Book 2: Chapter 14 - Xue Gie’s Superpower

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The flying corpses swooped down from the dark sky like evil angels. Sis Cannon instantly tore open her collar, while Xue Gie suddenly waved her arms before Sis Cannon in a dancing motion. Pointing to the sky with her right index finger, she pronounced in a low voice with her face hung low, “Rainstorm! Please give me strength!”

I stood at the city gate dumbfounded. Would, would this be…?!

After that declaration, Xue Gie remained standing in her original spot without moving an inch, like a robot that had run out of battery. I could not see any signs of her superpower at work, whatever it was.

Normally, those who would stand on the frontlines would be the strongest warriors in the team. As Sis Ceci had sent Xue Gie and Sis Cannon to the front, Xue Gie’s superpower shouldn’t be any weaker than Sis Cannon’s. Although I had never seen her use her superpower before, maybe Xue Gie just needed more time to activate her superpower.

Next to her, Sis Cannon had already pushed her chest out and started shooting her glaring light cannon, igniting the war against the flying corpse with her first shot!

Sis Cannon’s light cannon pierced through the black sky like a ray of light tearing the darkness apart. Her shot reduced the world to pitch silence again, terrifying the flying corpses. Appearing to be extremely sensitive to light, the flying corpses quickly shielded their white eyes with their arms, stumbling when they landed as they tried to regain their balance.

Just then, Williams and Khai charged out and hemmed in the flying corpses from both sides.

Khai’s muscles bulged as he charged at the flying corpses, hitting those who had been shocked by Sis Cannon’s attack. The impact of his hits sent the flying corpses soaring backwards into the darkness. I was surprised - Khai was actually so powerful! Sure enough, just hearing about it was completely different from seeing it in person!

Khai was just like a powerful hammer, punching the flying corpses that had landed on the ground. They were all much bigger than Khai, yet he knocked them away with ease. 

Williams charged over from the other side, shooting out light rays from his guns as he ran. However, every shot only glanced past the flying corpses. It looked more like he was trying to chase them away, rather than having any real intention to hurt them.

The flying corpses dodged the light rays. As Williams shot continuously, the corpses’ formation became messy.

I grabbed Harry by the arm. “Maybe they came for Second Sis. We can’t start a war with them!”

Harry continued to watch the fight solemnly, “There’s also the possibility that they didn’t. We can’t risk it.” There was an unusual steadiness about him. He turned to look at me. “We are only trying to chase them away. The flying corpses are smart, they should know to retreat once they see how powerful our guards are. We won’t hurt them. If we kill any one of them, they would return every year to destroy our facilities in revenge,” Harry explained, then sighed. “Sigh. Now, do you understand why we say that flying corpses are hard to deal with?” Shaking his head, he shrugged helplessly. “I hope that Xue Gie can make them go away.”

The wind became stronger, pulling at our scarves and blowing the drizzle in our faces. The pungent acidic smell became even stronger, as though a bottle of sulfur had been poured on my face.

On the horizon beyond the flock of flying corpses, we could see dark clouds billowing towards us with rainstorms in tow, forming a giant curtain of rain that followed the flying corpses’ advance. It made for a magnificent view. Faint hints of purple flashed among the red lightning. The raindrops resembled crimson beads falling from the sky.

*Rumble!* As the thunder rumbled, the curtain of rain fell over our bodies. We were drenched in an instant, but still the flying corpses showed no sign of retreat.

The first attack had failed yet they refused to accept defeat. They didn’t attack again, and likewise Williams and the others ceased their attacks. Both sides were locked in a stalemate in the heavy rain. The flying corpses’ angry howls filled the air.

*Howl.* Suddenly, the flying corpses in the rear threw up another howl. At that signal, the howling corpses charged towards us again. This time, the first three rows of flying corpses came at us all at once, swarming us with their numbers! They roared like giants in the purple lightning.

*Spark!* The purple lightning suddenly struck the ground in a shower of sparks. I was stunned. Although the rain had made my vision blurry, the spark in the dark struck fear in me.

“Rainstorm is beginning! Everyone, be careful!” Uncle Mason shouted from below.

*Hong!* Another bolt of lightning struck down from above, and the flying corpses instantly dodged. Despite the extreme weather, they didn’t flag in their attacks. 

“This flock of flying corpses seems different!” Sis Ceci’s eyebrows tightly knitted while Uncle Mason’s expression became heavy. He turned to look at me, “Luo Bing, what do you think?”

I looked at Mason as lightning flashed. “I think they should be here for Second Sis! If we can talk to them nicely, they might stop the attack!”

“Sis Ceci! I am running out of energy!” Sis Cannon suddenly said. Everyone instantly looked at her in alarm. What? Sis Cannon’s superpower is limited?!

The flying corpses were charging at us again, moving swiftly without fear through the bolts of lightning!

Sis Ceci’s expression grew even graver. She turned towards me. “Luo Bing, we can’t talk to the flying corpses in this situation. We can only chase them away for now; they wouldn’t communicate with us humans. There’s no use shouting at them!”

I furrowed my eyebrows. The flying corpses are not human after all, it’s useless to shout at them. Plus, they are obviously filled with murderous intentions now.

“Unless,” Harry rubbed his chin and looked at me as he said, “we go and see the flying corpses’ King.” He pointed at the far end of the flying corpses flock, the place shielded by those huge wings.

I looked over in shock. The wings looked like a huge tent under the night sky. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck and hit that huge fortress. Sparks flew and purple lightning flashed along the dome-shaped tent formed by the wings, as if it were a natural electric fence. The sparks then slowly dispersed, leaving the flying corpses’ wings completely undamaged! 

“Sis Ceci! They are launching another attack!” Joey shouted anxiously!

Sis Ceci spun around and shouted, “Xue Gie!”

Xue Gie, who hadn’t moved an inch, finally budged. Slowly, she retracted her pointing hand and suddenly swung out. Cold air soared from her body and froze the raindrops mid-air, as though she had paused time itself!

However, time didn’t stop because the raindrops were still falling albeit slowly. The droplets before me were covered in frost. I plucked one from the air; it had already frosted into a rain bead the moment I held it!

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