Book 7: Chapter 13 - Plenary Meeting

“Raffles! It turns out that Jun’s parents are scientists! They have been studying blue crystal energy for the past sixty years! And they think that it is high-end equipment from another planet!” I said excitedly.

Raffles slowly came back to reality in front of me. It was as though he couldn’t respond in time because I was speaking too quickly.

“I wish I could bring you to see them,” I said, holding Raffles’s hands tightly. I looked at his grayish-blue eyes, “You will definitely be thrilled.”

“They said that… the blue crystal energy is an equipment from another planet?” Raffles finally responded, and he was surprised. “Is that equipment from another planet?” Even he, who was a scientist himself, looked at me in disbelief.

“I think you can figure this out with Haggs and see how you can communicate with Jun’s parents’. You are scientists. I believe you can find a way to communicate with one another.”

Raffles nodded, “You are right. We have a language calculator. And I realized that many equipments are operating in West Port. Would it be them?”

“Highly likely! Oh yeah, Jun and Zong Ben intend to return. Are their bodies repaired?” I immediately got off the bed. I have many things to do today.

Raffles followed next to me, “Their bodies are ready. We can go and pick them up today. Oh yeah. You mentioned that you wanted to hold a meeting, so Ah Zong and Xiao Ying went to inform everyone else early this morning.”

I nodded as I washed my face. It was my first day being the Queen officially.

I tied my hair up, and I looked refreshed.

When I walked out from the washroom, Raffles had already picked a simple white robe for me. Raffles liked the long robe because it made him look even taller and elegant.

I put on the silver-edged robe that he had picked for me and tied my long hair into a bun. It made me look mature. I was no longer the little girl who wandered around with a ponytail.

I am a Queen. I have to face my people.

“I am going to the lab to watch over Xing Chuan. Haggs didn’t rest at all last night. He needs to take a break,” Raffles pointed at his head.

I nodded and rushed through my breakfast, “Go ahead with your work. Where’s everyone?”

“At the theatre,” Raffles picked up a serviette and wiped the corner of my lips as he looked at me lovingly.

I hurried and got up, “I shall go. I can’t keep everyone waiting.”

Raffles looked down, and there was a glimpse of loneliness, “Mm…”

I paused and looked at him in confusion. “Raffles, what’s wrong?”

He creased his eyebrows slightly and looked down, “My Lil Bing… is the Queen…”

I felt that Raffles’s depression was acting up again. He was definitely assuming that I would ignore him after I became the Queen. 

I walked closer to him. Then, I put my hand around his neck from behind and leaned on his back, “I am their Queen, but I am forever your Lil Bing. Raffles…” I rubbed my cheek against his and purred, “I am your wife, your Lil Bing…” 

“Lil Bing…” He called smilingly. He lifted his hand and placed it over my hand that was around his neck. He pulled me in front of him, and I sat on his lap.

He put his hand around my back and stroke my face. The sunlight poured between us like a layer of golden gauze, and it vaguely blurred his handsome face.

He slowly pierced the layer of gold and kissed me. A gentle kiss fueled with Raffles’s love towards me planted on my lips.

He moved away as he looked at me lovingly, “You should go.”

I smiled, “No, I want to stay with my Raffles a little longer…” I took the initiative to kiss his lip. As he smiled, he deepened our morning kiss. The gentle kiss under the pouring sunlight chased away his depression and insecurity.

The theatre was where Margaery used to watch theatre plays back then.

Margaery liked to watch theatre plays. As it was hard to find TV shows, she had a theatre group.

When we conquered Queen Town, the people in the theatre were terrified, and they hid themselves.

We only found them when we were cleaning up Queen Town. They were shivering in fear, so we got Moto and the other young men to take care of them instead.

They were the only beautiful young men without great superpowers who had survived in Queen Town. Some of them were good at playing musical instruments. Some of them were good at dancing. Some of them were good at singing. Some of them looked more feminine, and they took up female roles in the theatre play.

They had been helping with farming.

When I arrived at the theatre, the seats were full.

Xiao Ying, He Lei, Harry, and Ah Zong sat on the first row. Joey, Sia, Gru, Fat-Two, Pelos, and the rest were seated behind them.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci sat on Harry’s sides. Sis Ceci was carrying the cocoon in her arms.

Then, there were Moto, Eletta, and the other beautiful young men who were under Margaery’s ruling.

I stood on the stage alone, and all the people of Queen Town were under that stage. There were a hundred and eighteen men and three women. Well, four, including me.

Margaery’s theatre group wasn’t as familiar with me as Moto and the other beautiful young men. Hence, they hid in the last row. They hadn’t participated in the celebratory banquet back then too. It was because they thought that they were not qualified to participate. They were merely metahumans with weak superpowers.

Moto, Eletta, and the other young men saw that I walked onto the stage, and they rose to their feet anxiously. They behaved just like soldiers.

I beckoned them by pressing my hand down in the air and said, “Sit down, everyone.”

They sat down anxiously.

I looked around. “Where’s Lucifer?” The kid likes the crowd. He wouldn’t skip such a large gathering.

Xiao Ying stood up awkwardly and muttered, “Er… He is keeping… that brother of his… company…” Xiao Ying fiddled with her fingers.

Harry was seated in the first row, and he looked glum.

We couldn’t forgive Xing Chuan. Even though he had saved Harry, his strong jealousy and selfishness had turned Harry into a water ghost. It was Harry’s biggest act of kindness to not killing him.

Xiao Ying quickly sat down. Sis Ceci’s face grew grave too, and she was soaring with murderous intention.

“Report, Your Highness,” Moto stood up. “Ah Fei is taking care of Ah Duo. Everyone else is here!”

“Mm, alright.” I nodded.

Moto sat down happily. It was as though he was happy that he could talk to me.

I looked at Uncle Mason, “How about Gahenna and Nubis’s battleship?”

“They are still engaged in a stand-off three thousand miles away,” Uncle Mason reported, creasing his eyebrows with worry.

“Alright. Ignore them,” I said calmly.

The people were stunned at what I said.

“Ignore them?” Harry asked closely in confusion.

I replied calmly, “Gahenna will take care of that. Let’s do what we have to do.”

Harry chuckled lightly, and he looked at ease.

He Lei crossed his arms and wore a solemn expression.


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