Book 6: Chapter 122 - Invitation

Lifting his gaze, Flurry saw the jacket in my hand. He was stunned for a moment before he smiled. “That’s the Prince’s jacket, right? If I’m not mistaken, you wore the Prince’s jacket back last night too, didn’t you?”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. There’s a real fan right here.” Feng You said grinning. Flurry smiled faintly without losing his gentlemanly bearing.

Feng You strode forward and rested her hand on Flurry’s shoulder. With a raise of her eyebrow, she gave Flurry a smile and spoke into his ear as though she was flirting with him. “Flurry, don’t even think about it. You know His Highness’ temperament. If you steal his clothes to secretly sniff it again, you’ll be kicked out of Ghost King City for sure. Besides, it’s not like you sniffed out anything even after smelling it for so long. Our Ice Fire Queen said it herself. The jacket has no smell, as though a ghost wore it.”

Flurry… once stole Ghost Prince’s clothes to sniff? Sniff… sniff…

My hair stood all over. He is such a pervert!

But I did the same stupid thing too. No wonder Feng You had looked at me as though I was a pervert.

Hahahahahaha!” Feng You burst out in laughter but Flurry remained calm and maintained his gentlemanly smile. He didn’t bother with Feng You’s teasing. “So what? We have free choice over who we take a fancy to.” Flurry admitted it candidly.

“You admitted it so quickly. Why, are you afraid that Ice Fire Queen will take your Prince away?” Feng You left Flurry and returned to my side. “My dear, did you know that Flurry stole the Ghost Prince’s clothes and he was caught red-handedly…” Feng You laughed and hit my arm. “The Prince was so angry that he pushed him against the wall. Hahahaha! Flurry definitely enjoyed it then. It was his first time being so close to him and in such an intimate position. Just like this…” Feng You suddenly seized my neck and pressed me back into my seat, resting her other hand on the back of the chair, happily repeating what the Ghost Prince had done to Flurry. “Then…” Feng You’s smile froze all of a sudden as though she just realized that she’d gone overboard with her joke. Then, she sighed.

Flurry’s smile faded in the breeze too. “Then, the Prince coughed… He coughed very badly…”


“Yeah… The Prince’s body condition is very weak…” Feng You sighed. “Sigh, it was my first time seeing someone so weak. I wonder how he lived in the wilderness back then. Flurry, don’t even think about it. The Prince is already upset with you to begin with. Plus, even if the Prince was deeply moved by you, how can his body bear it? Who else doesn’t know of your fetish?”

“If the Prince is willing to be with me, I will definitely quit my fetish and protect him. If I can’t stop myself, I will chop off my hands so that I can’t hurt him at all.” Flurry looked extremely serious, speaking as calmly as though it was an oath. It was a deeply moving speech.

Flurry and Feng You became quiet at the same time. Feng You’s expression turned sympathetic.

A metahuman hardly ever fell sick. As a metahuman’s power became stronger, he would stop falling sick entirely.

Ever since I’d become a metahuman, even my period cramps had gone. Every time it just came and left like wind.

Flurry slowly looked up and smiled. “Queen, please follow me to the dining hall.” Flurry turned around and left.

I didn’t have a good impression of Flurry. He was a sadist and had been eyeing Ah Zong too. Yet such a hateful person was willing to cut off his own hands to stop himself from hurting his loved ones because of his fetish.

Just like what Dian Yin had said, the people here might not be perfect but they had never pretended.

Feng You shrugged and fell into step next to me as we followed behind Flurry.

Our conversation stopped at their weak prince. Everyone sympathized with what he had gone through too.

He had been lost in the wilderness before the Great Ghost King had found him. No one could live in the wilderness. Even I didn’t know how long I could last in the wilderness.

During the outdoor training with my dad back then, there had been trees, wild fruits and worms. I could eat fruits and differentiate which mushrooms were poisonous. On top of that, I could hunt for fish and birds. In the world where I had come from, there were many foods that I could live on. Worse comes to worst, there were worms.

However, in the wilderness in this world, there were neither trees nor fruit. Sometimes, there weren’t even worms. Just like Uncle Mason had said, it was a feast just to find two big fat worms and he had to keep one for Harry.

Besides the lack of food, there was also bad weather. Not to mention the day monsters, flying corpses, big rats and various kinds of living creatures that would be hunting you. 

When I had gone to look for Xing Chuan after he’d gotten thrown off Silver Moon City, he had been cornered at a cliff by the day monsters. They had been waiting for him to die so that they could tear his dead body into pieces.

In such a terrifying environment, it had already been a miracle that the Ghost Prince could survive. Plus, he hadn’t had his superpower and he had been so weak.

He was not only mysterious, he was magical.

Flurry didn’t lead me back to the building where the elevator was. Instead, we entered the black palace.

The palace was made of a special material. It resembled black glass yet it also seemed like a kind of black crystal.

The mysterious, dark palace was bathed in golden sunlight. The natural sunlight swept away the distress and gloominess of the black color, shining into the mysterious palace. It looked like an ancient castle that had magical treasure hidden within.

Feng You left once we arrived at the door. Now, there was only Flurry leading the way.

Then, I saw guards in front of us. Behind them was a room with both doors wide open. The scent of breakfast wafted out from behind the door.

In the end, Flurry stopped at the door and let me enter the dining hall alone.

The spacious dining hall could easily fit a dining table for twenty people, but there was only a table for four. The white wooden table was covered with a white table cloth. In the middle of the table was an exquisite blue vase with red roses inside.

Four sets of cutleries laid on the table, as though prepared for a heart-warming family meal.

The door closed behind me and I took one of the seats at the table. By the side of the plate was a cup of milk. I hadn’t seen milk for very long.

Over the years, I had been living outside. I’d only had better food when I’d arrived at Queen Town but there wasn’t any milk.

Because a milking cow was a rare animal in this world.

Noah City had milk only because Kro had vacuum-packed milk.

Here, four cups of milk were set on the table and there was a big jug next to the vase too. It seemed that I could have as much as I wanted.

I laid the jacket over the back of the chair. Would they be wearing their masks too when we dined together?

Just as I thought of it, the door opened. The Ghost King held the Queen’s hand as they walked in. They… were really wearing their masks!

They were dressed in everyday outfits. The Great Ghost King wore a shirt and long pants, like a working adult in his early thirties.

The Queen was in a long-sleeved floral maxi dress, like a casual housewife.

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