Book 1: Chapter 7 - Metahuman

The motorcycles were flying in the air. The sound of the running motors didn’t sound like it was powered by petrol or diesel, but instead by some kind of energy resources that I had never seen before. These energy resources could make cars fly like a UFO and disregard the earth’s gravity completely!

I quickly went after them but Ah Xing had already stopped to pant, “Can’t… can’t chase anymore…”

I came to a stop next to Ah Xing, and was going to yell at He Lei to stop chasing after the motorcycles because it would be simply impossible to catch up with them on foot. But He Lei suddenly disappeared from before me and vanished into thin air as though he was swallowed by space-time.

The very next moment, I saw a figure above one of the motorcycles. Under the moonlight, he wielded the knife in his hand. As a burst of blood glided across the sky, a black sphere flew from within the blood and drew a parabola in the night sky. It formed a string of black water droplets as it churned in the air.

At that very moment, the entire world went absolutely silent.

It was as quiet as if time had stopped ticking…

It was as though I couldn’t hear the engine noise nor the blowing gale anymore. In my eyes, there was only the flying figure—He Lei…

The sphere landed on the ground and bounced a few times before rolling to the side, while the motorcycle continued to travel forward in the night sky!

I stood on the spot dumbfounded, although Ah Xing stood straight. We fixed our gazes upon the figure in the air. The night breeze blew his hair that was tinted red due to the crimson moonlight.

While in the air, He Lei took out his gun, and there was a flash of light under the moon.


The other motorcycle landed sideways on the ground. Ah Xing immediately ran over. I came back to reality and started chasing after Ah Xing!

The burgundy ground was sticky and there was an indescribable strange feeling to it. Under the night sky, there was only the squelching noise as we ran. It was as though we were stepping on blended meat.

At that moment, a bandit who looked like the chief fell down near the motorcycle. He was already beaten to a pulp. He held his gun and aimed at He Lei, “If you kill me, I will kill you too! Hahahaha! We shall all die together.” The bandit looked savage and his face was covered with bumps and depressions. He smiled maliciously and there was blood flowing out from his mouth that was full of yellow teeth. His yellowish teeth were also smeared with blood. His terrifying look struck fear in others.

He Lei picked up the gun without hesitation. Just then, the chief had already pulled the trigger.

“He Lei!” I shouted.

But He Lei vanished into thin air and the light hit where he had just disappeared.

I couldn’t see him but there was a breeze that rustled past me and blew up my fringe. The next moment, He Lei appeared next to the chief and aimed the nozzle at the chief’s temple!

The chief was shocked and his body stiffened.

I was extremely shocked that He Lei had suddenly disappeared and reappeared again. What, what’s going on!

“Very impressive!” Ah Xing gasped in admiration, “He Lei, hurry up! Don’t let him escape back alive. Otherwise, King Shura will definitely come and exterminate our tribes!”

I continued to stand in between them as if daydreaming. What King Shura?

Humph, do you people on Silver Moon City care about the people on earth!?” There was a hint of contempt in He Lei’s comment. His sharp and cold gaze fixed upon Ah Xing’s face and he smirked disdainfully as he taunted. He shook his head as if he was extremely disappointed. “Don’t pretend. I am disgusted! Aren’t you afraid of death? You have already escaped now. Why are you not searching for people to take you back? Leave!” There was a tinge of hatred in He Lei’s eyes and he never bothered to look at Ah Xing.

Ah Xing’s body stiffened as he bit on his lower lip. He lowered his head as though he didn’t want to explain himself nor refute He Lei’s statement. The night breeze blew his hair and he looked utterly miserable.

The chief didn’t move an inch as He Lei pointed the nozzle at him. He looked at He Lei carefully and then looked to Ah Xing and me. Suddenly, he started begging, “Please, please let me go! I, I swear I won’t go back to Ghost Eclipse City! This way, King Shura definitely won’t come to hunt you down and exterminate your tribes! It is even more impossible for him to attack Silver Moon City!” He looked at Ah Xing and made a groveling remark, “All of us know that Silver Moon City is a supreme existence and that you don’t get involved in any affairs on earth, right?” He then made a sly innuendo as he squinted his eyes, “King Shura did make many spaceships though. Silver Moon City might not be that safe either…” 

Suddenly, Ah Xing lifted the gun in his hand and pulled the trigger without hesitation. The ray of light pierced the bandit chief and his unfinished sentence was buried along with his dead body.

I stood dumbfounded next to him. Ah Xing who had curled up in terror earlier, pulled the trigger without hesitation!? There was no expression on his face that was still hanging low. He didn’t panic nor did he get anxious when he killed. He didn’t even have the coldness or brutality of He Lei. He didn’t have any of those expressions at all. It was as though he had stepped on an ant, giving him no reason for any change in his expression.

He Lei seemed to be surprised and shocked as well. He looked at Ah Xing as if he was scrutinizing him. Was he getting to know Ah Xing as well?

Previously, we were imprisoned together but we weren’t familiar with one another. Judging from He Lei’s hatred towards Silver Moon City, he wouldn’t pay much attention to Ah Xing. However, it was now clear that Ah Xing had been pretending to be afraid in order to ensure his safety. But at that very moment, his utter calmness when he pulled the trigger had betrayed him.

Even after receiving all the constant training from my dad, I would find it hard to just pull the trigger like that in order to kill a person. Even though the person deserved to die, I still wouldn’t find it easy to kill him with a steady hand.

Ah Xing blinked and his eyelashes were tainted with a shimmer like winter frost under the moonlight. He threw away the gun, turned and left. The night breeze blew at his white hem. He didn’t speak, he didn’t bid farewell, nor was he reluctant to leave. It was as though He Lei and I were merely passers-by and he was merely walking past us in the sea of people.

What kind of world is this? One that made young guys my age to be so cold and merciless? What’s… at the bottom of their hearts?

I stood there, dumbfounded.

“Humph!” He Lei smirked coldly. He spun the guns in his hand before putting them away in the holsters on both sides of his body. Then, he too walked past me. And suddenly I was the only person standing alone under the moonlight. 

What’s going on? This is pissing me off!

Just earlier, we were making a sortie together. We had been through so much, but suddenly in the blink of an eye, we were like strangers!

“Hey!” I turned and shouted. They were walking in two different directions and they halted their footsteps at my shout. They turned around slightly. I took a few steps forward and stood in between them. The three of us formed a triangle. “The three of us fought together in a life-and-death situation, and all of us have bonded like brothers. Even if we have to part ways, shouldn’t we bid farewell to one another?”

“Who would be friends with the people from Silver Moon City!?” He Lei suddenly turned around. After killing all his enemies, his hatred seemed to have transferred to Ah Xing.

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