Book 6: Chapter 120 - More And More Information

The Ghost Prince’s hand quivered, and he finally looked at the Queen. He lifted his hand and patted her back. However, his gesture didn’t seem to make the Queen any happier.

In the quiet morning, I heard the Queen’s long and heavy sigh. Any parents would be helpless and sad if they couldn’t enter their children’s hearts, I reckoned.

She really was a gentle woman. There was no doubt about it.

Letting go of Ghost Prince, the Queen held his wrist gently. She looked up at him with an aching heart. “Don’t punish yourself like this. You already paid the price. The North Star is here now…” The Ghost Prince’s hand paused. He seemed to sink into a deeper silence behind his mask. The Queen glanced at him and sighed again. She stroked the white hair above his forehead. “Since she is here, your father will soon declare war against Silver Moon City. I hope that you can keep me company while your father attacks Silver Moon City…” The Queen held the Ghost Prince’s hand tightly as she pleaded, “Stay with me, my child.” 

But the Ghost Prince continued to stare at the ground, deep in his own thoughts. Somehow he seemed like he’d left his bodily shell and returned to the underworld again.

Sigh…” The Queen lowered her face sadly and let out another heart-wrenching sigh. Slowly, she let go of the Ghost Prince’s wrist, then turned and left alone. Faint sunlight dusted her back, making her look extremely slender. The pitiful mother was filled with loneliness.

The deer surrounded the Ghost Prince once again. Slowly coming back to reality, he fed them the fruits again. The quiet morning was filled with the crunching sound of the deer eating fruits.

The Ghost Prince stood there in silence, as though his body was merely a shell he’d attached to, like how Jun and Zong Ben attached to their robot bodies.

I stepped out slowly and his hand paused. He stood there quietly, like a wooden statue.

Walking around the deer, I came up behind him. Spotting a long bench, I sat down and scooped up a white bunny that hopped over to me. I looked down and smiled at it happily.

Its long fur looked like Snowball’s. It was a pity that I’d left Snowball behind in Silver Moon City. I really liked Snowball, but it was given to me by Xing Chuan who I hated the most. She should still be living with the robot that had been in my room back then. That OCD robot had liked Snowball too. It would take good care of Snowball.

In the quiet morning, I sat on the long bench while the Ghost Prince stood quietly in front of me. The deer couldn’t wait anymore, and directly dipped their heads into the bucket to take their own fruits.

I stroked the bunny as I lifted my head to watch his back under the morning sunlight. His back view felt remotely familiar, as though he was standing across from me on the opposite bank of a river filled with my memories - at once both vaguely visible and yet unclear.

Unexpectedly, the morning I’d spent with Xing Chuan at Lavre Resort City replayed in my head. He’d walked into the waterfall and taken off his shirt, letting the clear water pour over him while his shimmering black hair covered his back. The brilliant spider lily had been vaguely visible under his black hair. He’d looked extremely bewitching then. 

It was a scene that would be imprinted at the bottom of your heart. It was hard to believe that Xing Chuan and I had spent three days together. If it wasn’t because he’d turned Harry into a water ghost out of jealousy, the three days would have become a beautiful memory in my mind.

“Have we… met before?” I pulled myself back from the scene in my memory, resting my eyes on the slender figure before me. His braid was as white as withering silk.

He shook his head in silence as he continued to feed the deer again.

This is embarrassing. It was a casual remark but it sounded like I was trying to flirt with him. Luckily, he hadn’t turned around but instead continued with what he was doing, allowing me to conceal my embarrassment.

I watched him quietly. The bunny in my hand fell asleep as I stroked it.

Leaning back on the bench, I looked up at the ambiguous sky. “Are you really a mute? Or do you just not like to talk…” I felt like I was trying to strike up a conversation with him again. 

But I could only find clues through conversation. Yet he didn’t utter a word, making it really difficult for me.

He was still quiet.

I closed my eyes slowly. “Alright then… Be quiet. I’d like to sleep for a while… Soon… There will be a war…” Such a quiet morning, with bright sunlight, refreshing flower scent, and a garden that was rare at the end of the world. I really wanted to enjoy this feeling of ease that was hard to come by.

I felt like I finally understood that old saying, ‘snatching a little leisure from a busy life’…

I really fell asleep or at least I felt that I was asleep, because I found a long jacket over me when I woke up. It belonged to him…

He was no longer in the garden. The rose-filled garden had been trimmed neatly. The bunnies and deer lay by the side of my bench. They looked like they were enjoying the beautiful warm sun too.

Everything here... The entire garden really didn’t look like it belonged to this world. Instead it felt as though I had entered another world or they’d secretly teleported the garden from another world to this one.

I held the linen jacket up suspiciously, moving my nose closer to sniff. There was a faint rose scent.

Suddenly, I found myself silly and stupid. If even Ah Zong couldn’t pick up anything, how could I?

Right now, I looked like a silly girl who was crazy about the Ghost Prince.

“Wow! Are you in love with our Ghost Prince?” Feng You’s voice chirped smilingly. My body stiffened. Already I’d been misunderstood.

Feng You sat next to me, wearing a bandeau top and a mini skirt in the same green shade as her hair. She always dressed so revealingly. Today she looked like she was on her way to sunbathe at the beach.

Resting her head on one hand placed against the back of the chair, she crossed her leg and hid her white lace with pink ribbon underwear that her mini skirt hadn’t been able to cover. “I couldn’t tell. Your taste is so peculiar. It turns out that you like… the quiet type.” She glanced at me coquettishly and bit her lips softly, as though she’d discovered an unspeakable taboo.

I was a veteran! So, I controlled my blush well.

I lifted the jacket before Feng You and said, “Smell it.”

Pfft. Who wants to smell it? I am not crazy about the Prince.” Feng You pushed it back to me in disdain.

“I am trying to pick up a human scent…” I looked at Feng You calmly. 

Feng You stared at me as though I was a pervert. Her green hair fluttered along with the wind and she looked at me funnily. “You’re just charmed by a man, why bother looking for an excuse for yourself? Besides, our Ghost Prince might be good looking.” Feng You rested her cheek on her hand and looked far away. “The Great Ghost King is so formidable and the Queen is so gentle. The Ghost Prince is definitely not too shabby himself.” Feng You raised her eyebrows, an ambitious light flickering in her emerald eyes.


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