat behind Ah Zong, while Xiao Yi snickered wickedly at him.

Ah Zong stood up, propping one hand on his waist as he turned around and flipped his long pink hair. The men who had never touched any girls before all blushed, too shy to look directly at Ah Zong.

“Listen up, boys. If you want to become our Queen’s man, you have to first go through me.” Ah Zong gazed at them sweetly. “Men who aren’t outstanding enough will stand no chance to become our Queen’s man."

The earlier tense mood caused by He Lei took a sudden ambiguous turn at Ah Zong’s flirtatious remark. Everyone bashfully hung their heads low. Looking at their bashful response, they seemed like they wanted to be Ah Zong’s men more than becoming mine!

Ah Zong favoured them with a sweet smile before he turned to take his seat again. He watched me with infatuated eyes as he gently leaned against He Lei’s shoulder.

He Lei looked away in annoyance.

Harry looked down too, suddenly becoming quiet. I had no idea what he was thinking about then.

Seeing that everyone had turned quiet, I continued, “From tomorrow onwards, I will visit every single zone. Every one of you will follow me to your hometown.”

Everyone regained energy as I spoke.

“We will first head to the zones that are not suitable for human habitation. We will bring the people there back to settle down in Queen Town. Then, we will head to those zones that don’t have a leader. We will bring them seeds, teach them how to farm and appoint a new zone leader. Lastly, we will visit Zone 5 and Zone 8. Before we start, there are preparations to be done. All of you have come from the eleven zones and you know the zones better than I do. Please pack up the resources according to the needs of your respective zones. We will depart tomorrow!”

“That’s great!”

“We are going home!”

“This is so exciting!”

“Queen.” Sis Ceci stood up and smiled at me. “You haven’t named our nation.”

Oh yeah. I haven’t thought of a name for this new nation.

Sis Ceci turned to look at everyone, carrying the cocoon in her arms. “Everyone, any names in mind?”

“Ice Kingdom!” Moto stood up in excitement, his cheeks red.

“Ice Dragon Kingdom!”

“Queen Kingdom!”

Everyone shouted one after another.

Seeing everyone’s response made me feel glad. Their enthusiastic contributions meant that they truly treated the nation as their own, as their home.

Why are we building our nation during this war? It is so that she will become our base in the upcoming war! She will be our powerful support. We will no longer wander around aimlessly. We have our own base!

Just like Silver Moon City. Just like the base of the Aurora Legion.

Our nation would safeguard our rear once we declared war against the outsiders!

“How about Radical Star?” He Lei suddenly said.

Everyone went silent once they heard He Lei’s suggestion, rolling it over in their minds.

Harry nodded. “Not too shabby. I like it.”

“The North Star’s kingdom, Radical Star!” Ah Zong cocked his head sideways and smirked. “I like this name. Just like the starlight in the world that lit up everyone’s heart…”

I smiled and announced loudly, “Alright! Radical Star it is!”

On Kansa Star, to the east of the Ghost Eclipsers, a radical star was rising! 


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