Book 6: Chapter 131 - Xing Chuan Is Old

Xing Chuan’s life was a tragedy. It was like a cup full of cracks.

After he’d been abandoned by his parents, his beloved family member Elena had been consumed by his grandpa when he was young and immature. Not to mention his relationship with me. ALl I felt for him was hate instead of the love he craved.

Dian Yin led us down the winding corridor. Somehow, the windows by the side had disappeared. Rooms lined the corridor on both sides. He stopped before one and opened the door, asking, “Ghost doctor, is the Prince still here?”

“Yes. Why?” I barged in right after hearing the reply. It was a suite room. A bald man in a long gray robe stood in the middle of the room. On the daybed lay Meteor, who was sleeping soundly.

The ghost doctor smiled when he saw me. “You are Ice Fire Queen!”

“Get out!” I muttered.

The ghost doctor immediately looked at Dian Yin blankly. 

Dian Yin sent him an eye signal.

“Please excuse yourself. Our Queen would like to speak with the Ghost Prince alone.” He Lei and Ah Zong stood on each side of the door and said glumly.

Ah Zong fiddled with his pink hair flirtatiously, instantly catching the ghost doctor’s attention. He smiled profusely, “Yes, yes.” The ghost doctor quickly walked past me.

He Lei pushed Dian Yin out into the corridor, and Ah Zong shut the door.

I watched the person sleeping soundly on the daybed. The white hair hanging down from the daybed looked withered and dull.

I took step after step towards him. I was surprised at how calm I was. There was no anger, no intention to kill him, nothing at all. I was like a broken doll. Like I was only coldly watching another person’s miserable life.

The love and hate between us had finally come to an end.

I extended my hand towards the mask that covered his face. I was almost touching his mask.

*Pak!* Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist. The pair of eyes behind the mask suddenly opened. At that very moment, I saw Xing Chuan’s sharp gaze. Yet in the second he saw me, his gaze turned dull and blank.

The original Xing Chuan was still in his body but it had been sealed by his current self.

I glared at him coldly. He slowly sat up while still holding onto my wrist. He then looked down, letting his long white hair slide past his face and block his mask, his face and his pair of eyes behind the mask.

Slowly, he let go of my hand and tried to support himself up against the armrest of the daybed. Finally, he stood up weakly like a withered leaf.

Staggering to his feet, he dragged himself past me. His cough turned him into a stooping old man, unable to straighten his back.

When he walked past me, I fixed my eyes in front of me and said, “Does Meteor mean falling star…”

He paused and looked to the side.

“What did you do to Harry?”

He was suddenly stunned. Quickly he turned back to look in front. “Did you mistake me for someone else?” he asked with a hoarse voice. His voice sounded like someone had cut his vocal cord and he couldn’t speak properly.

I was stunned. What happened to Xing Chuan’s voice?

But it wasn’t enough to confuse my judgment. I knew that he was Xing Chuan!

“How can I possibly mistake you as someone else?!” I turned and stopped him from running away. His chest was heaving up and down but he still didn’t turn to look at me.

I looked at him funnily. “In the past, you always stopped me from running away from you. Why are you running away from me now?” 

Cough, cough, cough. You! What are you doing?! Cough, cough, cough. I, I don’t understand… Cough, cough, cough.” He coughed vigorously again.

Releasing him, I went to stand in front of him. He averted his eyes and continued to cough. I watched him with sympathy. “You are really Su Yang’s child after all. When I recognized him as Su Yang, he said the same thing as you did.”

He immediately stared at me in surprise. I chuckled lightly as I met his eyes. “Xing Chuan, we finally meet!” I lifted my hand and tore away his mask. His white hair instantly fell, and he stood in front of me blankly. When I saw his face, I was stunned…

He was still him but he looked ten times older!

He looked like a middle-aged man in his fifties. Wrinkles framed the corners of his eyes. His face was dull and dehydrated, as well as sickly pale.

I couldn’t believe that Xing Chuan had turned into an old man!

Coming back to reality, he quickly grabbed the mask from my hand to put it on again. Although he’d flustered for a split second, he’d regained his calm. He coughed gently and stood in front of me.

“I said… you got the wrong person…” he said hoarsely and weakly as he coughed.

Heh…” I laughed. I burst out in laughter yet I felt bitter in my heart. “The once arrogant and proud Xing Chuan, who was admired by so many girls yet looked at them in disdain, ended up like this. Hahaha… Your mother is right. You paid the price…”

He looked away, becoming quiet.

“I wanted to go to Silver Moon City to kill you but looking at you right now, I think there’s no need to anymore. I only want you to tell me what you did to Harry back then. Then, I will let you go.” I looked up coldly and glared at him.

He remained silent.

“Tell me! What did you do to Harry?!”

“You mistook…”

I grabbed him by his collar and stared into his eyes. “You turned Harry into a water ghost!”

His gaze instantly froze behind his mask as he stared at me.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I glared at him furiously. “You turned Harry into a water ghost! He’d rather be dead than alive now! You only remained alive up till now because fate wants you to turn Harry back! You are a b*stard!” I shoved him harshly. 

With a stumble, he fell onto the ground. He was extremely frail now.

He fell and sat on the ground. Then, he looked at the ground blankly.

Heh.” Unexpectedly, he chuckled and slowly removed his mask. Covering his face with his hand, he said, “Hehehe… That’s right… I am Xing Chuan… I was jealous that you love Harry and I turned him into a water ghost… That’s right! I wanted him to feel that dying is better than being alive! I wanted to make it impossible for you to be together! Kill me!” He suddenly looked up at me and roared. His bright black eyes were filled with hopeless despair!

I instantly drew my gun and aimed ot at his face!

“You thought I would be able to save Harry if you found me…” He chuckled. “But it’s too late… Hahaha… You came too late… Don’t you see how I look now? The old monster consumed my life force and took my superpower. Your Harry will never return. Did you hear me? Your Harry will never return!”

“Shut up.” I took another step forward and pushed the nozzle in between his eyebrows. My intense anger made my hand shiver, and I felt cold all over.


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