Book 6: Chapter 132 - Rather Dead Than Alive

The room was deadly silent. Xing Chuan closed his eyes before my gun nozzle. His age-word features looked as calm as a ghost that was unafraid to die a second time.

My hand was trembling. Rage boiled over in my heart. I really wanted to kill him. I really, really wanted to kill him!

This was my first time feeling like I truly wanted to kill someone, unlike when I had killed enemies during war.

But I couldn’t, because his d*mn face told me that he actually wanted to die. He wanted death far more than I wanted to kill him! That could only mean that living was the real root of his pain. He’d rather die than be alive!

He wanted to use my hand to put an end to his broken life and receive a satisfactory final ending. He wanted to die in my hands. To him, it was simply happiness for him to be able to die in my hands. 

That’s why, I wouldn’t let him have his way. I wanted him to continue to live a life worse than death.

“Do you think I have no idea that you want to use my hand to end your shitty life?!” I glared at his deathly still face. “I’m telling you. Live on like a dead dog! I am more than delighted to see you live like you’d rather die than stay alive!” Putting my gun away, I took a deep breath to suppress all my anger, hatred, and disgust towards Xing Chuan, as well as the pain of being unable to reunite with Harry.

“You are so brutal…” He said weakly behind me.

He said that I am brutal?! Ha!

I clenched my fists as pain spread across my chest. I smirked coldly. “Because you are a great teacher, Xing Chuan. I learned how to be merciless and brutal from you…”

Heh… I see… I taught you that… Cough… Bring me to see Harry…” He staggered to his feet. “I’d like to apologize… to him… before I die…”

I closed my eyes. My chest hurt so much that I could barely breathe. I tried hard to calm myself down. “Fine.” I could barely force out a reply to him. I felt like I had a fishbone stuck in my throat, causing me indescribable pain.

Yes, he should see Harry. He had to see Harry!

I took huge strides to the door and flung it open. I didn’t want to spend another moment with him or breathe in the same air as him.

He Lei and Ah Zong who were at the door looked to me in unison. He Lei watched me with both shock and worry, while Ah Zong gazed at me sadly.

Dian Yin and the ghost doctor leaned against the opposite wall. Both looked confused, as though they’d lost their direction in the woods.

Ah Zong gazed at me with an aching heart. He held my hand, letting the heat in his hand spread to mine. “Bing…”

He Lei looked into the room with confused eyes and furrowed brows. He didn’t seem to understand why Xing Chuan would appear here at this time. Too many questions flooded his eyes, more than he was able to seek out answers for at this time. However, he was still much calmer than I was. He’d accepted the shocking truths rather calmly because he still didn’t know that Ghostie was Harry.

The ghost doctor and Dian Yin continued to stand across from us without saying anything. It seemed that they didn’t understand the situation, yet at the same time they didn’t dare to make any comment. Hence, they could only stand there looking awkward.

Having calmed myself down, I looked at the ghost doctor. “How is your Prince doing exactly? What kind of sickness does he have?” Although Xing Chuan used to have issues in his head, this time was evidently more than whatever was going on in his mind.

At my question, the ghost doctor’s brows knitted. “Not too good. His vitality seems to be fading away. He grows older each day and the speed of degeneration is five times faster than ordinary people. Our healers… can’t stop him from aging either…” Unable to continue, the ghost doctor only lowered his face in guilt, helpless at his own uselessness.

With a sigh, he explained, “On top of that, the Prince refuses to receive treatment. Our healers can at least prevent his organs from failing from old age. So that, in his final days, he can…” the ghost doctor’s voice became softer and gloomier, “be in less pain… But he… refused. So now… we can’t do much…”

Xing Chuan was waiting for death. Refusing treatment was clearly his way of waiting for death.

His vitality fading continuously was definitely related to the old monster.

The old monster had consumed his vitality and taken away his superpower. Hence he was constantly aging and slowly dying. At the same time, he no longer had the ability to turn Ghostie back into a human…

Not only had the old monster cut off Xing Chuan’s life, he’d also cut off Harry’s hope of turning into a human and everyone else’s hope!

I glanced at He Lei. “He Lei, are you sure that Xing Chuan is on Silver Moon City?” I’d asked He Lei again because this question was extremely important to Harry, Raffles, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason and me!

Now, He Lei’s expression turned uncertain. Glancing into the room, he turned back to look at me with his eyebrows tightly knitted, evidently finding it hard to answer me.

“I… haven’t seen Xing Chuan ever since that time. I only heard reports from the west. Xing Chuan has always been recruiting more soldiers for Silver Moon City and looking for powerful metahumans.” His gaze was firm. He was certain of the information, although now he wasn’t sure if it had been Xing Chuan who’d recruited new soldiers because he had just seen the aged Xing Chuan here.

“Of course Xing Chuan is in Silver Moon City.” Dian Yin glanced at me suspiciously, his expression clearly saying that it was the only place Xing Chuan could be. “Ice Fire Queen, why do you keep asking that question today? Xing Chuan has been training his army for almost two years. He has been making preparations to launch an attack against us. I reckon they will launch an attack against us real soon. By then, you will see the high and mighty His Highness Xing Chuan.” 

He Lei became even more confused as Dian Yin spoke.

Ah Zong knitted his eyebrows and glanced suspiciously at Xing Chuan in the room.

I nodded. Alright. There was hope. It meant that the old monster had made another Xing Chuan.

Silver Moon City had lost the North Star and the army’s morale had taken a great hit. Before, Cang Yu had been so angry when I’d left Silver Moon City that he’d thrown Xing Chuan off.

Back then, Cang Yu had wanted me to reconcile with Xing Chuan because Silver Moon City couldn’t live without the North Star or Xing Chuan.

After that, the relationship between Xing Chuan and I had gotten better.

Later, I had left Silver Moon City for real but Cang Yu could hardly punish Xing Chuan again. That would have been a massive blow to the soldiers on Silver Moon City. The one they worshipped and admired was Xing Chuan, not Cang Yu. Not to mention the knight group that was only loyal to Xing Chuan.

If Cang Yu had punished Xing Chuan before everyone, the soldiers on Silver Moon City would have rebelled against him.

Hence, Cang Yu wouldn’t have done that. What he’d needed was merely a new Xing Chuan, a Xing Chuan who would obey his instructions unquestioningly.

Instead of the Xing Chuan 2.0 who had constantly ruined his plans and rebelled against him.

Hence, Xing Chuan 3.0 had come to life. I hoped that he was a complete clone of Xing Chuan 2.0. Then, he would share Xing Chuan 2.0’s superpower to turn Ghostie into a human again.

Xing Chuan 3.0 was my hope. I had to catch him alive and turn Harry back!


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