Book 6: Chapter 116 - Relaxed

Before me stretched the corridor leading to my room.

Beyond the glass on one side, half of Ghost King City laid out before my eyes. The lights in the corridor dimmed, making the lights of the city look brighter.

Looking out the window, I muttered, “I want to attack Silver Moon City, but it’s not because I want to kill the people on Silver Moon City.”

“You can’t bear to kill them?” Dian Yin chuckled, turning away from me as his gaze dropped downwards. His smirk was filled with the malicious intent of someone who’d grown up among the Ghost Eclipsers. “We know. You used to live in Silver Moon City.” He seemed to have calmed down.

“Yes, I lived on Silver Moon City before. Everyone there is my friend.”

“Since they’re your friends, why do you want to attack them?” He narrowed his eyes. “Then, are you going to help them or… us?”

I paused before I spoke again, “Because I want them to know the truth.” I fixed my gaze in front of me. “You at least had parents who gave birth to you, but they don’t even know that they aren’t born from their parents but are instead man-made.”

Dian Yin was surprised. “You mean… The warriors on Silver Moon City were all man-made? We always thought that it was only some of them…” he mumbled in shock.

“I should say that most of them are man-made. Only those who aren’t sent to the battlefield are the actual children born by the scientists themselves. Hence, Silver Moon City is the biggest lie in this world!” I clenched my fists as I stared at the bright moon in the night sky. Gradually I calmed down, bathed by the true moonlight. I glanced at Dian Yin. “Where did the Great Ghost King find the Prince?”

Dian Yin met my eyes and chuckled, “Pfft. You have been asking about the Prince for the entire night… I…” Dian Yin leaned closer to me and smirked, “...will be jealous.”

Humph,” I chuckled lightly.

“I know that you have a husband but as a Queen…” He lifted a hand to trace a finger up the Ghost Prince’s jacket on my body. “Isn’t that not enough…”

I stepped back and turned to face him. “Dian Yin, you are powerful. I saw it just now. Yet even with your superpower, you’re satisfied with only being one of the men for a woman. That’s such a waste.”

Dian Yin was stunned.

I continued to look at him sincerely. “You are a warrior, not a pet or a spy someone sent to me. I won’t ruin you. I hope that you can be the same as He Lei, and become a leader to fight alongside me on the battlefield.” He should understand that once the Great Ghost King declared his stance and no longer kept up his ambiguous attitude towards the Ghost Eclipsers, a war would definitely ignite among the Ghost Eclipsers.

Dian Yin froze before me, completely stunned. With a nod at him, I turned to walk to my room without saying anything further.

In this world, because women were less in number, men were definitely scrambling for women, even if she was a woman without any superpower.

Hence, a woman with a superpower, and a powerful superpower at that, would be irresistibly charming to the men in this world.

Just like how an outstanding man would always attract multiple women to surround him.

However, I believed they were merely attracted to me now because there were very few women here. Many of them had never even experienced a romantic relationship before. Hence, what they felt may not be true admiration for me, but rather a desire to become an outstanding woman’s man. So that they could have a woman as a companion. Even if they had to share the woman with another man, they would be satisfied with that.

If it wasn’t because Uncle Mason was so clingy, more than half of the men in Noah City would have belonged to Sis Ceci.

There were countless men who had admired and confessed to me. There were some who had secretly admired me too. However, I couldn’t respond to every man because I knew that most of them didn’t love me for me. And, I had a clear understanding of who I loved and who I had feelings towards.

Dian Yin didn’t love me. His ambiguous behavior could be due to admiration, or it could just be the Great Ghost King’s command to stay close to me as a spy. It might even be a bit of both. Regardless of the reason, I wouldn’t want an ambiguous relationship with him.

When I returned to the room, He Lei and Ah Zong were talking to Ghostie. The Great Ghost King had shown his sincerity through not cutting off our connection with Queen Town.

He Lei and Ah Zong glanced at me. They were shocked at the sight of the jacket on me.

Ghostie and Raffles on the display monitor were stunned too when they saw my outfit. It had been a long while since they had last seen me in a gown.

“The jacket on you is…” Ah Zong’s pink glistening lips smirked maliciously while He Lei’s gaze turned glum. Before Ah Zong could open his mouth to continue, I took off the jacket and threw it at Ah Zong. “Smell it. See if you recognize the smell. I feel that the Ghost Prince is very familiar. I think I have seen him somewhere before.”

Ah Zong caught the Ghost King’s jacket, stunned. He Lei’s expression grew gloomier after what I’d said. He looked at Ah Zong and urged, “Smell it.”

“Don’t go! Let us take a few more looks!” Ghostie shouted over the call. “I, no, Raffles hasn’t seen you in a dress for very long!”

“Get lost!” I roared at him and returned to my room to change.

“So beautiful. Bing looks the best in a dress,” Ghostie sighed outside.

“Yeah… Let’s prepare more dresses for her. She is a Queen now!” Raffles spoke like an excited grandma or mother.

Raffles… Don’t blame others for finding you to be womanly. You shouldn’t worry over these things! You should focus on better things! For example, build a space fortress for us to go to Silver Moon City!

After I’d put on my own clothes, I came out to look at the display monitor again. Everyone was there, including Sis Ceci. All of them looked at ease.

“How’s the banquet, Lil Bing?” Sis Ceci asked smilingly, as though she was talking to her daughter who had gone out on a date. She didn’t show the slightest anxiety of someone anticipating a war. “Did you charm those, what do you call them? Oh, fresh meat?”

“Sis Ceci…” I looked at her speechlessly. “Why are you in the mood to joke around with me here? Have you set up the defense?”

“Captain, don’t worry!” Xiao Ying jumped up. She elbowed Raffles and Ghostie aside, taking up the entire screen with her big boobs. “Gehenna’s fleet is protecting us. Sigh. We have not had any dance balls for a long time. Now, we can finally call you our Queen.” Xiao Ying supported her cheeks on both hands. “I’m so jealous of you!” 

“If you’re jealous, we can hold one of our own.” Sis Ceci draped her arm over Xiao Ying’s shoulders. “We have been at war for so long. We need to relax too. Call the fresh meat over!” Sis Ceci and Xiao Ying unabashedly let out their hearty laughter in front of me.

“What do you want to do?!” Uncle Mason’s anxious roar cut in unexpectedly. “Those children are soldiers! They aren’t here for a beauty pageant! Ceci, come out here! What would your son think of you when he sees you behaving like this?!”

All at once, the smile on Sis Ceci’s face froze and was replaced with sorrow.

Xiao Ying immediately puffed up her cheeks, let go of Sis Ceci and retreated out of the screen. Ghostie revealed a blank expression too.


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