Book 7: Chapter 12 - Scientists’ Mind Are Bizarre

Jun and Zong Ben stood by my sides as though they were trying to give me the courage to finish the story.

I slowly lifted my face and began to talk about the secret that I couldn’t carry alone. It was the secret that Professor Yin Yue had buried at the bottom of her heart, and I was the only one courageous enough to share it with the dead in front of me!

Their expressions became progressively surprised and angrier as I divulged the secret…

The moment I finished the story, I felt a sense of relief. “The mission that Professor Yin Yue has entrusted me with is to kill Professor Hagrid Jones.”

“What’s the use of killing him?! The world is already in this condition!” As expected, I saw the anger that the world was supposed to feel when they found out the truth.

“Back then, Professor Hagrid Jones had dedicated himself to human evolution and participated in many confidential experiments. I never thought that they would actually be unethical human experiments! We are scientists, but we must have humanity!”

“He has humanity since he saved his family,” someone remarked bitterly.

“But how did Hagrid Jones control that alien energy?”

“Would it be some kind of psycho-sensory control?” 

Scientists are scientists, after all. Although they were angry, it didn’t cloud their rationality. On the contrary, they found an issue, raised their concern, and studied it.

Yeah, how did Hagrid Jones control the blue crystal energy?

Previously, Professor Yin Yue had suspected it to be some kind of a weapon because she hadn’t studied the blue crystal energy. The scientists here had researched blue crystal energy for the past sixty years and could conclude the alien equipment’s launch. Their inference of the end of the world should be interlinked with the truth that I knew. 

“Would it be that an alien took control of Hagrid Jones?!” Jun’s mom suddenly exclaimed.

I looked at her in surprise. Scientists’ minds are bizarre!

“It is possible. As it is a piece of alien equipment, the possibility that the blue crystal energy wouldn’t repel the alien controlling him is high.” Many scientists began to nod in agreement.

“The alien might have entered Hagrid Jones’ body similar to how they showed in the movies…” A young scientist acted like an alien to demonstrate his point.

“It is possible that the alien is acting as a parasite too.”

“So, he probably only controlled a small portion of Hagrid Jones’ brain.”

So it is still another alien conspiracy? They blamed the aliens for the end of the world, while Hagrid Jones became the innocent victim.

“But why did the aliens destroy our planet? They didn’t invade or conquer our planet. Nor did they retrieve the energy on our planet. Rather, they didn’t do anything at all. That’s illogical.”

“What if the natural instinct of the alien is to destroy? For example, like worms.” The scientist seemed to be obsessed with worms. “Worms like to destroy and destroy some more.”

“We might be on a different plane altogether. While it has been sixty years for us here, it might have been just a day for the aliens? They might be arriving on our planet in a day or two.”

I could deeply feel that the scientists’ minds were in a different universe altogether!

“However, if Professor Hagrid Jones was the one who controlled the aliens… then he used the alien energy to achieve his goal for human evolution!”

“That’s right!”

“Very possible! Highly likely!”

“It is more compatible with the current outcome.”

“Hurry up and study this. Let’s see if we can find any more clues from the blue crystal energy.”

Alright. This speculation is more acceptable, and they are finally focused back on Hagrid Jones and his wrongdoings.

But we are talking about the end of the world here, and I don’t want to see the responsibility of the disaster being thrown around.

The scientists immediately took action. They returned to their seats simultaneously.

I stood there dumbfounded. 

They had opened up my mind and elevated the entire situation to a conspiracy of a different level.

“Ah! Lil Bing, did we scare you? You never expected that there would be any aliens, did you?” Jun’s mom chuckled as she looked at me. “This is what we scientists do. We look for a problem and find the solution. Then we counter the solution and find another problem, followed by a new solution.”

“You will get used to this. We need your help too,” Jun’s dad patted my shoulder. “All the clues point towards Professor Hagrid Jones alone. That’s why we need you to find him. He is the key to the mystery.”

“I will!” I replied glumly.

Jun’s dad immediately added, “Don’t kill him! He is more useful alive!”

I felt the chill travel down my spine. All scientists behaved the same, after all. Whether it was Hagrid Jones, Haggs, Raffles, or these scientists—they all liked to study living objects.

I suppressed my urge to kill, “I… will try…”

When I walked out of the lab, Jun and Zong Ben came along. Jun wore a slightly surprised look, “I never expected that so many things happened in the past few days. Cang Yu is Hagrid Jones, and you found Xing Chuan…” He wore a warm smile and looked at me, “That’s great. Harry can finally transform back and be with you!”

“Mm!” I nodded happily.

“That’s why you are still a virgin,” Zong Ben suddenly looked at Jun sideways. Jun put on a poker face and reprimanded, “Zong Ben, stop making fun of me.”

“Did I say anything wrong?” Zong Ben chuckled in disdain. He seemed to be mocking Jun, “You are always happy for other people. That is what I hate about you the most! You are gentle and warm. Oh, Lil Bing,” Zong Ben turned to look at me and raised his eyebrows, “I forgot to tell you that this guy is gentle to everyone. He is nice to me, nice to you, and nice to everyone else. He is just like a central air-conditioner. Luckily, he is dead. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be exhausting to like this kind of person?”

I was stunned. If it was a romantic relationship, I might. I knew that I was petty and possessive in a romantic relationship. Back in Silver Moon City, I was angry when Harry talked to other girls. It was hard to imagine how I would react if Harry were a ‘central air-conditioner.’

“But I am different…” Zong Ben walked in front of me. Flinging the cloth in his hand, he put it around my neck. “I am annoyed at everyone, but I am nice only to the person I like. What do you think? Aren’t I a better choice as a boyfriend?” Suddenly, he tugged the cloth and pulled me close to him.

Instantly, Jun pulled out a pair of scissors from nowhere and cut off the cloth that Zong Ben had put around my neck. Then he shoved me, “See you in reality.” I was pushed off and realized I was on my bed when I woke up.

Raffles looked at me gently from the bedside, “You woke up? You wouldn’t wake up no matter how I called you. Did you see Jun and Zong Ben?”

I immediately held Raffles’ hand. I couldn’t wait to tell him everything that had happened in my dream. He would be thrilled!


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