Book 7: Chapter 15 - National Construction

The image changed as I tapped and was replaced with the image of Zone 4. When I saw the situation, I was stunned to see that Zone 4 had gone through drastic change!

Zone 4 looked extremely clean and neat. The originally twinkling gemstone houses had turned into yurts. Although the yurts no longer looked luxurious, they had become simple and clean. It was a refreshing sight. The yurts were in white with cloths hanging as door curtains. They were still shaped like the original gemstone houses, and it seemed that someone had turned the gemstones back into the soil.

The people looked busy as they cleaned their Zone 4, clearing out the rubbish. Then, they had dug a few pits and categorized the rubbish. The entire zone was clean and spacious, a completely different sight from the decadent Zone 1.

Zone 1 looked dead, while Zone 4 looked lively. I saw a bustling scene and felt a high-spirited vibe.

When I saw the commanding figure by the side of the road, I understood that it was because Zone 4 had their own leader, Ledo.

They had regained the energy to reunite because of Ledo. They had a direction, a goal in mind.

After we had left Zone 1, we hadn’t entrusted anyone to become their new leader. That was why they were still lost like Moto and the other young men after I killed Margaery. They didn’t know what to do next and waited for their upcoming fate blindly.

Under Ledo’s leadership, Zone 4 had begun to change its fate.

The trip to each zone was naturally to re-elect a new leader to rebuild the eleven zones. Hopefully, the people, who were once enslaved and lived under Margaery’s violent ruling, would learn how to be humans again instead of being slaves and human pigs.

The function of a leader’s charm and capability was obvious, judging from the difference between Zone 4 and Zone 1.

There was one time in Silver Moon City when the people viewed me as their North Star, their light in the darkness.

In fact, as long as a person had a light, he would become the other people’s light. Just like Ledo, he was also like the North Star.

“That’s Brother Ledo!” The children from Zone 4 recognized Ledo.

Although the people in Zone 4 were in rags, they looked clean. In front of the building that used to be Totole’s fortress, clean clothing and blankets were fluttering. As a gust of wind blew past, the refreshing scent seemed to blow against my face through the image.  

Xiao Mi ran out from the fortress happily, followed by the chief and Xiao Mi’s mother holding food that they began to distribute. They wore a worried look after they were done distributing the food. They were obviously concerned about what to do once they ran out of food. 

Don’t worry. We are coming soon.

The young men from Zone 4 were delighted and relaxed because they saw that their hometown had become organized as their family members were safe.

The young men in the other zones became worried. I could feel that they were concerned about their hometowns from their gazes.

“I appointed the leader in Zone 4. Everyone can see that Zone 4 has shaken off Totole’s shadow under Ledo’s lead…” I said happily. “So, this is what we are going to do next. We are going to reappoint a new leader for each zone. They will lead the people in their zones to rise up their spirits!”

“Reappoint?!” Silver Snake got nervous and stood up. He seemed to be worried that I would strip him of his position.

I rolled my eyes at him, “Besides you, Zone 5 and Zone 8 will also be decided later on.”

“Brother Chokyi is great. He has been protecting us,” the young men from Zone 5 stood up to speak for their leader.

Some of them lowered their heads, “Although we were sent here, Brother Chokyi had no choice. Every zone had to send beautiful young men as tribute… If we didn’t come here… our younger brothers would have died…” They choked with sobs.

Silver Snake watched them helplessly. He turned back and looked at me in shame, “Your Highness, I know that we didn’t do well back then. We didn’t protect everyone well enough. We were cowards, but I, Silver Snake, will never let anyone bully our people in Zone 3 ever again. I will let the people in Zone 3 live a great life! I believe Chokyi, Edilois, and the other leaders share the same thoughts. Bring me with you when you head to Zone 5 and Zone 8. Let me talk to them!”

Silver Snake’s eyes were shimmering like a silver flame was churning in his eyes.

I smiled, “I thought so too. I will definitely visit the eleven zones personally. Otherwise, how could they see my sincerity?” I am the Queen now. The identity of the Queen is an obligation but not a high and mighty position that overlooked people.

I was once a captain. My obligation was to lead my troop in completing their task and ensuring their safety.

Then, I was the North Star. My obligation was to be the light in everyone’s heart. I was their spiritual energy. I boosted the morale of the troop.

Now, I am the Queen. I have to safeguard my land and my people. I need to seek talented people and turn our nation into a powerful and prosperous nation. We will no longer be bullied. Or I should say, there will be no one who would dare to trespass our territory, not even lay a step into our region.

At the same time, I want everyone who follows me to feel at ease because of my existence. They will no longer feel lost and anxious. I want them to know that I am reliable and am enough to protect them.

This is the Queen’s obligation! The reason for the Queen’s existence!

“Silver Snake, if you were to return to Zone 3, how could we meet often?” Xiao Ying suddenly stood up and pouted at Silver Snake.

In terms of face score, Silver Snake was the best looking among her ‘concubines.’ She naturally loathed to part with Silver Snake.

“Woo!” Everyone immediately cheered.


“Brother Silver Snake, don’t go!”

“Lieutenant Xiao Ying loathes to part with you.”

Silver Snake instantly blushed. He was actually quite shy.

Fat-Two stood up and hugged Xiao Ying intimately, “Don’t miss him. You have me, Joey, and Sia. What’s so good about him? I will find another one better-looking than him for you!” Fat-Two raised his eyebrows at Silver Snake.

Silver Snake instantly stiffened at the situation.

Sia clasped his hands together, “Om...” He blushed too.

“Stop chanting!” Joey hit Sia, “You are the only one who is calm.”

Sia opened his eyes, looking calm, “We love Xiao Ying. We love whoever she loves.”

“Go ahead and love Silver Snake then,” Joey huffed.

Silver Snake immediately said in haste, “Xiao Ying! After I am done with the affairs in Zone 3, I will quit my position as the zone leader and come back to keep you company!”

Xiao Ying instantly bit her lips and smiled. She blinked her eyes at Silver Snake and cooed, “You are so nice to me.”

Suddenly, the entire theatre was filled with jealousy.


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