Book 6: Chapter 119 - The Rose Garden

Ah Zong’s breathing on my legs gradually steadied. He really fell asleep. His expression became peaceful too. When I stroked his smooth face, the texture of his skin was really too nice, to the point where I couldn’t help but want to touch a little more. Gently I moved Ah Zong off my lap and put a blanket over him. After watching him for a while, I began to wash up.

Whenever I came across some terrible trouble, Ah Zong was always the one who resolved the danger for me. I’d once thought that I would have nothing to do with him anymore after I’d saved him in Blue Shield City. Who could have guessed that fate would pull us together again and that he would keep me company until now?

I didn’t want him to be by my side forever. That would make me feel like I was using his love towards me to tie him down. Doing so would be unfair to him, since I couldn’t respond to his love for me.

Although he believed his happiest time was when he was with me, he should still have a happy life of his own. But I…

Do I… really have no feelings for Ah Zong?

Would I be willing to part with him?

Somehow I felt suffocated, and my face started burning. I… can’t bear to part with Ah Zong…

I watched myself in the mirror above the basin…

What kind of feelings… do I hold towards him?

It seemed that I really should go out for some fresh air. Ah Zong and He Lei had put me in a complicated entanglement. I had not been in such a situation for very long.

As I walked along the corridor, the morning fog churned along with the wind. Under the clear sunlight, a layer of gold dusted the universe, slowly moving like the fluttering golden veil of a beautiful woman.

Under the golden veil, a sky garden could be vaguely seen. It looked like a sky garden that belonged to God.

Finding the elevator that I had come up in the day before, I retraced my steps and passed through the thin fog, getting closer to the sky garden. Through the threads of mist, I saw the Queen and the Ghost Prince.

The Queen and the Ghost Prince were in the garden. One was watering the plants while the other was trimming them. They were still wearing their masks. The Ghost Prince dressed in simple clothes as usual, wearing only a linen long robe. If I hadn’t known that he was the Ghost Prince, I would have mistaken him for a gardener.

As the elevator descended, their figures vanished behind the tall rose wall.

When the door opened, a refreshing rose scent instantly filled the air, both soothing and invigorating to the nose.

My long hair fluttered in the morning breeze, and I felt rejuvenated.

I walked towards the garden. None of the guards on both sides stopped me. The garden was huge, almost taking up the entire square of the sky fortress. Roses bloomed in various places all over.

On one side was passionate red, while innocent white flowered on the other side. I saw the Queen and the Ghost Prince in the white rose garden.

Although I didn’t have a great impression of the Great Ghost King, I didn’t think badly of him either. As a King, he had obligations and he also had to consider the overall situation. Naturally he would have to make merciless decisions.

But I had a great impression of this gentle Queen. Her gentleness could be seen from the beautiful garden and the bunnies and deer running freely in the garden.

Suddenly, a breeze whipped past me, followed by a bolt of fine lightning. In an instance, my long hair stood on end.

“He Lei? Dian Yin?!” I was surprised. The morning sunlight shone on my new afro.

Both of them appeared before me instantly. He Lei stared at my hair and asked, “What happened to your hair?”

“It’s me.” Dian Yin extended his hand to comb my long hair that had been set on end by his static. He Lei immediately stopped him and glared at him glumly. “What are you doing?”

“Static!” Dian Yin shot He Lei a funny look. Lightning suddenly churned around his wrist, and He Lei immediately retracted his hand. He quickly shook his hand, which had been shocked by Dian Yin’s static.

Smirking, Dian Yin measured me up and down maliciously. “You look good like this too."

“Get lost!” I uttered coldly.

He chuckled and combed his fingers through my fluttering long hair. Instantly, my long hair fell to the side of my face.

I combed my hair and glanced at them. “What’s up? Doing a morning jog?”

Dian Yin looked at He Lei tauntingly. “Why are you so slow?”

He Lei shot him a glum look. “Because I want to see the scenery.” Then, he vanished before me. The wind he left behind whipped at Dian Yin’s and my hair.

“Hey! We haven’t said yet! You cheated!” Dian Yin immediately disappeared before me too. The flashes of lightning went further and further.

I had a feeling that Dian Yin and He Lei would become good friends.

I tidied up my long hair that they’d messed up. I finally didn’t need to put on a disguise. It was a great feeling.

A cute deer ran before me. It behaved rather friendly towards me, sneaking under my elbow into my arms to get a hug from me. I bent down to hug it and rested my face against its warm back. 

I felt at ease, as though the bloodstains from the massacre before were being washed off by the loving deer. An unusually bright holy light shone into the deepest place at the bottom of my heart and melted the frost.

The deer wriggled its body and ran away into the wall of roses. Many deer ran over there too, along with the bunnies. I followed behind them as though I was one of them too, admiring the beautifully maintained roses as I went.

Then, a spacious field opened up before me. In the middle of the field was a bed of white roses. The scene looked familiar.

“My child, look at these roses. They are blooming…” I heard the Queen’s voice. It turned out to be the garden that I’d seen earlier.

The layout of the garden was very similar.

Standing by the rose wall, I saw the Queen and the Ghost Prince beyond the branches.

The deer and bunnies were running towards the Ghost Prince. It turned out that he had fruits in his hands. He carried a pail in one hand, from which he took fruits from to feed the animals.

The Queen watched him feeding the animals quietly, her gentle gaze behind her mask turning sorrowful. She stood at the edge of the rose garden by herself. In reality, there was less than two metres’ distance between her and the Ghost Prince, but somehow the little circle around the Ghost Prince seemed to draw a firm line that left her in an entirely different world from the Ghost Prince. It was merely two metres’ distance, but she couldn’t enter the Ghost Prince’s quiet world.

She looked really sad.

“My child…” She called gently, but the Ghost Prince only continued to feed the deers quietly.

The Queen picked up the ends of her dress and the deer stepped away for her to clear a path for her. She extended her hand to embrace the Ghost Prince’s body. However, the Ghost Prince only continued to feed the deer with one hand, as though he was really in a different world from the Queen. As if they were truly in two separate worlds and the Queen was merely hugging a spirit that had been left behind in this world.

He was more like… a… living… spirit…

“It doesn’t matter how long you want to be in your own world. As long as you know that your father and I love you. We care about you…” The Queen touched the Ghost Prince’s cold black mask.


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