Book 7: Chapter 4 - He Saved Him

“Harry!” Sis Ceci cried, stumbling over to throw her arms around Harry. “Are you thinking of leaving us again? You bad child!” Sis Ceci wailed in tears as she hugged Harry. She hammered Harry’s chest and asked, “Why did you only let your dad know but not me…”

“Sis Ceci, I was the one who told Uncle Mason. He wasn’t ready to tell you yet.” I rested my hand on Sis Ceci’s shoulder.

Sis Ceci stopped hammering Harry, and him tightly in her arms. “Don’t disappear again. My child, don’t disappear again…”

Uncle Mason walked forward and held the two of them. “Harry, toughen up. Don’t run away from us. You are our child after all. No matter what you turn into…” Uncle Mason’s voice choked with sobs, glad that their family could finally reunite.

Harry extended his long arms and hugged Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci back. His huge helmet was buried between them.

Lifting his chin, Harry saw Raffles on the shore. Raffles’ eyes had welled up with tears, then he too ran over and threw his arms around all of us. His head rested against Harry’s helmet with the familiarity of brothers who had grown up together.

I lay in Harry’s arms. Although my feet were soaked in the chilly pond water, my heart felt as warm as spring.

The five of us hugged for very long. No one let go of anyone.

The surface of the pond stilled, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, as well as our reunion.

Finally, we loosened our hold on one another, exchanging glances with a smile. We were a family. We would never let go of anyone, no matter what we turned into.

“Harry, I brought Xing Chuan here.” Suddenly, He Lei appeared on the shore. Ah Zong stood on his other side.

Ah Zong gazed at Harry with worry.

Everyone let go of each other. Sis Ceci wiped her tears away in confusion. “What does this have to do with His Highness Xing Chuan? Why did he become so old out of a sudden?” Sis Ceci measured Xing Chuan up and down with her eyes, still puzzled.

Although Xing Chuan had become old, his facial features were still recognizable.

Harry glared at Xing Chuan coldly without a word.

Xing Chuan stood by the lake and met Harry’s eyes calmly. His vigor-less eyes were deadly still, as though he was just waiting for his death sentence.

“He was the one who turned our son into a water ghost,” Uncle Mason roared, his face terrifyingly gloomy.

“What?! It’s him!” Sis Ceci’s chest immediately heaved up and down in anger. All of a sudden, she withdrew the gun on her waist and took huge strides to the shore.

“Mom!” Harry chased after her hastily.

Sis Ceci raised her gun and aimed straight at Xing Chuan’s head. Harry grabbed her hand and said. “Mom, don’t…” Harry looked away and tried very hard to suppress his anger, “...kill him.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Sis Ceci, we still need him to turn Harry back.” Raffles ran over while I followed next to him. Raffles quickly explained to Sis Ceci, “It was his superpower that turned Harry into a water ghost. Hence, his superpower can turn Harry back too.”

Sis Ceci immediately fixed her eyes on Xing Chuan. “If you can’t turn Harry back, I will kill you!”

“Then, you can kill me now,” Xing Chuan said calmly in his hoarse voice. Every word was monotonous without any expression.

Raffles and Uncle Mason were shocked.

Xing Chuan gazed at Sis Ceci calmly. “Someone consumed my superpower. I can’t… cough… turn Harry back…”

“You!” Sis Ceci immediately raised her gun again.

*Bang!* Without warning, Harry punched Xing Chuan in the face. Xing Chuan fell to the ground at once, blood on the corners of his lips. Everyone stood where they were, watching that appearance of his that seemed to be neither living nor dying.

Ah Zong cocked his head sideways as he watched Xing Chuan in silence. Softly, he said, “He wants to die…” His soft remark resounded in my ear. I lightly closed my eyes; I’d already decided to let Harry have the final say on whether Xing Chuan should die or live. Although I might be able to free myself from hatred if Xing Chuan really died…

“Xing Chuan!” Harry grabbed Xing Chuan by his collar. Xing Chuan broke into a smile, and smirked at Harry. “You really suit the look of a water ghost. Cough, cough, cough…” Xing Chuan’s arrogance lost to his frailty. He began to cough vigorously, and more blood started flowing out from his mouth. “Cough, cough, cough… The moment I think of you… having s*x with Bing… I want to… kill you… Cough, cough, cough…” Even though he was coughing so vigorously, he still forged ahead with those words of his that made everyone want to kill him.

“B*stard!” Harry lifted him off the ground. No one stepped forward to sto[ Harry.

Under the sunlight, Xing Chuan was lifted up high by the collar. Blood was still flowing from the corner of his lip, dripping onto Harry’s sharp claw. Xing Chuan’s face had turned red yet his expression gradually calmed under the sunlight. He would finally receive the relief he sought from Harry’s hand.

Harry seized his neck angrily. Just as his face was turning purple, Harry suddenly flung him onto the ground. Even though his right hand was already trembling with anger, and his eyes averted in pain.

“Harry, I can do it if you can’t,” He Lei said coldly and calmly.

“Even if he can’t, it still won’t be your turn.” Sis Ceci raised her gun coldly.

Yet Harry resolutely pressed Sis Ceci’s gun down again. Sis Ceci shot him an uncomprehending look. “Harry, such a person doesn’t deserve forgiveness!”

“That’s right! Don’t sympathize with him!” Uncle Mason looked at Harry. “Harry, you don’t have to be kind to him! Let us take revenge for you!”

“I think… it’s best for us to keep him for now…” Raffles spoke up.

“Raffles!” Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci roared in unison.

Raffles quickly waved, becoming anxious. “Calm- calm down, will you? I-, I am just worried that the Xing Chuan on Silver Moon City…”

“Raffles, move aside!” Sis Ceci pushed Raffles out of the way. She was so angry that she didn’t want to listen to Raffles’ explanation.

“What are you doing?!” Right then, Lucifer dropped down from above to land in front of Xing Chuan. Xing Chuan lifted his chin at the sight of Lucifer, who had become huge.

“I don’t want you to bully Brother Xing Chuan!” Lucifer roared at Sis Ceci.

To Lucifer, Xing Chuan was his father figure. He had no idea what Xing Chuan had done. Hence, he still held the same feelings towards Xing Chuan from his childhood. He relied on Xing Chuan.

Glancing at me, Lucifer slowly shrunk. There were tears glistening in his eyes. “Sister Luo Bing, can’t you talk to Brother Xing Chuan nicely? Maybe it is actually a misunderstanding.” Lucifer stomped his feet on the ground anxiously. Xing Chuan stared at him from behind in surprise, seeming to recognize him. “Lucifer…” he muttered softly, so soft that Lucifer didn’t hear him. 

“Lucifer, move away!” Sis Ceci roared.

“That’s enough!” Suddenly, Harry roared and everyone looked at him. He averted his gaze and clenched his fists. He muttered, “He saved me…”

His words shocked all of us.


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