Book 6: Chapter 133 - Brought Star Home

Their family was really merciless and brutal.

Xing Chuan had turned my lover into a water ghost.

Su Yang had handed his son to me for the sake of being able to continue working together with me.

But the worst one was Cang Yu, without a doubt. Or should I say, Hagrid Jones. He had raised Xing Chuan personally. Although Xing Chuan had been a replacement for his real great-grandson on Hagrid Island, he had been a human after all!

Xing Chuan had had parents, who were Su Yang and Yu Xi. Hence, he had been a real person. The only difference was that he’d probably been genetically modified so that his appearance would look the same as the Xing Chuan on Hagrid Island.

Yet Hagrid Jones had abandoned Xing Chuan the moment he[‘d felt like it. Although I felt that Xing Chuan deserved it, I also felt that Hagrid Jones had lost his humanity completely. He was even more like the Ghost Eclipsers than the real Ghost Eclipsers on land.

*Pitter-patter.* The Queen ran down the corridor, with the Great Ghost King following closely behind.

“Meteor! Meteor!” The Queen called Xing Chuan’s name as she ran up to me. Sparing me only a fleeting glance, she immediately ran past me into the room.

The Great Ghost King stopped in his steps to stand stiffly, Feng You and Flurry behind him. He took a glance at me before he looked away, a flash of agony in his eyes.

He definitely didn’t want the Queen to know of his other self, the other self who was merciless and brutal. It was the side of him that the Queen would have least wanted to see.

Flurry ran over hastily and looked at Dian Yin. “What happened? Is everything okay?”

Dian Yin could only return him a confused look. “It’s fine. Ice Fire Queen and the Prince are done talking. Nothing happened.” Dian Yin glanced at the ghost doctor and the ghost doctor got into a fluster. Both of them exchanged meaningful looks, the doctor’s eyes showing his skepticism towards whether Dian Yin really had no idea if something bad had happened to the Prince or not.

Dian Yin became nervous too, his gaze towards Flurry subtly revealing some guilt.

The Great Ghost King’s chest began to heave up and down, his chin lifting as his Adam’s apple bobbed, as if he was in great pain and misery.

“Meteor…” The room was filled with the Queen’s sorrowful voice. “What happened… What happened between you and Bing….”

It seemed that their spy on Silver Moon City had hardly contacted them. Plus, the rumors between Xing Chuan and I probably hadn’t been considered as important intelligence that warranted bearing the risk of contacting the Great Ghost King.

After all, Xing Chuan could have easily become infatuated with a different person in the very next moment. 

I turned and glanced into the room. Xing Chuan had already put on his mask and only stood there in dead silence.

The Queen turned to look at me. Tears flowed down past her mask, “Bing, can you forgive Meteor? He has already paid a great price,” she choked with sobs. My heart ached when I saw her painful tears. I’m sorry, Your Highness. I can’t be soft-hearted towards Xing Chuan just because of your kindness.

I faced the Queen calmly. “I have to bring him with me. I’m sorry, Your Highness…”

The Queen was surprised while Xing Chuan didn’t move an inch.

I didn’t glance at Xing Chuan; instead, I turned to the Great Ghost King. “I’m bringing the Prince with me. The attack against Silver Moon City will happen as planned. I will be the one choosing the special force. We don’t need too many people for our plan. You are in charge of eradicating the Ghost Eclipsers and showing the Aurora Legion your sincerity!”

The Great Ghost King didn’t reply nor did he nod. Standing by the side of the corridor, he only let out a heavy sigh.

Right now, he was already in no position to speak, or to approve or forbid whatever I wanted to do.

I took a few steps forward. Then, I stood at the corridor and looked into the room. “Meteor, let’s go.”

Ah Zong and He Lei turned to look into the room and waited for Xing Chuan to catch up with us.

Dian Yin and the ghost doctor looked confused. Everyone had no idea what was going on.

Flurry lost his elegance completely. He gazed at us anxiously.

Feng You raised her eyebrows and watched us confusedly, scratching her head with the gun nozzle. It seemed like she didn’t understand why I was taking the ghost prince with me.

“My child! My child!” The Queen called hastily. Xing Chuan took one step after another into my field of vision. The Queen clung to his arm. He coughed a little before he removed the Queen’s grip. He glanced at Flurry who stood by the door. “Pull the Queen away. Cough…

Flurry hesitated for a while, before he finally went forward to block the Queen.

Xing Chuan took fragile steps towards me. He staggered and his body swayed weakly. However, Ah Zong and He Lei didn’t help him and only let him walk towards me on his own.

“Meteor!” The Queen shouted. “Don’t leave, Meteor! Bing!” The Queen struggled in Flurry’s grip as she shouted at me, “Forgive Meteor! I can replace him!”

“What right do you have to replace me?!” Xing Chuan suddenly swiveled back and roared at the Queen!

The Queen was dumbfounded on the spot.

Xing Chuan stared at her. “You abandoned me when I was three…”

The Queen was stunned. She gazed at Xing Chuan regretfully and sorrowfully.

“What rights do you have… to mind my business? Cough, cough, cough…” Xing Chuan turned back. He seemed to be using the last of his strength to take huge strides forward. Suddenly, he stumbled and lurched forward.

“Your Highness!” Flurry quickly let go of the Queen and stepped towards Xing Chuan.

With a flash of lightning, Dian Yin was already holding Xing Chuan by his side.

“I’ll do it.” Flurry carefully took over Xing Chuan’s frail body from Dian Yin. He looked at me and pleaded gently, “Please let me follow His Highness.”

“Go away!” Xing Chuan shoved Flurry away. His gaze behind his mask was cold. “Don’t touch me!” Xing Chuan muttered coldly in disdain. Stunned, Flurry stumbled backward.

*Humph.* That’s the real Xing Chuan.

Flurry is so strange. What kind of taste does he have to actually fancy the current Xing Chuan?

“I’ll do it,” He Lei said glumly and held Xing Chuan up.

Seeing the Queen who stood in the room, Ah Zong found her pitiful. He glanced at me with a complicated expression, before he sighed helplessly and knitted his brows, as though he’d just made a difficult decision. Finally he looked at me. “Can I talk to the Queen?”

I didn’t agree nor did I stop him because I didn’t want to speak before this family again. But I knew that Ah Zong was a pure person. He could truly feel people’s emotions. And I couldn’t bear to hurt a kind mother.

Seeing me keep quiet, Ah Zong looked to the Queen. “Your Highness, the Prince might be able to stay alive if he comes with our Queen.”

The Queen slowly lifted her chin and met Ah Zong’s eyes. Ah Zong smiled at her and she looked surprised. “Bing and Meteor… they…”

“Please don’t ask. You will find out in the future.” Ah Zong turned and nodded at me.

I didn’t bother taking another look at Xing Chuan, and instead walked forward.

When I walked past the Great Ghost King, he looked at me. “Please don’t hurt him. He already…” the Great Ghost King choked, “doesn’t have too long to live.”

Humph.” I heard Xing Chuan’s cold chuckle before I could reply. “I never thought that my current self…” his voice was hoarse and weak, “would still be useful to you…”

“My child, I didn’t!” The Great Ghost King choked.

I turned to look at Xing Chuan coldly. “You misunderstood your father. Because I know who he is too.”

Xing Chuan looked up in surprise.

I turned and walked forward. He Lei held Xing Chuan and followed behind Ah Zong and I.

Now, let us bring this falling star back to Queen Town and let him atone for his sins by my side!


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