Book 7: Chapter 2 - Afraid That My Hope Shatters

He turned and glared at Xing Chuan furiously. “Do you really love Bing?! You know that Bing is in great pain because she can’t free herself from her hatred towards you but you want her to kill you and let the demons remain in her?! Xing Chuan, how can you be so selfish!?”

Xing Chuan was instantly stunned. He couldn’t even stand straight.

He Lei grabbed his arm and glared at him coldly. “You are not qualified to love her! Nor are you qualified to die in her hands! Go!”  He Lei dragged him and walked past before me so that he could disappear before me sooner.

“Bing…” Ah Zong placed his hand on my shoulder. “Let us kill him for you. You won’t be happy with him alive. On the contrary, you will be in greater pain.”

Yeah. Every time I saw Xing Chuan, every time I saw him before me, the memory of him turning Harry into a water ghost would surge up from the bottom of my heart. It would uncontrollably swallow up my consciousness and put me in great misery.

Ah Zong touched my arm and held my shoulder. “We shall let Harry decide.”

I nodded. Harry can decide.

Ice Dragon slowly came to a stop. Ah Zong kept me company as we walked to the hatch.

He Lei held Xing Chuan firmly so that he couldn’t move away from He Lei.

Xing Chuan stood next to He Lei without moving an inch, as though he was a shell that had lost his soul. He was like a puppet that people could move around as they wished.

The hatch opened before us and everyone cheered.



All at once, the cheers stopped once I appeared behind the hatch. Everyone was surprised when they saw me. Fat-Two, Moto, Silver Snake and everyone else who hadn’t known I was a girl stood dumbfounded before Raffles and the others.

Sis Ceci held the white cocoon in her hands as she stared at me in surprise. Xiao Ying smiled widely.

Raffles and Ghostie were stunned on the spot too.

Lucifer, Little Har and the other lucid birds were excited. They hopped in excitement on the spot.

Pelos, Joey and the others were gawking at the sight.

“Mom… Mommy…” Little Carl was the first to run out from the crowd welcoming my return. His two long braids looked like rabbit’s ears swaying in the air. Happily he pounced at me. “Mommy! Mommy is so pretty!” I stumbled back from the impact. He hugged me happily then he turned to look at Raffles. “Daddy! Mommy is not daddy anymore!”

I stroked Little Carl’s ears gently. I had been fighting for a long time, and it had been a while since I had seen him.

“Sis Bing!” Lucifer ran over happily and hugged me with Little Carl. “You are finally a sister and not a brother. I was so not used to it!” Lucifer puffed up his cheeks and emphasized on how uncomfortable he’d felt when I had been a man.

I glanced at Raffles, Sis Ceci, Xiao Ying, Uncle Mason and the others. Sis Ceci revealed a grateful smile.

“Welcoming our Queen!” Xiao Ying jumped and looked around at everyone happily. She glanced at Moto and the other young men who hadn’t known I was a girl. “Back then, Sis Bing was worried that you all would be repulsed by a woman. Hence, she disguised herself as a man."

Moto and the other young men were completely dumbfounded.

Suddenly, a row of fresh flowers bloomed on both sides of the field. 

Gru carried a bouquet of flowers and came up to me. He raised the bouquet before me. “Your Highness, welcome home!”

Accepting the flowers from Gru, I looked at everyone who slowly came back to reality and those who were still surprised at the fact that I was a girl.

Raffles and Ghostie walked towards me. Raffles extended his hand and helped me down from Ice Dragon. He gazed at me affectionately. “No matter if you want to be a King or a Queen, we will support you!”

“A Queen is cooler!” Ghostie crossed his arms and smiled behind his mask. Seeing his smile, I felt my heart shatter. If it hadn’t been for Xing Chuan, Harry wouldn’t have turned into a water ghost! If it hadn’t been for Xing Chuan, he wouldn’t have needed to wear his diving suit the entire day! If it hadn’t been for Xing Chuan, he wouldn’t have needed to rely on a piece of equipment to speak!

The look on my face confused Ghostie. My sorrowful face was reflected on his mask. My tears finally flowed out.

The entire square became quiet because of me.

“Lil Bing, what’s wrong?” Raffles held my hand. “What happened?”

Ah Zong walked up next to me. He glanced at Raffles then he looked at Moto and everyone else. “Moto, Gru, Pelos, bring everyone back for now.”

Gru and Moto didn’t ask, and only led everyone away from the square in silence.

Gru, Joey and the rest watched  us curiously. Xiao Ying turned to look at me with worry, before she turned to wave at Gru and the others and beckoned them to leave.

When Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci were about to leave, Ah Zong called them, “Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, hold on.”

Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci and Xiao Ying seemed to have felt something. All of them looked solemn.

Little Har and the other lucid birds watched as everyone else left. They shook their heads curiously.

Lucifer and Little Carl let go of me and stood by the side confusedly. They became quiet too.

“Lil Bing, what happened?” Sis Ceci asked gently.

“I’m sorry…” I lowered my chin as my heart ached, gripping the bouquet in my hand tightly. I felt sorry towards Harry as well as towards Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci. I’d thought I would be able to save Harry as soon as I found Xing Chuan. But fate had played a joke on us. It was still unknown whether the Xing Chuan on Silver Moon City could even turn Harry back.

Because in the experiments that Raffles had conducted to create metahumans, it wasn’t difficult to clone a person. However, it was extremely difficult to clone a person along with his superpower.

That was why I was afraid…

Hope had been right before my eyes but now it was suddenly so far away.

Once, I hadn’t known what had happened to Harry. Then, Raffles had given me hope that Harry might have been transformed by Xing Chuan and he could possibly be transformed back.

However, when I had finally found Xing Chuan, he had already lost his power and his life-force was diminishing everyday.

Now, the Xing Chuan on Silver Moon City gave me hope once again. It was my final hope then. Hence, I became afraid…

I pounced at Ghostie and leaned on his chilly diving suit-clad chest. “I’m sorry…”

“Hey, hey, hey. What’s wrong? Don’t scare me!” Ghostie panicked and quickly pulled my off his chest.

“Lil Bing, what’s going on?” Raffles became anxious too.

Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, Xiao Ying and everyone else too were confused and anxious.

“Mommy… Don’t cry… Little Carl is very worried…” Little Carl was so anxious that he looked like he was about to cry too.

“Sis Bing, what’s wrong?! Who bullied you? Lucifer will tear him apart!” Lucifer roared furiously.

“It’s because she found me.” Suddenly, Xing Chuan’s elderly voice resounded from the spaceship. Ghostie, Raffles and everyone else looked into the spaceship.


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