Book 7: Chapter 7 - Luo Bing’s Law

“Everyone’s outside.” Ah Zong let go of me and tidied up my messy long hair. “My Queen definitely has to be the prettiest!”

Carefully he tidied my long hair, smiling sweetly in satisfaction. The corners of his lips lifted, his flirtatious smile hovering at the edge of my vision. “Next time…” He leaned down and pressed his burning lips against my ear, “I will only mess up your hair… in bed…” His lips brushed against my earlobe as he spoke, his sweet voice tickling my heart like a kitten’s claws.

My heart skipped a beat and I quickly looked away. The ear that his lips had rubbed against became hot.

Humph… My Queen, this way.” Ah Zong turned me towards the balcony with his hands on my shoulders.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I would need greater mental stability to be with Ah Zong. Already I could feel the shifting relationship between Ah Zong and I.

When I’d disliked Ah Zong back then, I’d been able to stay calm no matter how close he  came to me or how flirtatious he was

Now, I found it hard to resist. I couldn’t face his infatuated gaze straight on as usual. Maybe that was one of the magical reactions of a developing relationship.

A chemical reaction had happened between the two of us. That was why I’d responded to him. It was a magical yet natural thing, like a law of nature that no one could go against.

With Ah Zong by my side, I walked out to the balcony and stood with my chest out under the blue sky and white clouds. My people in Queen Town were all gathered below. Behind them was a billowing green field. The entire Queen Town was full of vigor, filled with beautiful hope for the future.

They looked up. The moment they saw me, the earlier anxiety, worries and fear were all dispelled by my calm and enthusiastic figure.

They stared at me in surprise, astonishment, worship and admiration.

“They will continue to be charmed by you… and fight for you…” Ah Zong said proudly next to me.

Zi Yi and Xiao Ye stood among them too. Xiao Ye looked up at me in reverence while Zi Yi’s gaze was fixed upon me too. He rarely ignored Ah Zong.

I looked down at them, at my people. Almost all of them were men.

Xiao Ying, Joey and Sia stood by the side with their chest out in arrogance and pride.

On the other side, there was only Angelina among the guys. She looked up at me, ambition glistening in her eyes.

“I’m sorry. Due to personal reasons, I made everyone worry.” I apologized, which startled them into panic.

“Your Highness!” Moto suddenly knelt down. In an instant, everyone knelt down along with him. They cheered, “Your Highness!”

Pelos and the others stood by the side, watching Moto and his men become excited. One after another, they too looked up at me in excitement.

“Everyone, get up!” Xiao Ying shouted with a smile. She then looked up at me. “Sister Bing, they only listen to you. Tell everyone to get up.”

I nodded and smiled. “Everyone, get up. I’m fine now. Don’t worry.”

Everyone got up simultaneously, looking up at me with concerned eyes.

I smiled down at them. “Look, even though I am the North Star, I have my moments of weakness. So, I am just like any of you. I hope that you see me not as a god, but as a family member. We are a family now. I care for all of you, and all of you are concerned for me too. I am deeply moved by how you are worried for me.” I gazed at them gratefully. They blushed faintly, tears glistening in their eyes. A deeper emotion seemed to be brewing at the bottom of their hearts.

“That’s why we have to make Queen Town and the eleven zones our home. Today, I officially announce that Queen Town is independent! We no longer follow the Ghost Eclipsers’ law, Silver Moon City’s law or any other law! We have our own law!”

“Yay! Great!” Everyone cheered, hot with emotions.

I looked at everyone confidently with a smile. “To build our kingdom, we’ll need everyone’s help. We have to unite and rebuild our home, our kingdom!”

“Yes!” They cheered. Then, everyone hugged each other.

I waved my hands and gestured for them to quieten down. I gazed evenly at them. “I’ve come back from Ghost King City with good news. The Great Ghost King has decided to eradicate the man-eaters among the Ghost Eclipsers. From this moment onwards, everyone here is no longer a Ghost Eclisper. Instead, Ghost Eclispers will vanish from this world completely! We are us! We are no longer slaves to anyone. We will no longer be bullied. We will bring this freedom and the seeds all around to the eleven zones, your hometowns!” I raised my hand and pointed at the greenery behind them.

The cheers suddenly stopped. They stared at me blankly in surprise, as though they couldn’t believe their ears, in what they’d just heard.

I was giving them what they needed the most: freedom, and seeds.

From now onwards, on Queen Town’s land, no one would ever be a human pig again. No one would ever be a slave again. And no one would starve ever again!

“Long live the Queen!” Suddenly, someone cried out excitedly.

Everyone instantly threw their arms in the air and shouted too.

“Long live the Queen!”

“Long live the Queen!”

“Long live the Queen!”

If there was no place for me, then I would build myself a kingdom. In this kingdom, everything would go by my own rules!

Everyone’s gaze was shimmering under the sunlight like brilliant stars. Fires were ignited and churning in their eyes. The seed of hope was rooting and sprouting in their hearts!

At night, Raffles and I went to Harry’s pool. He was bidding good night to Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason. He Lei was guarding by the side of the pool. He was watching over Harry for me.

Moonlight shone through the transparent gemstone roof, tinted a faint blue as it poured over the clear pool, coloring the water a similar shade of blue too.

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason stood by the pool. Harry extended his hand, placed it against the transparent wall. Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason smiled gratefully. With a nod, they turned to leave.

Raffles and I stood at the bottom of the pool. I spread the carpet while Ah Zong brought a mattress. Making a bed on the floor, we lay down to watch Harry at the top of the pool.

He had not noticed us yet. He was watching Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason as they left.


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