Book 6: Chapter 115 - The Queen’s Admirer

“Your Highness, you mean those Ghost Eclipsers. We aren’t like that. We are the other kind of Ghost Eclipsers you were talking about. This is also why we follow the Great Ghost King. We want to rebuild a new kingdom under his leadership,” Dian Yin said with admiration toward the Great Ghost King and anticipation for the future. 

I smiled faintly and hoped that the Great Ghost King wouldn’t disappoint them, unlike Silver Moon City, which only treated its people as weapons. If the weapons were damaged, they could just be repaired. If the weapons were broken, they could just be rebuilt.

Does Silver Moon City have any feelings toward its people? Hmph. Who knows. But if they shared feelings for one another, that would be even more infuriating.

“My dearest Lil’ Bing.” Suddenly, Napoleon came over next to us. “I’d like to have a dance with you.”

As he bowed, Gehenna popped out from nowhere and held his hand. Gehenna hugged Napoleon’s waist and wriggled his eyebrows, saying, “Let me do the honors.” Then, Gehenna danced away with Napoleon.

Gehenna had taken care of me again.

Although it was Ghost King City, Galaxy Hall obviously had more men than women. There were many men dancing with other men. They exchanged their partners between dances. It was a common scene in Noah too. No one would find a man dancing with another man strange. Men dancing together didn’t mean that they liked men too.

I looked at Dian Yin, saying, “I’d like to go back to my room. Can you lead the way?”

“My pleasure.” Dian Yin smiled slightly and held my hand gently. In the blink of an eye, we left Galaxy Hall and stood in front of the elevator.

It felt different from He Lei’s teleportation. There was wind when He Lei stopped. He felt like the embodiment of the wind. When Dian Yin stopped moving, I felt static all over and my hair fluttered. It felt as if someone had absorbed all the static and it had returned to normal again.

He Lei was a Wind God, while Dian Yin was like the Flash. Their speed had to work differently.

“Between myself and He Lei, who’s faster?” he asked in the elevator as it slowly descended. He seemed to be more interested in He Lei now. “The Great Ghost King thought highly of him.”

I smiled, replying, “I reckon He Lei would be happy to compete with you.”

I saw Dian Yin’s figure reflected in the elevator door. He leaned back with his gaze fixed on me. He combed his long hair casually and smirked. “Very well. I had the same idea. Who’s stronger, He Lei or me? He only has one superpower, yeah?”

“A superpower isn’t only about strength, but also how you use it. He Lei has rescued me many times.” I looked sideways at him. “No matter how powerful your superpower is, you won’t be able to hurt him.”

Hmph…” He smirked. He seemed to have been provoked.

They were both speedsters. No matter how great Dian Ying’s lightning was, it might not hit He Lei.

“Do you eat humans?” I asked quietly.

His shoulders shook with laughter. He held his forehead and chuckled for a while, before he lifted his chin and licked his lips. “Our parents were killed by the Ghost Eclipsers. Do you think we would become like the Ghost Eclipsers?”

I was stunned, and I looked at him out of the corners of my eyes.

He leaned against the elevator wall. “We might have many bad habits and we aren’t as noble as the people in Silver Moon City,” he said scornfully. “But what can we do? We grew up among the Ghost Eclipsers. Before we learned to speak, we learned how to kill with knives.” His tone became harsh. Under his ferocious expression, I saw faint loneliness and heart-wrenching pain.

“Actually, among the Ghost Eclipsers, there are many people who are stronger than us. Do you know why the Great Ghost King didn’t take them in as his sixteen Ghost Messengers?” He leaned forward.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because they’re the kind of Ghost Eclipsers you were talking about.” He leaned closer to my ear, whispering, “Ghost Eclipsers who eat humans.”

Once again, it was confirmed that the Great Ghost King wasn’t a Ghost Eclipser, as he had said. He’d had no choice but to continue to coexist with the Ghost Eclipsers because he needed their power. He could be said to have “cheated” the Ghost Eclipsers and formed a relationship of mutual benefit.

Dian Yin stood back and continued to lean by the elevator door. “The Great Ghost King and the Queen don’t like the original Ghost Eclipsers. So, they gave the Ghost Eclipsers a feudal estate and let them be kings. Ugh… I don’t mean the four Ghost Kings, but the ones at the border, with more of those Ghost Eclipsers…” He spoke disdainfully.

“Those are the original Ghost Eclipsers. Oh. Steel Ghost City is the one farthest out. They were also given the fine-sounding title of Ghost Kings on purpose. They became city masters on their own and ruled the city. But in truth, they were exiled. The Ghost Eclipsers are powerful, but they’re actually…” Dian Yin pointed at his head. “...Quite dumb. They ate too many humans and studied too little. There are only worms in their heads. Hahaha.”

Dian Yin laughed loudly while I stared at him coldly, saying, “But there were slaves and human pigs in the city. You were involved with the miners who died in the blue crystal energy mine, too!”

Dian Yin immediately stopped laughing, I looked straight ahead, continuing, “Think about the people that the Great Ghost King didn’t save. You’re lucky to have a stronger superpower.”

“You’re right…” He sounded solemn. “I’m alive because of my superpower. But can you imagine how helpless we feel?! That’s why we are glad that you’re going to try and punish the Ghost Eclipsers. Some of our parents were human pigs, and we’ve wanted to take revenge for our parents for a long time. If it weren’t because the Great Ghost King needed to use the Ghost Eclipsers, we would have declared war against them long ago!” Dian Yin said through gritted teeth. His sentence happened to end just as the elevator opened.

I took another step forward to get out of the elevator. I stopped and said without turning back, “Justice was in your hands all along, but you used timing as an excuse and continued to tolerate the Ghost Eclipsers. I know that I have no right to condemn you or dismiss the pain you felt living among the Ghost Eclipsers! But you can’t run away from taking responsibility for those who died in the past! Use your future battles to pay that responsibility back!”

“We will!” He roared behind me, sounding as though he were letting out a suppressed roar from the bottoms of all their hearts.

In truth, I felt that the Great Ghost King, whom they admired, acted too much like Silver Moon City. Ever since Silver Moon City was established, they had thrown many people off the edge. I was worried about whether the Great Ghost King was Silver Moon City’s man, even though he claimed that war against Silver Moon City wasn’t for Dian Yin and the others, but for his own revenge.

I hoped I’d guessed wrongly.

After the roar, Dian Yin didn’t leave, but instead walked out of the elevator with me. He looked to the side, as though he were trying to calm himself down.

Just as he’d said himself, their imperfection was due to their growing up among the Ghost Eclipsers. The broken world had revealed the true face of humanity, and the people of this world had seen demons.

Even the people on Hagrid Island had seen the demons of this world.


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