Book 7: Chapter 10 - Foreign Planet Force

“We found out after sixty years of research that we are blue crystal energy gatherers!” Jun’s dad stated their intrinsic characteristic in an unusually serious tone. He said as he gestured, “The surrounding blue crystal cells carry many positive and negative electrons. We maintain our form depending on the connection between the positive and negative electrons. Once we leave the center of the radiation zone, the blue crystal energy will flow away, and the electrons within the blue crystal cells will leave. As a result, we will experience decomposition and eventually disappear.”

“Oh!” I seem to understand, but I don’t. But it does sound amazing! I should go back and share this with Raffles! He will definitely be excited to converse with so many outstanding scientists who only existed in the history textbooks.

It was just like if you suddenly got to talk to Einstein. It would simply be a magical and also a lucky moment.

Jun’s mom walked next to me and pointed at me as she continued, “Lil Bing’s superpower is to absorb blue crystal energy. The blue crystal energy is the core of the blue crystal cell. It is just like the cell’s nucleus on the cell wall. Hence, when she absorbs our energy, our blue crystal cells will fall apart, then disperse and vanish completely.”

I nodded continuously, “Mm! Jun! Your parents are amazing!” I was in awe of them.

Jun looked at them unknowingly and asked, “Why are you talking about this?”

“It means that we don’t want to die!” Jun’s parents declared loudly. They high-fived each other and looked at me as they pointed around, “Lil Bing, look around you. The uncles and aunties here don’t want to be set free. We want to continue conducting our research. We are still living and are happy with our current form. We are scientists, and we have been researching immortality all our lives. We don’t care about our form. We can continue our research in this form and also continue to live on! Plus, we have a great breakthrough in our research in blue crystal energy!”

“What breakthrough!?” I asked closely.

Blue crystal energy has a significant association with many things in the world. The world was destroyed because of it, but it is also true that humankind evolved because of it. The evolved humans also received various kinds of superpowers because of it.

Raffles too was dedicated to the research of blue crystal energy. But because he couldn’t get close to the blue crystal energy, there was not much progress in his research.

However, Jun’s parents were different. They relied on blue crystal energy to live. They could come in close contact with blue crystal energy. That was why they could research it better. Plus, just like what they mentioned, they were immortal, and they have had more time to research about it than Raffles. They had started the research sixty years earlier than Raffles!

Jun’s parents exchanged a glance and nodded heavily. Then, they suddenly pulled a huge, transparent LED screen.

Jun’s mom began to draw a simple image of the end of the world that had happened in the past. It was also the image of the falling meteor. She pointed at the meteor and explained, “Firstly, we can be certain that the meteor wasn’t any ordinary meteor but the original form of the blue crystal energy. It landed on Kansas Star and constantly emitted blue crystal energy that radiated our planet.”

“Mm! I saw a few of them under the center of the radiation zone.” I immediately agreed. They also seemed to confirm Raffles’ suspicion.

Jun’s parents looked at me in surprise and said, “Oh. It turns out that you know. You are an interesting person. Can we research you?”

“Dad, Mom, you are dead,” Jun looked at them glumly. “Plus, you will die the moment you touch her. You wouldn’t be able to be immortal.”

Jun’s parents laughed hysterically. Their consciousness had already detached from life and death. Life and death were merely a transformation of form to them. Hence, they could make fun of themselves as well as Jun.

Jun’s parents were a pair of interesting scientists. It must be exciting to be with them.

They exchanged a glance and continued, “Secondarily, I suspect that it isn’t a rock, but it should be a kind of alien equipment. It could also be controlled. Look, the ordinary meteorites land due to the gravity of the planet. They would only land in a certain area because they came from the same, specific direction. However, these blue crystal meteorites…” Jun’s dad tapped on the falling points of the meteorites, “They could land on our planet all-around and coincidentally, chose cities that are comparatively more important in our human history. It means that they were controlled!”

Yeah. I had found it strange back then too. How had the meteorites conducted an all-round attack on Kansas Star? Later on, Professor Yin Yue confirmed that Professor Hagrid Jones had launched the current attack. How did he control the meteorite? Professor Yin Yue had no idea too.



Jun’s parents high-fived excitedly again in celebration of their breakthrough.

“Darling, you are awesome! I love you!”

“Darling, you too! Oh! Darling!”

They suddenly kissed passionately in front of Jun and me.

I looked at them stiffly, “Jun… your parents…”

Sigh…” Jun rolled his eyes. He obviously couldn’t be bothered to look at them.

Jun’s parents let go of one another after a passionate kiss. I was embarrassed by looking at them in the act.

Jun’s dad looked at Jun and teased, “Son, have you still not experienced your first kiss?”

Jun suddenly blushed and looked at his dad in embarrassment, “Continue with what you have to say!”

Jun’s mom chuckled mischievously, “There is no other research more fun than our son because you have so many unscientific points. For instance, you still have to experience your first kiss even when you are so grown up. Even your virginity…”

“Dad! Mom!” Jun roared, “Can you continue with what you have to say!?”

“Okay!” Jun’s parents finally let Jun off the hook. Jun turned around and held his forehead. A dark Zong Ben landed somewhere far but was easily recognizable. He was clad in black, and he landed from high in the sky. His torn cloth fluttered in the air like a fallen angel.

He saw us from afar and leaped at us.

Jun’s parents brought it up again, “Hence, the thing was equipment that was controlled. Where did it come from then?” Jun’s dad looked mysterious, and the mood became tense.

“From where?” I asked anxiously.

Jun’s parents exchanged a glance, and they announced solemnly. “Outer! Space!”

I gawked at them, “So… This is an alien invasion!?” Why did I suddenly feel that the plot could be bigger?

I finally found out the truth that Hagrid Jones was behind all this. In the end, it became an alien invasion when it came to Jun’s parents.


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