Book 6: Chapter 117 - A Familiar Feeling

“Uncle Mason, you are such a party pooper! If Brother Harry was still alive, he would definitely have wished for Sis Ceci to be happy. How could you, how could you use Harry to monopolize Sis Ceci’s happiness! If you died in the war, there would at least be someone else to keep Sis Ceci company!” 

Cough, cough, cough…” Ghostie coughed with a stiff expression. “Xiao Ying! Are you cursing Uncle Mason?! Harry would get angry!” Ghostie already looked angry.

Uncle Mason’s expression became awkward too.

“Who isn’t sad that Brother Harry left us?! But we have to learn to look forward! We are in a war! Who knows what will happen next?” Xiao Ying’s straightforward remark weighed on everyone’s hearts. The truth was that no one had control over what happened in the war zone.

Sis Ceci slowly turned and looked away. Her sadness wasn’t because Uncle Mason hadn’t allowed her to fool around with the ‘fresh meat’. That had been just a joke. Everyone could tell she hadn’t meant it.

Uncle Mason seemed to notice the change in Sis Ceci’s emotions too, and he became even more awkward. Wanting to dispel the awkwardness that he’d caused, he started, “Xiao Ying…”

“Uncle Mason loves Sis Ceci so he is jealous! He’s just jealous!” Ghostie shouted, stunning Uncle Mason on the spot in sheer awkwardness. He couldn’t get a word in between Ghostie and Xiao Ying. Ghostie stood up angrily and pointed at Xiao Ying. “Plus, even if Harry was alive, he wouldn’t agree to Sis Ceci looking for more fresh meat! You don’t need to have a bunch of men surrounding you to be happy!” For some reason, Ghostie got into an argument with Xiao Ying.

Ugh… Ghostie…” Uncle Mason looked at Ghostie.

Xiao Ying swung her hand past Uncle Mason and pointed back at Ghostie. “You are not Brother Harry. How can you decide on Brother Harry’s behalf?!”

Ghostie was stunned.

Sis Ceci furrowed her eyebrows, turned and left. Seeing that, Uncle Mason quickly followed behind. He couldn’t be bothered to stop their argument.

“How can you be so selfish?! Why can’t Sis Ceci have another partner?!” Xiao Ying questioned loudly.

Recovering his senses, Ghostie rolled his eyes at Xiao Ying. “Sis Ceci has Uncle Mason and that’s enough! What good are those fresh meat?!”

Humph! You are selfish…”

Raffles returned to the screen awkwardly, casting a gentle gaze at me as Ghostie and Ying fought. “I shall cut off the call. Rest well. Be careful. And…” He blushed a little, “Come back soon…” Looking down, he cut off the connection and his bashful face disappeared before me.

I smiled awkwardly. “I think… it’s best for us to return sooner.”

Mm, I think so too,” He Lei sat next to me solemnly. “Everyone is getting too relaxed. They even have time to argue.” He Lei sounded like a strict parent.

I knitted my eyebrows slightly. I felt guilty toward everyone who’d followed me and hustled all around. “No one has time to take a breather. They are releasing stress. We can’t be striving all the time. That would just turn us into weary soldiers.”

He Lei crossed his arms. He didn’t say anything but he looked like he was in deep thought.

I glanced at Ah Zong on the other side. “What do you think?”

He Lei looked at him too. He glared at the Ghost Prince’s clothes. “As expected, they are trying to buy you over.” He sounded like he was jealous.

Ah Zong seemed confused. “The Ghost Prince took off this jacket?” He asked in reply. Finding his question strange, I looked at him puzzledly. “That’s right. He took it off and put it on me.”

“That’s strange…” Ah Zong looked down at the jacket in his hand. “There’s… only your scent on it.”

“What?” Goosebumps rose all over my skin at Ah Zong’s answer. His words were too terrifying. “You saw the Ghost Prince too, right? He was standing right next to the Queen!” Ah Zong’s response made me suspect if I had been seeing things. I even wondered if there actually hadn’t been a Ghost Prince at all.

But both He Lei and Ah Zong nodded.

He Lei was confused by Ah Zong’s reply too. “We saw the Ghost Prince. Ah Zong, you mean that there isn’t another human scent on it?”

“Yes.” Ah Zong nodded in confirmation.

He Lei racked his brain, distressed. “That’s strange. Could his superpower be related to scent?”

“It shouldn’t be. Dian Yin said that the Ghost Prince has no superpower.” I recalled what Dian Yin had told me.

“No superpower?” Ah Zong asked. “Or did he hide his superpower? As long as he is a living person, there shouldn’t be zero scent.”

“Plus, whatever Dian Ying said might not be entirely true.” He Lei looked at me glumly. “Bing, I know that you are a trusting person. You always treat the other party with sincerity. But the Ghost Eclispers…” He Lei shook his head solemnly, clear warning in his eyes.

I knew that the Ghost Eclipsers were not trustable but Dian Yin hadn’t seemed like he was lying.

“Maybe Dian Yin didn’t lie to Bing, and he just doesn’t know the Ghost Prince ’s superpower,” Ah Zong suggested gently.

I felt my body growing numb. I rubbed my arms. “Did I dance with a spirit the entire night…”

“You danced with the Ghost Prince the entire night?!” He Lei suddenly asked darly. He slammed a hand on the table and forced me into the corner of the sofa.

I leaned closer towards Ah Zong. Ah Zong’s body was soft and warm. It felt comfortable.

He Lei continued to press closer. His dark eyes stirred, a black tornado within them. “No wonder you only came back now!”

“Lei… Calm down!” Ah Zong braced his hands against the back of the sofa, turning slightly so that I could lie down more comfortably with his arm as a cushion. “If it wasn’t for the Ghost Prince, you don’t know how many people Bing would have to dance with tonight. Our Bing is so charming. Those people would definitely fight to dance with Bing.”

Ah Zong was right. If it hadn’t been for the Ghost Prince dancing with me, many people would have asked me to dance with them. I could hardly bring myself to reject people when it came to dancing. Plus, everyone would become comrades and partners very soon.

He Lei’s face darkened. He glanced at Ah Zong and finally stepped back.

“A person with a strong superpower might be able to hide their superpower. For example, even the superpower detector couldn’t detect that Bing is a metahuman,” Ah Zong added.

Indeed. Ah Zong timely reminded me that there was also such a possibility.

He Lei sank into deep thought too, brooding over what Ah Zong had said. “But what’s the point of him hiding his scent?” He Lei looked confused. His eyes were shimmering as he spoke. “Psst. I found the Ghost Prince very familiar…”

“You have the same feeling too!” I sat straight and looked at him. “I felt the same about him!”

He Lei glanced at me while I nodded solemnly at him. He knitted his eyebrows and sank into his thoughts again, seemingly searching for a familiar figure in his memory.

“Let’s stop thinking about the Ghost Prince. I feel that Bing pays too much attention to him.” Ah Zong leaned on my back gently, his hoarse voice revealing his jealousy. He was like a cat who’d not received attention for too long and was purring in his master’s arms to seek their attention.


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