Book 2: Chapter 15 - Tactical Flying Corpses

Xue Gie started waving her arms, and everyone retreated behind the city gate. Bill stared at Xue Gie’s back through the rain beads, his eyes filled with gentleness and admiration.

Suddenly, Xue Gie threw her arms out forcefully! Instantly, the rain beads flew out in the direction she had indicated!

“Be careful!” Harry pressed down on my head, pushing me into a squat. A second later, I heard the swoosh of rain beads flying past my ears at bullet speed. The raindrops became hailstones and hit the flying corpses.

Getting hit by a hailstone was painful. A heavy hail could even pierce through houses and cars. Xue Gie’s superpower reminded me of the first metahuman I’d met when I’d first come into this world, the one who could petrify after death.

After he’d petrified, he could shoot stones as fast and heavy as a machine gun; his power was extremely powerful.

Of course, Xue Gie’s power was far ahead of his, because Xue Gie had more rain beads that showered down from the sky in high concentration. You would have nowhere to hide!

As lightning flashed and thunder rumbled around us, there were continuous crackling noises that indicated landed hits on the flying corpses. The rainstorm instantly turned into a hailstorm, hailstones smashing against the flying corpses’ tough bodies and shattering into snowflakes.

The flying corpses quickly blocked the hailstones with their wings. However, the hailstones were fast and powerful, forcing them to retreat before the heavy attack. It was like machine guns were battering their huge bodies, forming small, densely dotted hollows on their wings!

The flying corpses’ skin is so tough!

When Xue Gie’s rain beads smashed the ground, soil splashed all over from the impact. Yet, it couldn’t pierce the flying corpses’ wings. Just how tough were those thin wings that such rain beads couldn’t pierce them, but only leave a mark and stop their advance! It was hard to believe that these monsters were once human. Were they considered mutated or evolved?

In such a unique environment, they who had once been humans had mutated into flying corpses. To survive over time, they had evolved tough skin that could protect them and sharp claws that could pierce steel. All these changes were for the sake of their survival.

“Awesome!” Everyone cheered!

Harry jumped excitedly. “Wonderful!”

“As expected, Xue Gie is the most powerful one,” Joey complimented as he squatted on the ground by the side. Glancing up at Harry, he teased, “Captain, no wonder you’d insisted for Xue Gie to be your wife back then.”

“What are you talking about?!” Harry kicked Joey off from the city gate, which was followed by Joey’s scream of pain, “Ouch!”

Ignoring Joey, Harry smiled at me cheekily, “Waifu, listen to me. That’s all in the past.”

Pfft. I looked away. Who wants to listen to you explain. Listening would make it seem as if I cared for your explanation.

*Howl.* Suddenly, there was another deep howl from the far end.

We immediately looked over. From the battle earlier, it was obvious that all the flying corpses followed the commands of that howl. The owner of that voice was directing the flying corpses’ attack!

The flying corpses that were suppressed by Xue Gie immediately fell back.

Then, the flock of flying corpses with exceptionally huge wings that we had seen earlier flew over. They landed before us with their back to us in a triangle formation! Their bodies were much bigger than those in the first row! Earlier, they had looked about the same as the ordinary flying corpses because they’d been further away.

Then, they spread their wings, connecting and overlapping with one another. A huge triangle was formed before Noah City, protecting the first vanguard who was in charge of leading the offensive. Instantly they had become a huge armored vehicle!

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!* The flying corpses took one step at a time as they advanced steadily, easily opening a route for the soldiers behind them. Xue Gie’s rain beads hit their huge, thick wings and shattered as though they had hit a steel plate, sparkling uselessly under the lightning.

The flying corpses had adjusted their tactics, and their large-scale attack shocked Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason and everyone else.

“What’s happened to the flying corpses today? I’ve never seen such a situation. They seem like they really want to attack us!” Sis Ceci stood outside the city gate and looked at the flying corpses who were giving their all.

Uncle Mason immediately covered her. “It’s too dangerous! Tell Xue Gie to retreat!” At that moment, Uncle Mason showed the steadiness of an adult man, completely different from the henpecked man he usually was. Right now, he was a calm and collected general. I finally believed Elder Alufa’s words that Uncle Mason was a reliable man!

“Xue Gie! Retreat!” Sis Ceci immediately commanded.

*Howl.* Just when Sis Ceci gave the command, there was another howl. This howl sounded completely different from before!

Just then, small but swiftly moving flying corpses appeared from behind the huge defending flying corpses. They looked more like Second Sis as they had hair that they wore in two braids, which were flying against the rain beads.

Suddenly, a long tail swung out from the sky. *Bang!* It swung at the rain beads in the air, sweeping them back towards Xue Gie’s face. The impact instantly sent Xue Gie flying!

*Bang!* Xue Gie fell on the ground. Immediately, she stood right up and looked straight ahead, bringing her arms up as she muttered, “Rather, die, in a battle… than just survive day-to-day!”

“Xue Gie!” Bill was the first to dash out!

“Xue Gie! Come back! Sigh! That kid is at it again!” Sis Ceci rubbed her hands anxiously. “The moment there’s a fight, she’d act up! Go and bring her back!”

“Yes!” Williams and Khai immediately charged into the dark night filled with pouring rain beads, while the flying corpses charged through the hail to pounce at Xue Gie who was standing alone in the hailstorm!

That very moment, that lone figure in the lightning appeared just like a hero to the people!

“Xue Gie!” Harry and the others charged out, while Joey remained dumbfounded at the sight, as if it was the first time he had ever seen the flying corpses form a tactical attack.

“What do we do?! Sis Ceci! Let’s attack!” Xiao Ying said fearfully. “The flying corpses are seriously attacking us!”

“No way! We can’t start a war with the flying corpses!” Sis Ceci looked nervous.

“It really seems like they are here to save someone. I’ve never seen flying corpses fight so ferociously,” Uncle Mason rubbed his chin and said. “This could just be a misunderstanding.”

“Why are you talking about this now?!” Sis Ceci glared at him. “Would the flying corpses listen to you?” she roared.

The huge flying corpses flew across the sky that was filled with rain beads. They pounced like demons at the tiny Xue Gie, appearing just like towering mountains that were pressing down on Xue Gie’s petite body!

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