Book 7: Chapter 6 - You Are Not My Pet

Raffles glanced at Ah Zong. “Ah Zong, hurry up and bring Bing to change her clothes. Everyone must still be confused and feeling uneasy.”

Mm.” Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously and brought me out of the lab. We walked away from the medic capsule that Xing Chuan was enclosed in.

Had Xing Chuan saved Harry or harmed Harry? I didn’t want to think about it anymore.

What made us happy was that we’d finally reunited with Harry! We didn’t have to hide our feelings from Harry anymore. The secret had been so heavy that it’d felt suffocating.

As for Xing Chuan, he would continue to pay the price. He would continue to live in Haggs’ lab. We wouldn’t let him die.

When I was about to reach my room, Xiao Ying, Sia and Joey ran over to me. They asked in surprise, “Is it true?! Ghostie is Harry?!”

Ah Zong nodded with a smile.

“That’s great!” They hugged one another tight and shed tears of joy. “Brother Harry is not dead. That’s great…”

“Captain didn’t die…”

“I really want to share this good news to everyone in Noah City.”

I looked at Xiao Ying and returned my cool and dignified self. “Xiao Ying, gather everyone. I have something important to announce.”

Mm!” Xiao Ying wiped her tears and immediately left with Sia and Joey.

Ah Zong and I entered the room. Ah Zong opened my wardrobe naturally, pouting as he looked over those dresses that had once been Margaery’s. “If I’d only known… I should have picked a few dresses for you in Ghost King City.”

“I don’t want to wear those that Margaery has worn before.” I stripped off my battle uniform that had already dried. Ah Zong’s eyes shot wide open and he hurriedly turned his back to me.

Dressed in my singlet, I glanced over at Ah Zong. “I will take a shower first. Help me to pick an outfit.”

“Mm…” He looked to the side as he replied.

Holding my half-dried long hair, I pressed the button next to the bed. A curtain descended in between the bathing pool near the balcony and the rest of the room. Warm water churned in the pool, filling the air with water vapor.

I walked into the pool and let the warm water engulf my body entirely. As I immersed myself in the clear water, rose petals floated out from the sides. The entire room was instantly filled with a floral fragrance.

*Splash.* I popped up above the water and let out a long sigh. “Ah Zong, is Harry really not going to run away?” I still felt insecure.

Humph…” Ah Zong chuckled lightly. “Don’t worry. He wasn’t just brushing you off. He is not going to run away. He is not leaving you. He loves you. He really, really loves you…” 

I smiled happily. Looking at my rosy cheeks in my reflection, my smile slowly faded. “I love Harry… If he really can’t turn back, I am still willing to… be with him…”

“To do it with a water ghost?” Ah Zong blurted out smilingly.

I instantly blushed. “Ah Zong!”

“It is impossible for a man who loves you to not want you, Your Highness…” He called affectionately. My heart instantly sped up and my face reddened  too.

“Your Highness, I already chose your outfit for you. It doesn’t have Margaery’s scent on it.” He pushed the neatly folded clothes under the curtain.

I stood up in the bathing pool and the water immediately drained off. Then, warm wind blew at me to dry me off. By the time I walked out of the bathing pool, I was already dry. I picked up the clothes that he’d picked. It was a golden long robe, made of good material. It wasn’t heavy but draped in a shapely manner, with a unique sense of handsomeness.  

This long robe was suitable for both men and women. I liked it a lot.

Underneath it was an underskirt and underpants. I blushed in embarrassment but I didn’t find it perverted, because it was Ah Zong who’d brought them for me.

I quickly put them on, then opened the curtains and stood before Ah Zong. Taking a deep breath, I asked anxiously, “How is it? Ah Zong?”

The curtain rose, revealing Ah Zong sitting lazily on the bed with legs crossed as he fiddled with his pink long hair. Hearing my voice, he slowly turned to look at me. His beautiful dreamy eyes fixed upon my face.

My heart began racing and I averted my gaze to the side. I couldn’t look at him calmly.

*Rustle.* He got off the bed and walked flirtatiously over to me. His infatuated gaze didn’t hide at all his affection towards me. “My Queen… you look beautiful…” Slowly he extended his hand and stroked my face, his body moving closer to me until his chest rested against mine.

With a downward glance, he carefully combed his fingers through my hair, brushing his over my earlobe and my neck. “My Queen… I love you… I am willing to die for you…” He leaned in closer to my undulating chest. His burning body temperature felt like it was about to my shirt on fire. 

“I really… want to be… your man pet… My Queen…” His eyes swept downwards and his lips hovered right before mine, his breath burning hot as he spoke in his shivery voice. “My Queen…” Suddenly, he extended his hand and pulled my waist close. Then, he swiftly kissed my lips.

He pressed tightly against my body as though he didn’t want to leave the slightest gap between us. His sweet tongue brushed against my mouth as he passionately sucked my lips. His hand crawled up my back and pulled me closer. He let out a groan as he kissed, “Mm.”

Suddenly, his legs pressed against my legs too. Feeling his burning desire, I immediately shoved his chest. “Ah Zong!”

His charming eyes shot open, his ruby and sapphire irises still glistening with desire. A pang of anxiety crossed his eyes. He quickly moved back and lowered his face in disgust. “What did I do?”

I touched my red swollen lips. I… hadn’t pushed him away.

“Kiss… me…” I said blankly.

“I’m sorry!” He turned to leave.

I went forward to grab him. “Ah Zong! Stay by my side. I need someone by my side. It is my first time being a Queen. I’m nervous.”

Ah Zong was stunned. He stared at me in surprise. “You... don’t you hate me?”

I blushed. “I just reunited with Harry yet I’m doing this… with you…” I looked down in embarrassment, my voice growing softer. “It seems… inappropriate…”

“Bing!” Ah Zong exclaimed in surprise.

“But you are definitely not any man pet. Please don’t belittle yourself, okay?” I looked up at him.

“Bing!” He called again and pounced on me with a hug. “Bing, I love you. I love you. It doesn’t matter if I am a man pet. I am willing to be one. Bing, I love you. I love you.” His long pink hair covered my face. I swept away his sweet-smelling pink hair and chuckled.

Today was a happy day. Now, Harry, Ah Zong and Raffles were all with me.


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