Book 6: Chapter 130 - Xing Chuan, It’s You

“What Su Yang?!” The Great Ghost King asked in reply with a tinge of anger.

I stared at his mask glumly. “Xing Chuan’s father, Su Yang! Xing Chuan’s mother, Yu Xi! No wonder I found the two of you familiar, as though I have seen you somewhere before.”

“Impossible! It is impossible that you have seen Xing Chuan’s parents before! Their information was completely deleted!” The Great Ghost King stood up. He slammed the table. “I don’t know who you are talking about! My wife and I are not from Silver Moon City!”

Humph. Are you afraid that the Ghost Eclipsers will no longer listen to your commands?” I chuckled lightly as I eyed him. I glanced at Gehenna, who was peeping out from behind the chair. “In the end, the Ghost Eclipsers became Silver Moon City and Silver Moon City became the Ghost Eclipsers. It turns out that the Aurora Legion is the only honest one! Ha!” I pointed at He Lei while He Lei looked away in disdain. He wore a scornful look.

“Your father!” I pointed at Su Yang. “Made the Ghost Eclipsers and the Aurora Legion fight each other. And you, you use the Ghost Eclipsers to take revenge on your father! Your entire family is playing chess, huh?! In the end, everyone in this world is fighting with their lives on behalf of your family!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” The Great Ghost King lost his cool and roared at me, “The war is coming. You should know what kind of outcome you would cause with such rumors! Don’t you want to attack Silver Moon City?!”

“Do you know of Hagrid Island?” I smirked coldly at him and asked with an extremely cold voice.

“Hagrid Island?” He looked at me curiously.

Humph. It seems like you don’t know everything. But thank you for telling me the truth…” I chuckled lightly. “I finally found Hagrid Jones. I can finally complete the mission a woman on Hagrid Island entrusted me with. For the Queen’s sake, I won’t expose you. Gehenna is my man. Don’t worry, he won’t…” I paused, a sudden buzz in my head. “If you are Su Yang and she is Yu Xi, then your son is!”

Xing Chuan!

Suddenly, the Great Ghost King froze, dumbfounded. He stared at me anxiously.

I turned and ran out of the meeting room. It is him!

My gut feeling is never wrong! It is him!

I slammed the door open, frightening Dian Ying and Feng You who were standing outside. I seized Dian Yin and asked, “Where is your Prince? Where is the ghost doctor?! Hurry up and bring me to him!”

Shocked, Dian Yin immediately spread his hands. “Oh. You look like you are going to kill him, I won’t bring you.”

“Dian Yin! Stop her!” The Great Ghost King ran out.

Dian Yin and Feng You were instantly dumbfounded.

Gehenna and his men hid behind the door as they watched the drama unfold.

Ah Zong and He Lei immediately appeared next to me, on high alert.

I glared at the Great Ghost King darkly. “I know that no one has seen you before. Even if I remove your mask, no one would believe that you are that person. No one would believe me. But!” I narrowed my eyes coldly. “You can’t stop me. Wherever I want to go, whoever I want to find, no one can stop me! Do you want to try me?!” I stared at the Great Ghost King coldly. With a spread of my hands, the blue light spots appeared.

Feng You quickly moved to the side as though she was worried that she would be burned by my radiation. Dian Yin and her had yet to react to what was happening.

“Hey, hey, hey. Queen, please calm down.” Dian Yin immediately stood before the Great Ghost King and took the Great Ghost King’s side. He smiled at me but there was lightning flashing in his hand.

I glanced at the lightning in his hand and chuckled lightly. “Humph. As expected, you do not love me. Your Great Ghost King is more important. Dian Yin, please don’t say anything along the lines of becoming my husband again.”

The corners of Dian Yin’s lip twitched and he looked embarrassed.

“What did you say to her last night?!” Feng You stared at the embarrassed Dian Yin. “Very well, you have guts.”

Dian Yin licked his lips with a smile. “Last night… did I have too much to drink?”

Pfft.” Feng You rolled her eyes at him.

I glared at the Great Ghost King coldly and asked, “You asked if I want to attack Silver Moon City? I should ask you that question. Do you want to attack Silver Moon City?”

The Great Ghost King was standing behind Dian Yin. His eyes behind the mask grew gloomy. “Why are you looking for Meteor?!”

I smirked coldly and glanced at He Lei and Ah Zong. “Let’s go back!”

He Lei was surprised but Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously. “We are not going to attack Silver Moon City anymore. Our Queen found what she has been looking for.”

Ah Zong was right. I’d wanted to look for Xing Chuan and I’d found Xing Chuan. I’d wanted to find Hagrid Jones and now I’d found Hagrid Jones. I didn’t need to attack Silver Moon City. All I had to do was to show favor to Cang Yu and he would naturally take me in to Silver Moon City.

Just as I was about to turn, the Great Ghost King suddenly took huge strides out from behind Dian Yin. “Hold on.”

I smirked in my heart. Somehow, I didn’t hate Xing Chuan anymore. He’d found his father and mother whom he’d always wanted to look for. But his father was as merciless as his grandfather. He could even sell his son out in order to take revenge or to take over Silver Moon City.

I turned to look at the Great Ghost King. “Don’t worry. I am only going to ask him a few questions. I won’t kill him.” I really didn’t want to kill him. What other punishment would be more brutal than being betrayed by his own family?

I only wanted Xing Chuan to turn Ghostie back into Harry. Then, I would cut off all my ties with him from then on. I didn’t want to see him ever again.

The Great Ghost King went silent for a while. Finally, he looked at Dian Yin. “Bring her to the Prince.”

Dian Yin’s eyes flickered between the Great Ghost King and me suspiciously. Then, he walked towards me and said, “This way, please.”

The Great Ghost King collapsed and sank to the ground as Dian Yin spoke. He closed his eyes and turned around in agony. 

Before authority and family, he had chosen the former in the end. Now, he was drowning in misery over his choice. Xing Chuan had once said that his father had been thrown off Silver Moon City because he’d wanted to take over Silver Moon City.

Oh yeah, they might not have known that Cang Yu should be Su Yang’s grandpa and Xing Chuan’s great-grandpa!

Su Yang and Yu Xi should be man-made while Xing Chuan…

“But don’t hurt him!” The Great Ghost King bellowed in pain with his back to me. “Whether it’s a debt of gratitude or revenge, he has already paid the price.”

Humph. That’s right, he got betrayed by his own father, after all.” The Great Ghost King’s back stiffened as I spoke. Ignoring how his shoulders heaved up and down, I turned and left in huge strides.

Dian Yin walked past the dumbfounded Feng You while she stared at the Great Ghost King behind me blankly. They still had no idea what had just happened.

The Great Ghost King didn’t know that he was a man-made human himself.

It was a pathetic truth. I didn’t intend to tell him because I bore no expectation towards this family anymore.

Perhaps it was because I found their lives pathetic and absurd. They didn’t know that they were living in a lie themselves.

Or perhaps it was because I saw how the Queen tried hard to live well. She’d turned herself from a man-made human to a real person. She was living almost like the real Yu Xi on Hagrid Island.


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