Book 6: Chapter 118 - War Starting

“Even Lei is attracted by the Ghost Prince now?” Ah Zong leaned on my shoulder, clearly jealous.

He Lei’s expression grew tense, before he glanced at Ah Zong glumly. “That person is very suspicious.”

“So… Are you going to continue to pay attention to him along with Bing? You’re willing to let Bing... continue to pay attention to him?” Ah Zong seemed to be implying something else. He Lei’s eyes changed as Ah Zong spoke. A flame churned in his eyes and he averted his gaze. “You are right. There’s nothing about the Ghost Prince that we should pay attention to. Bing, stop thinking about him.”

There seemed to be a faint sour smell in the air.

I could feel the murderous intention soaring from the two men’s bodies. It’d be best to stop the conversation about the Ghost Prince right here. I already couldn’t control one jealous He Lei. If Ah Zong also… Then, Ah Zong would be on He Lei’s side. It would put me at a disadvantage.

Never had I expected that there would be hidden undercurrents between the men around me as well. Now I had to also consider how to balance them against each other, so that there would be checks and balances.

My head was buzzing. This is simply tougher than war!

He Lei swiveled back and lightly touched the table. The surface of the table immediately turned into a smart screen. Just like the one they’d been using to call Ghostie earlier when I had entered the room.

“There’s Ghost King City’s map here.” He Lei tapped the map. He’d changed the topic entirely and left the Ghost Prince behind.

I quickly sat up straight. I’d rather think about war. It is much easier.

Ah Zong leaned by me lazily, just as gentle as before. He was neither too near nor too far, holding himself just close enough to let me feel his body heat.

“Just in case, I’ve already decided on the retreat route.” Becoming solemn again, He Lei regained his leader’s bearing and started talking about the route of retreat.

“What do you think about the Great Ghost King?” He gazed at me seriously. Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

My eyebrows tightly knitted as I said, “I have a feeling that the Great Ghost King is related to Silver Moon City.”

Mm.” Ah Zong nodded. Lying on the side of the sofa, his bicolor eyes glanced to the side. “His way of conduct and behavior… are similar too…”

“Silver Moon City once threw many people off. Could he be one of them? The Great Ghost King seems quite old.” He Lei clasped his hands together and rested his chin on them. “There are quite a number of them in the Aurora Legion too. If it wasn’t for attacking the Ghost Eclipsers, they definitely wouldn’t work with Silver Moon City again. I heard many of them fell among the Ghost Eclipsers too. But it happened many years back. During the past few years, Silver Moon City no longer threw people off."

“I lived in Silver Moon City. I am more familiar with them,” I spoke up. “Every time they recruit metahumans on the ground, the ones originally on Silver Moon City would be thrown off as long as they found a better one on the ground. Because the area on Silver Moon City and resource rationing are limited after all. They can’t have too many people. But there were many deaths in the war and Silver Moon City didn’t manage to make more men in time.” So they rested for two years. The population of Silver Moon City should have recovered by now.

“The news about your resurrection should have spread to Silver Moon City by now…” Ah Zong glanced at me lazily. His pink smooth hair slid past his slender neck. “Xing Chuan will definitely come and find you.”

Humph,” I humphed coldly. “Then, they will also know very soon that I am working with the Ghost Eclipsers.”

Heh…” He Lei’s gaze slid downwards as he chuckled lightly. “Now it is their turn to be afraid.”

The three of us smiled simultaneously. The layout of this world had drastically changed over the past two years.

“About attacking Silver Moon City… Bing, what’s your plan?” Ah Zong threw me a flirtatious look. 

He Lei turned to me too. He looked solemn as he spoke, “Silver Moon City is heavily guarded, and the space also acts as a natural defence. It’d be difficult for a metahuman to fight before arriving in Silver Moon City. Fighting in space is too dangerous. Most people have no experience.”

“Plus, many metahumans’ superpowers are linked to nature. They can’t perform in space. But fighting in Silver Moon City would be fairly difficult as well…” Ah Zong furrowed his sleek eyebrows and the mood became heavy.

That was the toughest point about attacking Silver Moon City.

There wasn’t gravity in space. If metahumans fought, they might be easily thrown into outer space, never to be found again. The war would quickly turn chaotic. It would be too hard to take care of everyone.

Plus, just like He Lei had mentioned earlier, someone without experience fighting in space would need a long training time before he could control and adapt to fighting in a space battle suit. Fighting in space was completely different from fighting on land.

Metahumans whose power depended on nature, like Dian Yin, would find it difficult to perform their superpowers too. Just like how a flying bird couldn’t enter the water and a fish couldn’t soar in the sky.

On the contrary, Sia’s superpower would turn space into his home ground. However, that also depended on the range of his superpower. We couldn’t just send out one Sia to take on Silver Moon City alone.

For the time being, space was our biggest obstacle. It was also the first obstacle that we had to deal with if we wanted to attack Silver Moon City.

Even if we successfully crossed through space, we still had to deal with Silver Moon City’s powerful space defence system.

Silver Moon City was heavily guarded. They had always stayed in space. Hence, they naturally had great defence experience in space. Their space weapons were comparatively more advanced too. If we were shot down outside the atmosphere before we entered Silver Moon City, we would be completely wiped out in one move.

My head grew heavier. It seemed like there were only more and more obstacles if we wanted to attack Silver Moon City. This might have been the reason why the Ghost Eclipsers and Silver Moon City had been entangled for the past few decades.

I glanced at the faint sunlight outside. We’d stayed up all night. “I need a breath of fresh air and relax my brain.”

“I shall take a quick jog too.” He Lei went to the window and looked out, then smiled. “I can look around too.” He turned to glance at me.

As I nodded, he turned into a burst of wind and blew past before us, instantly vanishing from the room. We barely saw the door opening and closing.

“How about you?” I glanced at Ah Zong.

Ah Zong leaned closer to me lazily with his infatuated gaze, “I… plan to take a nap. Or… do you want to stay back and sleep with me?” He leaned on my shoulder gently. “I’d really like to sleep for a while with my Bing…”

I studied his closed eyes and thought for a while, before I looked away and replied, “Sure. I will sleep with you."

He was immediately stunned. His closed eyes quivered under his eyelids, his long eyelashes trembling too. Slowly, he slid off my shoulder and rested his head on my lap. As I combed his long hair, a satisfied smile spread across his beautiful face.

Sunlight poured quietly into the room. Ah Zong’s long pink hair was tinted in faint gold, like silk thread.


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