Book 6: Chapter 126 - Could He Be Xing Chuan?

“Did you come from Silver Moon City?” I asked directly.

He immediately stopped as though he had been frozen mid-step.

“Xing Chuan is not dead yet,” I blurted somehow, as though my brain had suddenly shoved the name of the person that I least wanted to think of into my mouth.

His body stiffened at once. I felt like every question I asked was chipping away at his cool and barging into his isolated heart.

That meant I was heading in the right direction.

“Is Xing Chuan still on Silver Moon City?!” I asked loudly. I tried my best to control the disgust and anger I felt whenever I brought him up.

He’d searched for me all over the world when he’d lost me the first time. He had been thrown off Silver Moon City by Cang Yu when he’d lost me the second time. Now was the third time. I was really worried about whether Cang Yu had killed him. If he had, how was I supposed to look for my Harry and how was I supposed to take revenge for Harry!?

The Ghost Prince’s body tensed and his breathing sped up. Slowly, he raised his hand and fisted the shirt before his chest. Finally, he nodded.

As expected, he had come from Silver Moon City.

Two years ago, when we’d attacked Steel Ghost City, many people had been sacrificed and many had gone missing. There had been so many remaining corpse pieces in the pond that couldn’t be put together to form a complete corpse. Hence, we’d instead hoped that those missing people had been deserters rather than the dismembered corpses in the water. 

The timing of his appearance had coincidentally matched that incident. The Queen’s hesitance had also proved that he knew me. He knew me and he wasn’t willing to face me. A person who had gone missing two years ago who fit this profile was probably a man from Silver Moon City.

“That’s great. I will kill him personally!” I clenched my fists.

Cough, cough, cough, cough…” The Ghost Prince suddenly coughed so vigorously that he couldn’t even stand straight. His fist twisted the shirt above his chest as it heaved. He held onto the wall by the side weakly, barely able to breathe when he coughed.

*Poof!* All of a sudden, he coughed up a mouthful of blood, splattering red onto the wall.

Shocked, I quickly held him. “Why don’t you get treatment? Healer! Come! Come now!” I shouted down the corridor.

Many people rushed over in an instant. They held up the weak, coughing prince.

“Hurry up!”

“Send him to the ghost doctor!”

“Inform the Queen!”

Another crowd rushed over and disappeared. Llike shadows that traveled through time and space in that well-lit corridor, they vanished under the golden sunlight.

Dumbfounded, I stared at the blood on the wall. Meteor was a human, not a ghost. He was severely ill. Why did he refuse to receive any treatment?

I recalled what the Queen had said to him in the garden. She had wanted him to stop punishing himself like that. Had he lost his lover and thus abandoned himself to despair…

“What happened to His Highness?!” Flurry rushed over. Seeing the blood on the wall, his face instantly paleed. “His Highness… His Highness…” he muttered softly and quickly ran forward. 

The entire corridor was suddenly quiet. I was the only one left.

Sunlight poured in from high above, shining through the window at the extremely glaring blood. Why had he gotten so agitated?

A servant came by to wash away the blood on the wall. As I watched the water wash away the blood on the wall, I felt my heart clench. Why had he gotten so agitated all of a sudden!?

Who is he?


I don’t remember such a person in Silver Moon City.

“What happened just now?” Suddenly, He Lei appeared next to me and interrupted my thoughts. The silhouette emerging from my memories melted into a faceless crowd again. 

Dian Yin was right next to him. Dian Yin stared at the blood on the wall and asked in surprise, “Who did you kill again?!”

I felt distressed - I really had become a demon in their hearts. I rolled my eyes at him. “Your Prince vomited blood.”

Dian Yin knitted his eyebrows and sighed. “His Highness’s body is growing weaker… Sigh…” Even Dian Yin couldn’t keep up his usual joviality when he thought of the Prince.

I turned to He Lei. “How did the competition go?”

Dian Yin smirked and He Lei glanced at him. “I was hungry so the competition was on hold.”

Dian Yin chuckled and licked his lips. “You got too full and couldn’t run.”

“It’s bad to do vigorous exercise after eating,” He Lei said glumly. “We will have a rematch next time.” The flame of competition in his eyes wasn’t put out at all. Seemed like they had yet to determine who the victor was between them.

“Sure. Anytime.” Dian Yin smirked.

I looked at them both. “Why did you come?”

He Lei glanced at the blood and replied solemnly, “The Great Ghost King informed us to join the military meeting with you.”

“Yeah… The Prince was supposed to bring me to the meeting room.” Now, I was in the corridor all by myself and I had no idea which was the meeting room.

“I shall bring you there then.” Dian Yin took the lead to navigate for us. The mood in the castle had turned solemn due to their Prince’s sudden relapse.

As I walked next to He Lei, I still felt bothered by what had happened earlier. Somehow, my head kept replaying Xing Chuan’s image. “He Lei, is Xing Chuan… still in Silver Moon City?” As for why I would ask that now… I didn’t know why, but I had a strong feeling that Meteor… was Xing Chuan.

But his white hair and his dead gaze… At the same time, he seemed vastly different from Xing Chuan.

The Xing Chuan I knew had been arrogant before outsiders. He never bothered give anyone else a second look. Even when Arsenal had given him a bottle of water, he had thrown it away in disdain. Even before a beauty like Moon Dream, he hadn’t bothered touching her.

Beneath such an appearance, inside he was still a child who severely lacked a sense of security. His insecurity made him become domineering, to the point that he hadn’t allowed anyone to get close to the people he’d wanted. 

“Still there.” He Lei’s reply was like a burst of cold air that swept to the bottom of my heart. The almost visible figure was hidden by a thick fog again.

I glanced at He Lei suspiciously. “Are you sure?”

He Lei looked back at me confusedly. “What’s wrong with you? Of course Xing Chuan is in Silver Moon City. After our war, he led people to force us back. He cornered us to the point where we had to hide again! They even destroyed our base camp!” He Lei gritted through his teeth.

“Xing Chuan is personally training the army in Silver Moon City right now.” Dian Yin turned slightly and continued, “As well as his knights. Pfft. There are only six of them. Humph. And they are only mono metahuman.”

“Don’t belittle them.” I looked at Dian Yin solemnly. “They are all powerful warriors. It is an absolute taboo to underestimate your enemy. Many people lost to me because they underestimate their enemy, including Margaery.”

Dian Yin shrugged and didn’t bother much with me. He continued to walk forward.

He Lei and I exchanged a glance and chuckled lightly, before we followed behind Dian Yin.

Although they were multi metahumans, which sounded impressive, so what if they had two superpowers? They were merely like two metahumans. Between multi metahumans and evolved mono metahumans, it was difficult to tell which was better.


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