Book 7: Chapter 14 - Sharing Resources

“Don’t worry. Look how calm our Queen is,” Ah Zong smiled sweetly at He Lei. He Lei glanced at him, wearing a rarely seen gentle expression.

I looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, I know that we took over Queen Town, but the surrounding eleven zones are still in a state of disunity. Many people in those zones have lived a tough life, and they are anxious and fearful due to the ongoing war. Hence, we have to send them resources and make them realize that we are not the Ghost Eclipsers. We have to help them realize that they no longer live in the shadow of the Ghost Eclipsers, and they need to pull themselves together and start a new life! Let’s unite the eleven zones and share our resources!”

“Long live the Queen!”

“Long live the Queen!”

Everyone cheered excitedly again.

I lifted my hand and gestured for them to quiet down.

“Please stop treating me as your Queen. It is merely a title.” I spoke gently as they looked at me excitedly and felt deeply moved. “You joined my big family because you believe in me and trust in me. Hence, I can’t disappoint you. And I promise that I will try my best to keep my word! But it’s impossible without your help. That’s why I really need you to be seated according to your hometown. Those who are from Zone 1, please sit on the first row,” I pointed at the first row.

“Yes!” A few men stood up from behind.

“Those who are from Zone 2, please take the second row and so on. Please rearrange your seating order.” As I spoke, everyone stood up and quickly changed their seats accordingly.

In a bit, everyone was seated in their respective seats. Moto sat on the first seat in Zone 7, Eletta in Zone 6, and Juye in Zone 1.

Silver Snake sat in Zone 3 and waved smugly at the young men from Zone 3 behind him. These young men looked at Silver Snake in admiration because of how he had barged into Queen Town earlier, intending to save them.

Because Silver Snake was the leader of Zone 3, I could directly deal with Zone 3. I wished the leaders of the other zones could just come as well.

I glanced through the seats. Only the seats for Zone 10 were empty. It seemed that Ah Fei was the only one from Zone 10.

After the eighty beautiful young men in Queen Town were sorted according to their zones, they looked like a sparse crowd.

I looked around and flashed a satisfied smile at the spirited, blushed faces. “It seems like the recent training did you well. All of you look like warriors now. Then, I shall hand down an important task to you!”

They looked thrilled with excitement and anticipation.

I lifted my hand and snapped my fingers.

In an instant, lights were pouring, and a huge screen spread behind me. It was a map of the eleven zones.

“We know that the entire west region will become unstable. Once the eradication begins, there will be internal conflict among the Ghost Eclipsers. Hence, we need to strengthen our defense so they can’t invade our Kingdom! The defense not only refers to Queen Town but all the eleven zones too!” I swept my hand past Margaery’s livable zones and continued, “Because everyone’s families are in the eleven zones, and they are my family too, we want to protect them so that the internal war wouldn’t hurt them. We need to bond all the eleven zones firmly and build the strongest and biggest defense line!” I held my fists tightly before my chest and looked into everyone’s eyes with a burning passion.

“That’s why I need you to become our messengers. Head to your respective zones and rebuild the facilities in the eleven zones. Make every single zone as sturdy as Queen Town!” I pointed at every zone on the screen, “We have to seek metahumans in every zone and build a defense troop. At the same time, Queen Town will provide technical support. We have to build up all eleven zones and make them into a city that can fight against the enemy and survive independently!”

The young men under the stage were fueled with enthusiasm. 

Some of them clenched their fists tightly, while some had their cheeks red with excitement. Some of them wanted to cheer in excitement but tried hard to hold back, whereas some turned to hug the people around them delightfully.

The mood became lively, and I saw anticipation in their eyes.

Harry and Uncle Mason nodded proudly while Sis Ceci smiled with pride too. Xiao Ying clapped excitedly while He Lei looked at me in surprise. It was as though what I did shocked him.

“I will go to the livable zone with you. From the nearest Zone 1…” I tapped on Zone 1, and the image of Zone 1 popped out.

When He Lei, Harry, and the others had won against the livable zones, they had left scouting robots behind so we could watch the zones’ situation at any time.

We needed to eliminate Margaery’s remaining underlings, and it was also why we hadn’t developed the zones we took down. Back then, we couldn’t do it altogether.

In the image, the people in Zone 1 were still living miserable lives. The rocks came in view, and people were seen as they continued living in the gap between the huge, stacked rocks.

Harry and He Lei had opened the food storage warehouse when they had left. So, the people in Zone 1 had food to eat. People could be seen giving out food, but the food in the warehouse was obviously running out.

“Mom…” Eletta from Zone 1 recognized an old lady in the image. There was a little boy in tattered clothing next to the old lady.



Very soon, the young men from Zone 1 recognized their family members.

I pointed at Zone 1, “Did everyone see that? This is the current situation in Zone 1. Zone 1 is located in level two radiation zone, and food can’t grow on their land. The food in Zone 1 was sent from Queen Town. But actually, there is a large region outside Queen Town that is suitable for human habitat. So, we will bring the people from Zone 1 to settle down in Queen Town.”

“Really!?” Eletta stood up in excitement as though he couldn’t believe what he heard. He looked at me as tears welled up in his eyes.

The young men from Zone 1 stood up behind him. Their eyes were moist with tears too.

I smiled at them, “Yes, not only Zone 1 but also for the other zones that are not suitable for people to live in. We will bring them all to Queen Town.”

“That’s great!”

“The Queen is so nice to us!” Everyone cheered.

I waved with a smile again and gestured my emotional people to quiet down. I joked, “Hey! Who’s crying again? We said that warriors don’t cry.”

Everyone’s tears gave way to a smile, and they quickly wiped away their tears. 

They were about my age, after all. Some of them were even younger than me.

I continued, “At the same time, we will bring seeds to the zones that are more suitable to live in, such as Zone 4...” I pointed at Zone 4, and the young men from Zone 4 looked anxious. Their eyes were fixed upon the screen with concern for their family members.


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