Book 7: Chapter 11 - The Truth Back Then

“Hence, it is possible that the twelve pieces were originally a space shuttle equipment from a higher galaxy. It dispersed when it arrived in our galaxy. The person who controlled it probably didn’t want anyone to notice them, so he hid them on our planet. In the end, they led to the extermination of our planet! Yes!” Jun’s mom nodded at her own speculation proudly!

I was looking at them in shock. They had drawn inferences about the reason for Kansas Star’s extermination according to their own logic. It didn’t seem to be a far-fetched reason, and it had high credibility.

Hence, the extermination of Kansas Star had become an accident based on their speculation. I really hoped that it was an accident.

However, we obtained a heavy-hearted truth here.

The truth was extremely different from their speculation. But somehow, I felt that the truth was associated with the illusion that they were talking about.

“What are you talking about?” Zong Ben landed next to Jun and crouched as he looked at me sideways. “Lil Bing is here. Have you seen Jun’s girlfriend yet?” Zong Ben broke into a mischievous smile.

“How dare you!” Jun stared at Zong Ben angrily.

Jun’s parents warmly welcomed Zong Ben, “Zong Ben, you are here. Are you missing our Jun?”

“Yeah,” Zong Ben extended his hand and hugged Jun’s shoulder. Jun knocked him away, “Go away!” Jun seemed to be in a bad mood. He hardly threw a tantrum at Zong Ben.

Zong Ben shrugged, “He is still angry at me. Lil Bing, let me introduce you to Jun's girlfriend.” Zong Ben came next to Jun’s mom and kissed her cheek, “Isn’t she beautiful?”

I was stunned. It turned out that Jun’s ‘girlfriend’ that Zong Ben had mentioned before was none other than Jun’s mom!

No wonder Jun had brought me here directly when Zong Ben had said that Jun would take me to see his girlfriend.

“Zong Ben is so well-spoken. Great child,” Jun’s mom gave Zong Ben a rewarding peck on his cheek. “Oh yeah. Zong Ben, isn’t it strange? It’s not scientific at all.”

I was stunned. Jun’s mom behaved like Zong Ben’s mom.

I suddenly recalled that once Jun and Zong Ben had fought because Zong Ben had been jealous of Jun’s happy family.

Zong Ben closed his eyes and shrugged with his hands in his pockets, “It’s not strange at all. All the men she likes look like this.”

“Mom, Dad, don’t make fun of Lil Bing,” Jun said angrily. “I brought Lil Bing to see you and to tell you that...!” Jun’s expression suddenly became serious and a little awkward. “...The research about the reason for Kansas Star’s extermination you did for the past sixty years is… wrong,” Jun creased his eyebrows and looked away. It seemed like he didn’t want to hurt his parents.

Yeah, Jun and Zong Ben had gone to Hagrid Island with me. They knew the truth.

Jun’s parents were stunned, and they looked at me.

Zong Ben crouched and looked at Jun, “Are you sure you want to tell them?”

Jun creased his eyebrows and nodded, “Only truth can bring us closer to reality.”

“What truth?” Jun’s dad instantly became serious as he looked at Zong Ben.

Zong Ben blinked his eyes with dark eye circles, “Jun saw that you are working hard on your research even after your death. So, he couldn’t bring himself to tell you the truth of Kansas Star’s extermination.”

“How does Lil Bing know?!” Jun’s mom stopped fooling around. She finally wore a curious look of a scientist. “Tell us. We, scientists, can take heavy blows. Plus, what you know might not be the truth as well.”

Jun and Zong Ben looked at me. Jun’s parents did the same.

Suddenly, all the scientists seemed to respond to one another, and they put down their task on hand to gather around. They looked at me with an extremely solemn expression. They looked suspicious too. I felt an unprecedented pressure, as though the cautious scientists would nitpick every single word I was going to utter.

I kept quiet for very long before I said, “Professor Hagrid Jones is not dead yet. He is still alive.”


“It’s impossible! If he’s still alive, just how old would he be now?”

“Over a hundred?”

“Oh… That’s possible…”

“We are all scientists! Be more cautious!” Someone suddenly roared.

“What does Professor Hagrid Jones have to do with this?”

I looked at them, “If you think that the twelve blue crystals were parts of a dispersed equipment, I think there were thirteen pieces in total. One of them was the one that fell on Kansas Star and was retrieved by Hagrid Jones."

“Yeah! There’s another one!”

“But didn’t that explode?”

“No. According to our research of the past sixty years, if the crystals were to explode, the entire research center would disappear. But only the lab exploded, and Professor Hagrid Jones survived.”

“But the crystal disappeared after that. I thought it exploded. It doesn’t seem like it now.”

“Did Hagrid Jones absorb it?”

“Can humans absorb blue crystal energy?”

“Don’t we have a live sample right here?!” All the scientists instantly looked at me.

Jun’s parents looked surprised.

I looked at them and nodded, “Possibly. Because Hagrid Jones turned into a metahuman after that, and his superpower is to absorb blue crystal cells!”

“Just as expected!”

“Oh my!”

“That’s not scientific! That’s so not scientific!”

“Why him only? He was with the entire research team. There were more than a dozen people.”

“The others died. Sigh…”

It instantly stirred a commotion among the scientists. Jun’s parents became shocked.

“Did you find out who Professor Hagrid Jones is!?” Jun looked at me in shock.

Zong Ben glanced at me.

I nodded at Jun and Zong Ben, “During the days you weren’t with me, I went through a lot.”

“I really can’t leave you,” Zong Ben glared at Jun sideways. “I should have stayed with Lil Bing. I missed out so much.”

Jun’s mom looked at me too. “So, have you seen Professor Hagrid Jones?”

Everyone went silent and looked at me. Some of them were older than Hagrid Jones, and some of them were younger than him.

I slowly replied, “I guess so. I didn’t know he was Professor Jones when I met him. I found out about the truth because…” I paused and looked at everyone, “I saw Professor Hagrid Jones’s wife, Professor Yin Yue!”

“What?! Professor Yin Yue is alive?!”

“This, how is this possible?”

“Wasn’t Professor Yin Yue in Aisya Lab? It turned into a flat land when the world ended.”

I looked at them, “Because Professor Hagrid Jones knew when the end of the world was coming. So, he transferred his family members to a safe place.”

“How could have Professor Hagrid Jones known when the end of the world was coming?!” Jun’s dad exclaimed in surprise. Everyone looked at me in shock.

I went silent. The truth was too heavy.


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