Book 6: Chapter 127 - The Grand Meeting

“Ah Zong!” I greeted. Ah Zong turned happily towards my and He Lei’s direction. There was a huge door by the side.

“This is so annoying. I had to bring this one over.” Feng You measured Ah Zong up and down with her eyes in jealousy. She pushed the door open casually. “The Great Ghost King is already waiting for you, Ice Fire Queen.” She seemed unwilling to address me as Queen.

Dian Yin smiled and stood by the side of the door.

I led He Lei and Ah Zong into the meeting room. The dark meeting room was well-lit. An irregularly-shaped cool titanium table took pride of place right in the middle of the meeting room.

The Great Ghost King was already seated. Gehenna was there too but Napoleon wasn’t present.

After we entered, the meeting room door closed behind us.

Geenna waved at me, unusually serious for once. Vanish and Earl sat to either side of him.

He Lei, Ah Zong and I sat opposite them. All of us looked in unison to the dignified Great Ghost King. 

“I came to the Ghost Eclipsers for twenty years and this day is finally here!” The Great Ghost King’s expression and tone were different from when he was with the Queen. Now, he sounded like he was overflowing dominance and murderous intention. As though he had finally gained an opportunity to unleash the anger that he’d bottled up for the past twenty years.

His gaze behind his mask became sharp and brutal. He looked at Gehenna. “What is Napoleon’s stance?”

Gehenna glanced at me before quickly looked to the Great Ghost King. “Napoleon has always been on the side where he reaps the most advantage. Napoleon wouldn’t help the Ghost Eclipsers this time.” It seemed like Gehenna was the Great Ghost King’s man. Among the four Ghost Kings, the Great Ghost King would need at least one that could be trusted.

The Great Ghost King nodded, then spoke to me. “Lil Bing, Napoleon prioritizes his self-interest. That’s why I didn’t invite him to join this meeting. We are merely working together but he definitely can’t be trusted.”

I nodded. I could tell by the look of it.

“Attacking Silver Moon City will be extremely difficult. But our starship is complete and we can head to Silver Moon City!” The Great Ghost King’s solemn announcement surprised us. Seemed like the Great Ghost King’s revenge plan had been in the making for very long, hence why he’d even prepared the starship.

I glanced at He Lei and Ah Zong. Both of them smiled and nodded at me. They were prepared to attack Silver Moon City.

“But what I’m worried about is Silver Moon City’s defence system. It’ll be hard for our starship’s protective shield to hold up under Silver Moon City’s defence system.” The Great Ghost King looked troubled.

“Then, we have to lure them down.” Having received psychological relief from the Queen, my mind right now was clear. My words shocked the Great Ghost King and Gehenna.

Gehenna gave me a confused look.“How do we do that? Silver Moon City is humungous.”

I glanced at the Great Ghost King. “You have your own men on Silver Moon City, right?”

The Great Ghost King was stunned.

I continued, “Back when someone had instigated a fight between Xing Chuan, the Aurora Legion and I, the one who’d reaped the most benefit should be the Ghost Eclipsers.”

The Great Ghost King pressed his lips together in silence.

Gehenna lifted one hand and covered his face.

I looked at the Great Ghost King glumly. “If we want to work together, shouldn’t we be honest with each other? He Lei and I won’t fuss over what happened back then because it’s not like you used lies to sow discord between us. Now, I need Silver Moon City’s information.”

The Great Ghost King nodded. “That’s right. There are my people on Silver Moon City.”

Gehenna peeked at the Great Ghost King through the gaps between his fingers. The Great Ghost King put his hands on the table and clasped them together. “What do you need?”

“Silver Moon City’s map,” I said.

The Great Ghost King extended his hand and pressed the table. The tabletop separated to hover in the air. As expected, it was a 3D configuration table. Noah City and Silver Moon City had them too. The one in Silver Moon City had been even more advanced.

In the blink of an eye, the 3D model of Silver Moon City appeared before me.

“What’s next? What’s your plan?” The Great Ghost King gazed at me solemnly.

I looked at him and then at Silver Moon City in front of me. “Very simple. Fight with the Aurora Legion.”

“Fight with the Aurora Legion?! Then, the Silver Moon City would seize the opportunity to attack us!” Gehenna suddenly paused. “Oh. Then, they will come down.”

“And they will send their main force.” Vanish’s eyes glistened.

He Lei nodded next to me. “I see. You want to tempt them.”

“That’s why the war against the Aurora Legion shouldn’t be real, right?” Earl pushed up his glasses with his middle finger.

I nodded glumly. “Back then, Silver Moon City worked together with the Aurora Legion to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers. Now, we have to work together with the Aurora Legion to fight against Silver Moon City!”

“Would they be willing to?!” Vanish gaped at He Lei in shock.

He Lei glanced at me in surprise. “Are you sure your plan is going to work? I… might not be able to convince the Aurora Legion.”

“That’s why you all have to show sincerity and eradicate the real Ghost Eclispers. Tell the Aurora Legion that you are no longer the Ghost Eclipsers!” I roared loudly and forcefully.

Vanish and Earl’s eyes were shimmering. Gehenna put down his hand and looked to the Great Ghost King in surprise. The Great Ghost King clasped his hands under his chin. His face was solemn. “Turns out that you’re eradicating the Ghost Eclipsers in order to work together with the Aurora Legion. What’s next?” The Great Ghost King seemed to be worried about my plan and questioned further, “I mean, even if we tempt them down, it would only be some of them but not the entire Silver Moon City.” 

I chuckled lightly and pointed at Silver Moon City. “Once Silver Moon City finds out that we are fighting with the Aurora Legion, they will definitely attack us and they will definitely send their main force. The starship they send will be the strongest one too…” I tapped on the model. Then, a starship flew out from Silver Moon City and landed on Kansas Star. “We have to take over that starship! Silver Moon City’s starship and the main server is connected. We have a metahuman who can enter any internet. At that time, I will send her into the main server and take over Silver Moon City!”

“I see,” The Great Ghost King exclaimed.

“Silver Moon City has a main server cutoff system and a self-separation system. Once the main server is attacked, it will separate Silver Moon City to evacuate and protect the people on Silver Moon City. By then…” I narrowed my eyes and said glumly, “Silver Moon City will fall from the sky!”

The room instantly quietened. As though everyone held their breaths whenever I spoke.

“Okay!” Suddenly, Gehenna slammed the table and applauded.

“That shrinks the battlefield and minimizes casualties.” The Great Ghost King shook his head and sighed, “You live up to your name as the North Star.”

“That’s why we should first eradicate the Ghost Eclipers and make some cosmetic changes to make it more believable!” Earl said in excitement.

“That’s right. Because we have to work together with the Aurora Legion.” I glanced at Gehenna. “Besides Nubis, are the Ghost Eclipsers under Napoleon clean?”

Gehenna knitted his eyebrows and shook his head. He leaned against the side of the table. “With Napoleon… tsk. It is more complicated. Some of the man-eaters should be his senior underlings… Likely he won’t bear to do it.”

Napoleon was tricky. If it wasn’t handled well, it was hard to say whether Napoleon would rebel and fight back.


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