Book 6: Chapter 128 - The Truth Is

“Napoleon should have grasped the situation well himself,” the Great Ghost King said glumly. He lifted the corners of his lips into a casual smirk. “That’s why he didn’t work together with Nubis. He knows which will be more beneficial to him.”

“The eradication has to be done quickly. We can’t let Silver Moon City know we have an internal conflict.” Gehenna furrowed his eyebrows and rubbed his chin. “Otherwise, it would be troublesome if they took the chance to attack.”

“Are there any Silver Moon City’s men among you?” I looked around at them.

“We seized control of him,” the Great Ghost King said casually, as though it was as easy as ABC.

I was surprised. “Silver Moon City didn’t notice that you sent your man up but you rooted out the man that they sent here?”

Humph.” The Great Ghost King smirked in disdain. “Our man in Silver Moon City was sent there a few years back. They were scouting for powerful metahumans on the ground. It was easy to send our man up to Silver Moon City. We never contacted the kid after he went up.”

“Never contacted…” Ah Zong muttered in surprise as he watched the Great Ghost King, supporting his head on one hand.

He Lei sank into deep thought.

“Yes. As long as we don’t contact him, he won’t be exposed. Until he is fully trusted, we only contact him during crucial times. Our defence system is powerful and Silver Moon City doesn’t dare to take action against us wither. As for intelligence, there is no need for us to exchange it all the time.” The Great Ghost King sounded proud and confident. He was certain that Silver Moon City could do nothing to them. “If Silver Moon City wants to attack us, we will just let them. We can also use them to eradicate the Ghost Eclipsers. Humph.

The Great Ghost King’s chuckle seemed merciless and cold. But the Ghost Eclispers’ deaths weren’t anything regrettable either.

“Silver Moon City thinks that they are wiping us out but they don’t know that we are using them instead…” The Great Ghost King sneered coldly.

Gehenna rubbed his chin and knitted his eyebrows. Earl pushed up his glasses with his middle finger. The mood had become serious.

“It turns out that you are leveraging on Silver Moon City to eradicate dissidents.” Ah Zong smiled when he grasped the Great Ghost King’s plan. His smile had a chill to it.

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows by the side. His expression grew glum and complicated as he listened to the Great Ghost King’s speech. The Great Ghost King glanced at He Lei and said, “He Lei, don’t be angry. I have to thank you for killing those man-eating Ghost Eclipsers because it was inconvenient for me to take action against them but you can.”

He Lei didn’t reply, and only nodded as his chest heaved up and down. He seemed to have reluctantly agreed with the Great Ghost King’s way of conduct. The Aurora Legion had been established to crush the Ghost Eclipsers after all.

“Over the years, I exiled the older Ghost Eclipsers, also the man-eating Ghost Eclipsers further out. On the surface, it looks like I gave them a city.” The Great Ghost King swept his hand across the table and Silver Moon City’s city model was replaced with the Ghost Eclipsers’ map. Cities spread out in great numbers. The Ghost Eclipsers had established their territory well in the western hemisphere.

“In the west, Steel Ghost City was the border. If you’d advanced any further, Nubis and Margaery would have become suspicious if I didn’t get involved. That was why I activated the person in Silver Moon City.” The Great Ghost King tapped on Steel Ghost City. Behind it lay Nubis’ territory.

“Then, is there a spy in the Aurora Legion too?” I looked at the Great Ghost King.

He Lei immediately looked at the Great Ghost King.

The Great Ghost King smiled and shook his head. “I’m sorry, General He Lei. We weren’t interested in the Aurora Legion back then.”

He Lei’s expression immediately turned cold and complicated.

The Great Ghost King looked serious. “But we looked highly upon you!” The Great Ghost King’s eyes were filled with appreciation of great talent. I suddenly found that this gaze of appreciation of great talent was similar to Xing Chuan’s. 

Surprised, He Lei met the Great Ghost King’s eyes.

The Great Ghost King smiled at He Lei. “Chaksu isn’t good at wars and he isn’t good at leading the army. He was more like a shelter that took in wanderers. The military discipline was weak. Many of his soldiers wanted to survive but had no ambition to fight for a greater future. Hence, they were indolent and incapable of achieving great things.”

The Great Ghost King meant that the Aurora Legion was just a disorderly mob. I’d shared the same feeling when I had first gotten to know the Aurora Legion. When we had gone on a mission together, three of them had run away.

Harry had gone to discipline the army at the Aurora Legion and they’d gotten better. However, war had broken out really soon. For some, their character was still deep in their bones and it was difficult to change all of a sudden. Hence, runaway soldiers were a major issue. Although the core members stayed back, so the runaway soldiers hadn’t mattered much.

He Lei’s eyebrows tightly knitted. Although he was quiet, he nodded in agreement and sighed, distressed. “The people in the Aurora Legion aren’t warriors. But those who stayed back and persisted until the end can be trusted!” He Lei fixed his burning gaze on the Great Ghost King. 

The Great Ghost King nodded in assent. “Those who persisted until the end are the real warriors! However, after that incident, I presume that the old monster discovered our man.” The Great Ghost King furrowed his eyebrows. “I hope that the kid is still alive.”

“Old monster?” Such a familiar name. Xing Chuan had called the person who’d killed Elena an old monster too.

“You didn’t know?” The Great Ghost King’s smile turned cold. “Old monster, Cang Yu, can suck people’s life force. Immortal with eternal youth, he can even change his appearance!” The Great Ghost King gritted through his teeth ferociously.

“His Highness Cang Yu?!” I stared at the Great Ghost King in shock.

Below his mask, the corner of the Great Ghost King’s lip twitched. “That’s right. That old monster! He is actually like you. He can survive in a high radiation zone. He lives on blue crystal energy. He is a living spirit!” The Great Ghost King’s hate-filled speech revealed a tinge of fear. His gaze flickered and he looked away, his hands trembling as he clenched them tightly.

I froze dumbfounded at the original spot. Not only was I shocked, everyone else was caught by surprise too.

“Immortal, eternal youth?!” Gehenna gaped at the Great Ghost King in shock. “Is-, is there such a superpower?!” Gehenna, Vanish and Earl were all shocked. It was obvious that it was their first time hearing about Cang Yu’s superpower.

“I believe in eternal youth but how could he be immortal?” Vanish shook his head continuously in disbelief.

“If he relies on sucking people’s life force to lengthen his own, it is possible.” Earl’s face paled as he continued, “Such a superpower strikes fear in me…” Earl hugged his body.

“His Highness Cang Yu…” Ah Zong cocked his head to the side. “He… how old is he exactly? He looked like… he was only in his twenties…”

“He is Xing Chuan’s grandpa!” The Great Ghost King utterly glumly. His hands clenched tightly while his eyes quivered. Seemed like there were too many memories he didn’t want to recall. “He is Xing Chuan’s… grandpa…” he repeated. His voice was shaking, just like when Xing Chuan had talked about the old monster. It was an almost instinctive and irresistible fear.

“Xing Chuan’s grandpa!” He Lei repeated in surprise.

Xing Chuan’s… grandpa!

Cang Yu was Xing Chuan’s grandpa!


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