Book 6: Chapter 121 - The Ghost Prince’s Obsessive Fan

“So, none of you have ever seen the Great Ghost King’s family’s real appearance?” It had been almost twenty years. The Great Ghost King had been among the Ghost Eclipsers for almost two decades, uniting the Ghost Eclipsers and building his kingdom. Had he really worn his mask throughout all these years?

“Why does it matter?” Feng You looked infatuated. “The Great Ghost King didn’t want to lie to us so he didn’t put on a disguise. But he has his own reasons to not reveal himself. More importantly… charm has nothing to do with the face.”

Feng You really was the Great Ghost King’s biggest fan.

I watched Feng You turn into a love-struck woman. Now was the best timing to ‘interrogate’ her because her defence was at its lowest. All that was in her head right now was romance. So, I asked, “I heard from Dian Yin that Ghost Prince has no superpower. How is it possible? The Great Ghost King should be an impressive man.”

“That’s for sure! The Great Ghost King’s superpower is amazing!” Feng You glared at me, turning away with a pout. Raising her eyebrows, she continued, “As for the Prince… I am not sure about the exact situation. But when the Great Ghost King brought him back, the ghost doctor saw him back then and said that he lost his superpower. That’s strange… How can he lose his superpower?” Feng You bit her lip confusedly. “I only know that our superpowers would grow weaker as we grow older…”

Feng You was talking about superpower degeneration. Raffles had mentioned before that our superpower would become weaker along with our body’s degeneration. It was the law of nature. No one could run away from growing old.

Oh, but Hagrid Jones did achieve it.

“Is there a metahuman who can absorb superpowers?” 

Feng You raised her eyebrows and rubbed her lips. “Mm, that’s hard to say. There are all kinds of superpowers in this world. There’s even a monster like you. It won’t be surprising if there is a metahuman who can absorb other metahumans’ superpowers.” She glanced at me as though she was looking at a weirdo.

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. But what she’d said was possible. A metahuman who could absorb other metahumans' superpower…

“Hey, tell the Great Ghost King if you like the Ghost Prince. He let the Ghost Prince dance with you. Don’t you understand what he meant?” Feng You leaned closer to me and lay against my shoulder.

I turned to give her a confused look. “What do you mean?”

Tsk. Alliance through marriage!” Feng You’s eyes opened wide. “What else can secure the relationship and make a more reliable alliance than marriage between you and Ghost Prince?” Feng You broke into a smile. “Once you are married, the Great Ghost King would be assured that he could hold you, the North Star, firmly in his hands!” Feng You clenched her right hand and said smugly.

I glanced at her and couldn’t hold back my urge to laugh. “Feng You, could you be a spy that Silver Moon City sent?”

Feng You was infuriated. She aimed her pistol at my face right away. “Take that back! Otherwise, I will pull the trigger!”

I chuckled at her. “My dear, you just told me the Great Ghost King’s plan. Why would I still marry the Ghost Prince?”

Feng You was stunned. Her emerald eyes flickered and she looked away in distress. She held her forehead and became restless with anxiety.

I couldn’t help but laugh. It meant that Feng You was a straightforward person.

“Oh crap! I am so dumb! What should I do?!” Feng You stomped her feet impatiently, instantly regretful. “The Great Ghost King will definitely blame it on me. What should I do?” She was covered in cold sweat all over.

I chuckled as I stood up. “Feng You, don’t worry. Even if you didn’t say it out loud, we could roughly guess it.”

“What?” Feng You stared.

I patted Feng You’s back reassuringly. “So, you don’t have to blame yourself. Even if we didn’t know, I still wouldn’t marry the Ghost Prince. No one can force me to do anything I don’t want to. Plus, I don't like him."

“Then…” Feng You furrowed her eyebrows and pointed at the jacket in my hand. She rubbed her arms to soothe the goosebumps but didn’t continue her words.

I picked up the Ghost Prince’s jacket. “Like I said, I was trying to pick up a human scent. Your Prince has no human scent. That’s why… He should be a real ghost.”

Feng You was stunned. “Real… what?”

“Ghost,” I repeated extremely solemnly.

*Swoosh!* A puff of cold breeze blew past and Feng You instantly shivered. I chuckled and wanted to put the Ghost Prince’s jacket over her. “You should wear more clothes.”

“No!” Feng You immediately pushed my hand away. I thought she didn’t want the jacket to cover up her sexy fashion.

However, she glanced at the jacket and then at me. “The Prince doesn’t like other people to touch his things. He gave it to you because he is willing to, but he definitely won’t want to see me wearing it. He’ll be angry if he sees it. Although… Ugh… He doesn’t have much emotions. In short, he doesn’t like it. That’s why he cleans his own room and he washes his own clothes. He is a strange man…” Feng You fiddled with her gun and she pouted confusedly. “He is a Prince but he lives like a servant…”

The Ghost Prince didn’t like anyone touching his things…

Among the people I knew, there were many who didn’t like other people touching his things. The most obvious one would be Raffles. In this aspect, Haggs was worse than Raffles. He had OCD. Although they were the same person, Haggs didn’t like Raffles touching his things either, unless he gave Raffles permission to.

The rest of them, Ah Zong, He Lei and the others were okay. Harry cared the least. So the only one left was… Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan’s OCD was worse than Haggs. His didn’t apply just externally but internally too, even emotionally. Although he wanted women, he didn’t want them touching him. He kept his distance from them…

Moon Dream and Blue Charm had always slept on the small bed next to his…

I had found them pitiful then.

Up till now, the information I gathered about the Ghost Prince included:

He’d separated from the Great Ghost King and the Queen when he was very young.

The Great Ghost King had found him a year and a half ago in the desert.

He’d originally had a superpower but had somehow lost it.

Now… he didn’t like other people touching his things…

And… he didn’t like people touching his things but… he’d given me his jacket twice. A person with such habits, would he treat a stranger he met for the first time like this?

Maybe he’d done it as a gentleman’s gesture. Maybe he would have thrown it away after I’d worn it. It might not mean anything.

Suddenly, the surrounding deers sat straight with their necks extended. Someone is coming.

Light footsteps sounded in the quiet garden. Just then, Flurry slowly walked out from behind the flower wall. He bowed and smiled at me. “Ice Fire Queen, the Great Ghost King and the Queen invited you to have breakfast with them.”

I glanced at Flurry’s right hand. His hand had recovered. Of course they had healers.


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