Book 7: Chapter 9 - Jun’s Parents Were Cheerful

He Lei and Ah Zong got up into a sitting position one after another. Ah Zong stroked Raffles’s arm and sighed.

Raffles was in distress. He lowered his face without uttering a word.

I sat up and looked at Raffles. I knew that it was a great hit for him.

I looked at Ah Zong and He Lei, and I said, “Eradication of the Ghost Eclipsers is something the Great Ghost King owes to the new Ghost Eclipsers. It is also a price for him to pay to Gru, Moto, and the other Ghost Eclipsers, who lived as slaves under terrifying rulers, as an atonement for his sins.

He Lei nodded glumly and agreed, “You are right. It is his duty. If they don’t save their own people, how can they convince the Aurora Legion and the others that they are determined to shake off their name as Ghost Eclipsers?”

“Just like Dian Yin, Gehenna, Feng You, and the others, they were actually prepared to take action, but they didn’t eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers because of the Great Ghost King! Thye didn’t do it because they wanted to make use of the Ghost Eclipsers. Such a bullshit method worked on them. They are very loyal to him, but they don’t know that he doesn’t care about them.” I was worried about their future.

“I want to have a meeting with everyone tomorrow and decide on our future,” I announced. I lay down on the carpet and placed my hands behind my head. Above us was Harry, who was looking at us from the bottom of the pool. Above Harry, the water was glowing blue. It was like a pool twinkling similar to the galaxy with countless stars.

“Bing, Bing?” Jun called, and I slowly opened my eyes. He smiled at me. “Long time no see.”

I smiled back and asked, “Do you plan to stay here? To stay with your girlfriend?”

Jun’s face instantly grew glum. It was my first time seeing him angry. He put his hands on his waist angrily. He stood for a while and looked around him before he said, “I shall bring you to meet my girlfriend.” He turned and pulled me by my hand before he took off in the air. The entire West Port was in sight the moment we flew. It was even more beautiful than before. The patches of green covered all over like green carpets. There were rows of fresh flowers neatly lined like exquisite paintings.

Jun slowly landed on a bubble building. He brought me through the building, and there were pieces of equipment neatly organized inside the building. There were people in silver robes bustling about. They looked really focused, especially the scientists!

Jun and I landed in front of a pair of male and female scientists who were busy. They were observing a cloud of blue light. I recognized this cloud of light—it was blue crystal energy!

“Dad, Mom, this is Bing.” As Jun announced, the two scientists came back to reality from their research and looked at me. I looked at them in surprise. They looked so young.

Before this world came to an end, its technology was pretty advanced. The medical industry was far ahead, and the human lifespan had prolonged. The human aging process had slowed down too. Hence, Jun’s parents looked only in their thirties.

But I was still surprised when I saw that they looked so young. In my head, the scientists in this world were elders like Professor Yin Yue.

They smiled at me in greeting. “Hello, Bing.” Jun’s mother held my hand. “Jun hardly stays with a girl for so long. He has too many girlfriends…” Jun’s mom winked at me playfully.

I was even more surprised. I was surprised that they didn’t think that they were dead, but they continued to live on.

“Mom! What are you talking about?!” Jun panicked. Jun’s dad chuckled by the side and patted his chest teasingly. “Are you panicking now? You are dead anyway. You can’t be with Bing.”

Jun immediately held his forehead. He was cheerful before, but he lost his smile after his dad’s comment. He looked so helpless.

I continued to stand blankly. They had a great mentality. They could even make fun of their son’s death.

“Darling, look. Your son is agitated,” Jun’s dad was happy that he had managed to pull a prank on him.

Jun’s mom chuckled happily, “It has been a while since we made fun of someone. Who told him to turn himself in like this?”

Turn himself in… for them to make fun of him?

“Son, where’s Zong Ben? That boy is kind of fun.” Jun’s father had started thinking of making fun of Zong Ben.

Jun put his hand down and looked at them in distress, and said, “First, explain to Bing regarding my girlfriends! Since when do I have a lot of girlfriends!?”

“You don’t have many, huh? Son, the girls in the school were crazy over Zong Ben and you.” Jun’s mom became more excited and blushed, “I think that you and Zong Ben look good together too.”

“Mom!” Jun shouted hastily. “You are getting more and more ridiculous! You are a scientist!”

“So what if we are scientists?” Jun’s dad held Jun’s mom. “Do scientists have to be boring and rigid? No girl could have liked me like that. How could I have gotten your mom then?”

Jun rolled his eyes.

Jun’s dad winked at me, “Jun is too honest. He doesn’t know how to go after girls. Zong Ben was more pleasing to girls. Do you like Zong Ben more?”

I was stunned, and I replied casually, “I prefer Jun more.”

Jun immediately looked at me in surprise. Jun’s mom and dad revealed an expression of disbelief. Jun’s dad exclaimed in surprise, “Bing, you are not from this world!”

“Yeah! Bing, how could you like Jun more?” Jun’s mom revealed a forsaken look. “Besides the fact that he looks handsome, he is no fun. He only knows to draw and read. He doesn’t even play games. He is so, so boring.”

“Mom! I am your son! Is it fun to put me down in front of my friend?” Jun was frustrated.

I suddenly wanted to tell Jun that it was normal parent behavior. Parents got pleasure from making fun of their children.

“Of course, it is fun!” Jun’s mom and dad chuckled and hugged Jun, “You are the most fun research subject in our entire life.”

Jun stood in his parents’ embrace helplessly. Suddenly, I found him pitiful. Jun hung his head low and sighed heavily, “I am dead. You still wouldn’t let me off the hook…”

“Who says that you are dead?!” Jun’s dad suddenly spoke in a scientist’s dignified and strict tone, “Death does not exist, but you exist. Hence, you are not dead!”

Such a profound philosophy.

“That’s right!” Jun’s mom looked up with a scientist’s arrogance. She lifted her right hand and beckoned, “We only changed in form, but we aren’t dead. When Luo Bing sets the spirits free, that is real death.”

I was in reverence. I listened to Jun’s mom and dad’s explanation more seriously.


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