Book 6: Chapter 129 - Found Hagrid Jones

The Great Ghost King took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “I will attack Silver Moon City to kill him…” He slowly opened his eyes. “I can’t let such a monster continue to live in this world. He consumes a young lady’s life every few years. His appearance changes because of that too. There is a similarity in all the girls he consumes, they have great superpowers. They would carry extra blue crystal energy compared to other ordinary people.”

“Blue crystal cell…” I muttered. The Great Ghost King, Gehenna and the other men all gave me confused looks. “Blue crystal cell?”

I lifted my eyes to meet theirs, too shocked to make any expression. “Raffles came up with the name. The cells on a metahuman’s body that are infused with blue crystal energy and can store blue crystal energy are called blue crystal cells. Just like me…” I lifted my hand and blue light spots immediately appeared. “I am completely suffused with it. That’s why I am not afraid of radiation.” I reined back all my blue crystal energy before their eyes.

They were astonished.

“Why didn’t His Highness Cang Yu consume Luo Bing then?” Gehenna asked the Great Ghost King confusedly. “You saw that too. She definitely carries a lot of blue crystal cells.”

“The old monster must have seen other functions in her. That’s why he didn’t consume her,” the Great Ghost King calmed down. He glanced at me. “Luo Bing, the old monster is just like you. He can survive in a high radiation zone too. However, he can’t absorb blue crystal energy in the air. He needs a medium and the medium is a human or your blue crystal cells.”

No wonder when I lost control in Silver Moon City, Cang Yu dared to walk towards me. No wonder Cang Yu’s attitude towards me became strange after that. Did he find out that I am a girl then and he started thinking of how to consume me?

I couldn’t help but shiver at the thought. Instantly I recalled the painting that Zong Ben had painted using my body. That must have definitely been Cang Yu consuming Nora!

Just as all my doubts unraveled in an instant, the truth turned out to have been in front of me all this while.

We had all been blinded by Cang Yu’s elegance, knowledgeable image and endless charm.

“He can also turn into blue crystal energy, a form similar to a spirit. Hence, it is hard to attack him…” The Great Ghost King knitted his eyebrows and clenched his teeth in fear.

“Isn’t that similar to Bing?” Ah Zong stared at the Great Ghost King in shock.

The Great Ghost King nodded solemnly. “That’s why the old monster wants to have Luo Bing under his control. He wants to consume her after he fully utilizes her!”

I was even more surprised. All of a sudden, I’d found out that Cang Yu was the old monster Xing Chuan had been referring too. He was also Xing Chuan’s grandpa. Now, I found out that he had a similar superpower to mine. This series of information was too much for me to digest in an instant.

“Hence… Cang Yu was the one who consumed Elena…” I hated Xing Chuan but not his past.

“I am not sure. I wasn’t in Silver Moon City back then. But if there was consumption, it was definitely the old monster’s doing.” The Great Ghost King sighed. “Countless young girls in Silver Moon City have been consumed by the old monster. Plus, man-made humans’ blue crystal … cells aren’t as many as those of metahumans on the ground. That’s why the old monster only consumes real humans!” The Great Ghost King blurted angrily.

But in my eyes, man-made humans and natural-born humans were all humans! Because they were all alive, had memories, had flesh and blood, and shared feelings with me!

“What is the difference between that and eating humans!?” Gehenna cried loudly and slammed the table. “After going around in circles, there turned out to be a real Ghost Eclipser living in Silver Moon City! The king of all demons! He consumes young girls! Consumes young girls!” Gehenna roared in anger. He was especially protective when it came to girls.

“What we thought of white is black while the black is white! Humph! I finally understood the meaning behind that saying!” Earl pushed up his glasses with his middle finger.

“Silver Moon City! It is a place filled with lies after all!” He Lei turned away angrily as though he didn’t want to hear anymore. “We actually worked together with a true Ghost Eclipser! And we were used by him too! D*mn it!”

Immortal and eternal youth…

Old Monster…

Xing Chuan’s grandpa…

“Hagrid Jones…” I looked up in surprise. After I’d found out the secret about Cang Yu, the answer about Hagrid Jones appeared right before my eyes!

“Hagrid Jones? The professor that Raffles talks about all the time?” Ah Zong glanced at me puzzledly.

“How did you know the old monster’s real name?!” The Great Ghost King exclaimed in surprise. He gaped at me, so shocked his mask nearly fell off and he had to quickly hold it.

I stared at him in greater astonishment. “And how did you know?”

The Great Ghost King was suddenly at a loss for words. His eyes flickered under the mask, a pang of guilt surfacing.

“What? Is Professor Hagrid Jones His Highness Cang Yu?!” Ah Zong exclaimed in disbelief. “Then, just how old is he? Ninety? A hundred?”

“Immortal and eternal youth?!” He Lei exclaimed too. “He is immortal and he has eternal youth!”

Gehenna, Vanish and Earl showed blank expressions although they were shocked. They didn’t seem to know the name ‘Hagrid Jones’. To them, it was a faraway name. Only scientists who’d researched blue crystal energy would know this ‘great’ name!

I stood up and stared at the table. My hands were turning cold. “Cang Yu is so mysterious. How do you know so much? Who are you?!” I glared at the Great Ghost King. My burning gaze fixed upon his eyes behind the mask.

The Great Ghost King looked down, his breathing becoming disorderly. His chest heaved up and down as though there were waves churning at the bottom of his heart.

In an instant, it felt as though the air in the meeting room had frozen. Gehenna, Vanish and Earl glanced between me and the Great Ghost King anxiously.

I stared at the Great Ghost King. “Xing Chuan called Cang Yu the old monster because he was the only one in Silver Moon City that knew of Cang Yu’s identity. Only he knows that Cang Yu is his grandpa. But how did you know? Plus, you are so familiar with his superpower! You even know his true identity!”

The Great Ghost King’s body stiffened and his hands on the table clenched tightly too.

“Just earlier, the Queen was telling me about her past. Her lover left her all of a sudden. Hence, she abandoned her child to look for her lover. Twenty years ago, the old monster threw Xing Chuan’s dad off Silver Moon City. Then, Xing Chuan’s mother jumped off Silver Moon City to look for him. She abandoned Xing Chuan who was only three years old! Everything is too coincidental! Great, Ghost, King!”

The Great Ghost King narrowed his eyes behind his mask and sat straight. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“Do you want me to tear away your mask? Su, Yang!”

Suddenly, Gehenna’s eyes flew wide open. Vanish, Earl and he all leaned back into the back of their chairs. They kicked their chairs back and speedily slid away from us until they reached the wall. The three of them curled up together as though they wanted to hide at the bottom of the table, so that they wouldn’t hear the shocking secret that would possibly get them killed!


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