Book 6: Chapter 114 - Familiar Ghost

“We can’t kill Nubis for now.” Flurry smiled at me as the lightning flashed outside, “Nubis left some decomposed liquid in his old den to guarantee his resurrection. So, we need to control the spare bodies. He can only resurrect after taking shape in a spare body.”

I nodded with understanding, saying, “That’s why every Ghost King can only bring two followers. It’s easier for you to control.” I looked at Flurry, and he smiled without replying.

“It’s tough to catch anyone when there are many people…” Napoleon suddenly appeared on my other side.

“North Star.” Suddenly, the Great Ghost King called out, and everyone looked at him in reverence.

He sat there with great dignity and spoke. “You are right. I did not want to be a Ghost Eclipser when I first came here. Everyone here is either a metahuman who was chosen or rescued from among the Ghost Eclipsers. I brought them with me so that they would not turn into Ghost Eclipsers. But you must know that the Ghost Eclipsers are a strong community. So, over the past ten years, I did not have enough power to change them, but had to coexist with them. But you came today. I believe the future will change. I want to wash this land clean completely, so that the Ghost Eclipsers are wiped out entirely!”

“Yes!” Everyone ran hot with emotions. They admired the Great Ghost King.

The Great Ghost King looked at everyone with a smile. “Now, let us enjoy this magical night with the delicious feast. Let us party!”

There were whistles all over. The lights grew dim, and the flashes of lightning outside became glaring. The flashing silver dragon became a decoration for the peculiar banquet.

“North Star, I wonder if you could have your first dance with my son?” The Queen smiled at me gently behind her elegant mask.

I looked at the Ghost Prince, who had almost been forgotten. He stood there in silence. After the Queen asked, he bowed at me slightly. The black mask made his black eyes less obvious. His eyes were deathly still, and that was why he looked lethargic. 

“Bing.” He Lei looked at me with concern.

I looked at him and said, “Calm down. Go and get Ah Zong. Go back to the room and contact Raffles. Tell them to keep their guard up, just in case.”

“Mm.” He Lei immediately disappeared from next to me.

I bowed at the Ghost Prince. He saw my agreement and walked down from next to the Queen. He walked toward me slowly and the people moved away. A walkway appeared between me and the Ghost Prince. Starlight began to twinkle under us like a broadway that spread toward me as he approached. The overly silent and ordinary Prince still somehow exuded a unique charm then.

He walked up to me but remained silent. He slowly took off his black outer garment and revealed a simple, clean white shirt underneath. As I was confused, he put the garment over me and covered my exposed shoulder.

I was stunned. The garment was still warm from his body heat. Although he was quiet like a mute, he was an elegant gentleman. He stood before me in silence, as though he were waiting for me to put it on.

I slowly came back to reality under his lethargic gaze. I put on his outer garment and said, “Thank you.”

He extended his right hand quietly to request a dance together. I placed my hand in his and was carried away. I felt a sense of familiarity. However, that sense seemed so far away that I couldn’t trace it.

He began to lead the dance, and he moved gracefully. When he had stood behind the Queen, he’d been so ordinary that he was almost nonexistent. But when he’d walked down from the noble throne and stood before me, he exuded the indescribable charm and elegance of a prince.

Who is he?

I looked up at the mask. His black mask blended with the colors of the nebula under the magical lights. Immersed in the depths of space, he became more mysterious and distant. His gaze carried no emotions.

He was quiet - as quiet as a ghost. I didn’t know why he would give me such a strange feeling. He was like… A familiar ghost. I seemed to have known him, but it was as if he had slowly disappeared from my world.

There were couples dancing around me. With every spin, he seemed to fade into the void of space, and it was hard for me to look for him. But he managed to extend his hand to catch me each time and continue to dance. In the end, he disappeared into the magical nebula.

I looked toward the Great Ghost King’s throne, and saw that the moon had vanished into the galaxy.

“Are you waiting for me?” Suddenly, Dian Yin appeared before me. I looked outside the window and saw the lightning outside had stopped. “Don’t worry. Nubis stands no chance of disturbing you.” Dian Yin held my hand. “You promised to dance with me,” he said as he smirked wickedly.

I didn’t reject him. Plus, I had to thank him for stopping Nubis on my behalf. “Where’s Nubis?” I asked as I placed my hand on his shoulder.

He held my waist, saying, “He’s been imprisoned in the metahuman prison.”

“Is it safe?”

“Absolutely. Your Highness, don’t worry.” Dian Yin said smugly with pride. He saw the jacket I was wearing, saying, “This belongs to the Prince.”

“Yes. I noticed he doesn’t speak.”

“It’s because his vocal cords are damaged,” Dian Yin replied.

I was confused, asking, “A metahuman… has damaged vocal cords?”

Dian Yin creased his eyebrows and took a walk down memory lane. “I heard that the Prince refused treatment. His body’s condition seems to be terrible and he seems to have lost his superpower.”

“No superpower?” I asked suspiciously. “How is this possible? If he has no superpower, why would anyone submit to him?”

 “We submit to the Great Ghost King,” Dian Yin smiled and continued, “Not the Prince.”

“He appeared out of nowhere. That’s strange. Did the Great Ghost King create him?”

“Hahaha…” Dian Yin spun me around. “I’ve only heard that Silver Moon City likes to make humans, but none of us here are man-made. The Great Ghost King found the Prince two years ago. I heard that he was almost dead then.”

Almost dead? That means he hadn’t come with the Great Ghost King. 

“Tsk… In such a world, if you don’t join Silver Moon City or the Ghost Eclipsers, you can only wait for death in the remote desert. How would the Prince wander through a remote desert?”

“Maybe his people abandoned him.” I chuckled. “You Ghost Eclipsers love to abandon your own people.”

Dian Ying blinked his purple eyes and revealed a glimpse of loneliness. Then, he covered it up with his unrestrained smile.


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