Book 7: Chapter 8 - Let’s Be Together

He Lei sighed, lowering his head. He was surprised when he saw us. We waved at him simultaneously. He looked embarrassed when he saw Raffles and Ah Zong. He looked away with his eyebrows tightly knitted and became laden with anxiety.

“He Lei seems to have a lot on his mind?” The ‘sensible’ Raffles looked confused and concerned.

Ah Zong supported his head on the one hand and looked at Raffles and asked, “It should be… because of you…!”

“Me?” Raffles was confused.

“You are Bing’s husband… and he… loves Bing too...” Ah Zong leaned his head sideways and smiled at Raffles flirtatiously. He added, “Not every man… is so shameless like me…” He then leaned on my shoulder and smiled, but he didn’t move any closer, as usual.

Raffles blinked and looked away from the seductively charming Ah Zong in embarrassment. He blushed a little and said, “I, I don’t mind… Plus, I am not the best…” He beat himself up again.

Ah Zong looked at him and left my shoulder. He crawled past before me and sat next to Raffles. He leaned on Raffles’s shoulder, and his long pink hair weaved together with Raffles’s grayish-blue hair.

Ah Zong held Raffles’s hand and reassured him, “You don’t know how good you are. Bing can lose He Lei and me, but she can’t lose you and Harry. Raffles, you will hurt Bing if you say things like this."

Ah Zong… I definitely can’t lose you now.

Raffles was stunned, looking at Ah Zong. Ah Zong rested his head on Raffles’s shoulder and smiled sweetly as he continued, “Raffles, you are envious of Harry’s strength, He Lei’s speed and my beauty, but do you know that all of us are envious of your knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and meticulosity? Xing Chuan couldn’t save Harry. Neither He Lei nor I could save him, but you could—only you and Haggs could. So, don’t even think that you are not good enough. Because your goodness is far beyond what you imagine it to be.”

The corners of Raffles’s lips lifted. He was secretly smiling.

Raffles once hated Ah Zong because he was a gigolo—because he was Pink Baby. But Raffles changed his mind about him after he saved me. However, it still bothered him that Ah Zong was once a Honeycomb boy.

Despite that, he no longer hated Ah Zong. He trusted Ah Zong to keep me company, regardless if we were in Queen Town or when we were out on an expedition.

It might be because he was aware that Ah Zong’s superpower could easily control any man’s emotions. Of course, he wouldn’t abuse it but only use it if I were to be in danger, for example, like the other day with He Lei.

I saw Raffles’s cute and happy smile as though he had stolen something. I couldn’t help but leaned on his other shoulder and held his other hand like Ah Zong. Raffles, you really have no idea how great you are.

You and Haggs are our last hope.

Haggs was still staying in the lab. Both of them had limited splitting time. Hence, just like in Silver Moon City, Haggs had made himself a body.

It was my first time not going against him conducting a human experiment because I knew he wanted to heal Xing Chuan.

Healing Xing Chuan was as payback for him, for saving Harry. Then, it would also secure his life to transforming Harry back into a human.

Although the chances of Xing Chuan of healing Harry were slim, Haggs would try hard. Besides, it was a challenge for Haggs to help Harry recover. He hadn’t conducted human experiments for very long. It was an irresistible temptation for him, and he was crazy about it. 

Harry watched Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason as they left. He then looked at He Lei and beckoned him to go too. He Lei was lost in abstraction. Hence, Harry swam to him and jumped out of the water, splashing water on him and drenching him.

He Lei woke up with a start while Harry laughed from the water.

He Lei shook his head. It looked like he didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cry as he pointed at Harry. Suddenly, he turned around and pointed below. Harry followed his gaze and looked down. His smile froze at the sight of us.

We waved at him simultaneously, and his expression stiffened.

We waved to He Lei and beckoned him to come to us.

He Lei looked away again. He seemed awkward.

That’s strange. Didn’t He Lei and I speak about it? Why is he still feeling awkward? Is it really like how Ah Zong said? Does he feel awkward because Raffles and I are together?

Bang, bang, bang!” Suddenly, Harry banged the pool wall behind He Lei. He Lei turned around, and Harry smiled widely at him.

He Lei creased his eyebrows and suddenly disappeared. The very next moment, there was a breeze, and he appeared in front of us.

Ah Zong leaned on Raffles’s shoulder as he smiled sweetly at He Lei, saying, “I wanted to tell you to get us some fruits.”

He Lei raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms, complaining, “It turns out that you wanted me to come down to get you fruits."

“And… let’s do it together later…” Ah Zong said suggestively, winking at He Lei. He Lei’s body stiffened, and he blushed, staring straight at Ah Zong.

Raffles’s eyes shot open too. In actual fact, everyone knew that Ah Zong was joking. But somehow, the mood became strange, and the temperature was on the rise.

I blushed as the men became awkward. I immediately roared, “He Lei, hurry up and go!”

He Lei instantly came back to reality and vanished. Everyone let out a breath of relief in secret.

When He Lei returned, we had a melon each as we looked at Harry above us. He sunk to the bottom of the pool that shone in the moonlight. We were looking at each other face to face.

We looked at him, and he looked at me. He moved his body as though he was adjusting his position. When he stopped, I realized that his shadow happened to be on my side.

I smiled sweetly. He lay prostrate at the bottom of the pool with his hands supporting his cheeks.

“What’s next, Bing? Do we stay away from the eradication war?” He Lei spoke from the side. He seemed to keep his distance from me due to Raffles.

“That’s the Great Ghost King’s responsibility.” My expression turned cold. “He is not a good person. Think about Gru and the rest. The Great Ghost King came down from Silver Moon City. He is just like Cang Yu. To him, no one is human besides himself.”

“His Highness Cang Yu? The Great Ghost King came down from Silver Moon City?!” Raffles turned to look at me in surprise. Harry also seemed equally surprised.

I looked at Harry and enlightened him, “Harry, the Great Ghost King is Su Yang!”

Harry’s mouth was wide open in surprise. The symbiotic flower was quivering in faint golden rays underwater. The thin branches spread across his chest like golden paintbrushes outlining his chest.

“Su Yang? You told me that he is Xing Chuan’s father,” Raffles exclaimed in surprise.

I turned to look at Raffles. Then, I sighed apologetically, “Raffles, let me tell you something that might disappoint you. Cang Yu is actually Hagrid Jones.

Suddenly, Raffles sat up in surprise and gawked. His grayish blue eyes were filled with disappointment and distress.


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