Book 7: Chapter 5 - He Rescued Yet Harmed Him

Lifting his head, Harry removed his helmet. Water flowed down his body, wetting the yellow soil beneath his feet. He looked up and took a deep breath.

Xing Chuan slowly closed his eyes as Harry breathed in pain. Then, he collapsed on the ground behind Lucifer, completely passed out.

At the sound of his fall, Lucifer spun around in surprise. At once, he hastily carried Xing Chuan’s body. “Brother Xing Chuan! Brother Xing Chuan!” Lucifer hugged Xing Chuan sorrowfully. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes. “Sister Luo Bing… Forgive Brother Xing Chuan… he definitely knows he did wrong…”

I turned away in silence. Ah Zong, Raffles and Harry too turned away without a word. Some people and some things couldn’t be forgiven.

“He saved you?!” Sis Ceci stared at Harry’s water ghost appearance in pain. She was shaking with anger. “He turned you into this and you say that he saved you?! Harry! Did you lose your mind?!” Sis Ceci shook Harry.

Harry lowered his head in silence.

“Ceci... give Harry some space.” Uncle Mason held Sis Ceci tightly.

Sis Ceci wailed in tears. “I will not let Xing Chuan off the hook! I will not...”

Sis Ceci’s wail sounded extremely pathetic under the blue sky. Xing Chuan laid on the cold ground with no sign of life. What had happened exactly? 

We brought Xing Chuan back to the medic capsule in Raffles’ lab. Lucifer lay outside the cabin sadly as he watched his Brother Xing Chuan.

Haggs faced Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci calmly. “It’d be beneficial for us to keep him. The clone up there might not have Xing Chuan’s superpower. However, as long as the primary body is with us, there is still hope if we can heal him and make him bring Harry back.”

Uncle Mason nodded continuously. “Alright. Okay.”

Sis Ceci glared at Xing Chuan in the medic capsule, eyes filled with great hatred as she roared, “Look at him. Can he still be healed? Didn’t he say that his superpower was taken away?!”

“Superpowers can’t be taken away completely,” Haggs said coldly. “His current situation of superpower degeneration should be due to the loss of blue crystal cells. He looks like his superpower was taken away but in actual fact, it is still in him. Just that due to his lack of blue crystal cells, he can’t perform his superpower anymore. In simpler terms, he doesn’t have enough energy. Hence, he can’t use his superpower.”

Only Haggs would be able to take control of this kind of situation. Raffles would have stuttered in anxiety. Hence, Raffles had let Haggs take authority of their body. 

Sis Ceci clenched her teeth. Then, she turned and left.

“Mom!” Harry called but Uncle Mason stopped him. “Don’t worry. Your mom has me while you...” Uncle Mason glanced at me and smiled, “....have Lil Bing.”

Harry was stunned. Uncle Mason immediately chased after Sis Ceci.

Ah Zong leaned against the wall by the closed door while He Lei came forward and caught Harry up in a hug. “Harry, my good brother, it’s great that you are not dead!”

Harry came back to reality at He Lei’s words. With a light chuckle, he said, “Just that I came back like this.” Harry’s bitter chuckle made Ah Zong, He Lei and Haggs turn quiet.

He Lei slowly let go of him, his chest undulating with emotion. Seemingly at loss of words, he patted Harry’s arm while his gaze turned solemn. “We will transform you back! No matter what it takes!”

I felt suffocated. “Harry, what did you mean when you said that the b*stard saved you?!”

Harry’s face froze underwater. He knitted his eyebrows and clenched his claws. “Back when I was covered in sulphuric acid, Xing Chuan sent me underwater to dilute the sulphuric acid after the explosion. But I’d never expected him to turn me into a water ghost. A water ghost’s skin can secrete lubrication so I shook off the suit quickly and swam deeper to avoid the explosion. I did survive because of that, but he didn’t turn me back!” Harry clenched his sharp teeth. He turned away from Xing Chuan’s direction. “I don’t want to see him again.”

He Lei patted Harry’s shoulder.

Harry closed his eyes. “I want to be alone for a while.” With a deep breath, he walked to the door. I immediately caught up with him and grabbed his arm. He paused, then sighed, “I won’t run away.”

“I’ll keep him company.” He Lei nodded at me but still I gripped Harry’s arm tightly. 

Ah Zong smiled by the door and looked at me. “Bing, you made everyone worried. I can feel that Moto and the others felt insecure. You should go and comfort them, because you are…” Ah Zong’s gaze turned serious, “a Queen now."

I was slightly stunned. Harry seemed to have gotten reminded too. He turned and held my hand, gazing at me seriously as he exhorted, “Ah Zong is right. Lil Bing, you are the Queen now. The morale of the army and the citizens depend on your support and comfort.”

“Bing, go ahead. Harry has me,” He Lei said. I looked at all three of them - Harry, He Lei and Ah Zong. The gloominess at my heart dissipated at their encouraging smiles. They had already become an indispensable existence in my life.

He Lei patted my shoulder. Then, he turned and left with Harry.

Ah Zong walked before me with a flirtatious smile. “You’d better change your clothes.”

Yeah. My wet clothes had dried in the wind.

“I have something to ask you.” Haggs walked in front of me. His gaze was cold. “Please give me permission to conduct experiments on Xing Chuan. Although he saved Harry.”

“Up to you.” I rolled my eyes at the medic capsule but Lucifer lowered his chin in grievance. He pouted, “Brother Xing Chuan definitely wanted to turn Brother Ghostie back!” Lucifer stubbornly spoke for his Brother Xing Chuan. “Lucifer can feel that Brother Xing Chuan is a good person!”

“Yes, you’ve been on his side since young!” I roared. “Your Brother Xing Chuan is the best. All the rest of us are the bad guys!”

Wuu.” Lucifer held Xing Chuan’s medic capsule and wailed in tears. “Sister Luo Bing is being unreasonable… Wuu…

“Bing, Lucifer is still a child.” Ah Zong held my arm.

“He’s not young anymore. He is turning sixteen tomorrow!” Haggs stared at Lucifer sternly. “If you interrupt me in my research on Xing Chuan, I will conduct experiments on you too. I have always wanted to do that…”

Suddenly, Raffles came out from behind Haggs. He pulled Haggs to the side. “Don’t frighten him! Lucifer is only an innocent child!”

“Brother Raffles is always better!” Lucifer glared at Haggs, his nose red from crying.

Haggs’ face grew glum. He ignored both Raffles and Lucifer.


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