Book 6: Chapter 113 - Nubis Can Resurrect

Massacre makes them happy! Battle makes them excited!

That is their true banquet!

The Great Ghost King nodded as they cheered. He seemed to agree with everyone else and condemned Nubis. No, it seemed more as if he wanted to see my superpower. Sacrificing Nubis in exchange for more information about me seemed to be a worthy exchange.

I looked at Nubis grimly. “Nubis, do you eat humans? Are you a man-eater?!”

Nubis clenched his teeth and looked at me. He smiled and cried, “So what? How dare you condemn me in front of the Great Ghost King?”

He had yet to finish his sentence, and the blue light in my hand instantly turned into a light ribbon. I swung it at him, and it instantly pierced through the rotten corpses to his body. The blue light ribbon twinkled in between me and him. The blue light spots slowly circled the light ribbon and began to scatter, spreading radiation to the surroundings.

“Ah! Ah!” There were a few screams from behind Nubis. The radiation of the light ribbon spread and the few people behind Nubis who were closer were instantly hurt. Their faces began to burn, and everyone quickly dispersed to a corner of Galaxy Hall. There was a glimpse of a human shadow that instantly brought the casualties away.

I couldn’t intensify my superpower, because as the energy dispersed from the light ribbon, the radiation would become stronger and the range of radiation would become wider. So, I had to fight a quick battle so that I could rein in the energy that scattered.

Nubis looked at his chest blankly, while I looked at him coldly. The blue light ribbon moved between us like a blue light snake that pierced his chest and bit his heart. 

Due to my superpower, the sleeve on my right arm was instantly burned away by the blue light. It revealed my blue, twinkling symbiotic flower. It quickly grew in the blue light and entangled my arm. It crawled up my shoulder and bloomed into a spirit flower on my exposed shoulder. The ends of the petals touched my collar bone.

My clothes continued to burn, revealing half of my shoulder.

I drew in the light ribbon. “Bang!” Nubis instantly turned to ashes. The blue light motes in the air quickly returned to my body, and my gown stopped burning.

I looked around coldly. “That’s right. I massacred Steel Ghost City like this, just as you saw it! Don’t ask me about Steel Ghost City anymore! Don’t provoke me as you wish, either! I have a bad temper! When I’m angry I like to...” I narrowed my eyes. “Kill!”

They had provoked me over and over again. They had clamored for war against me again and again. I was getting impatient. As they treated me like a demon, I would be the demon in their eyes! At least they would leave me in peace then.

The blue light sank into my skin and I slowly put down my hands. Suddenly, a brawny guy ran out of the crowd behind Nubis. He charged over. As I stayed on high alert, he pounced on the rotten ground. The dark, decomposed liquid suddenly crawled onto his body as though it had come alive. 

I took a step back with my guard up, disgusted.

The dark liquid was like my blue crystal energy. It seeped into the brawny man’s facial features like black snakes drilling into the man’s body.

The brawny man stood up. Suddenly, he bent backward and let out a terrifying groan. What’s going on? He looks possessed by a demon.

Gru, gru.” His eyes rolled up and thin black lines formed across his face. He gulped in pain, as though he were drowning.

Crack!” Suddenly, there was a bone-cracking noise. The brawny man’s chest began to bulge, as though something was popping out from his chest.

“Alien!” I gasped softly. The sight before me looked too much like a certain scene of an alien bursting out of an astronaut’s body.

Pop!” The buttons on the brawny man’s shirt popped open. “Zzzzap!” A dark, soft object crawled out from the brawny man’s chest, and the scene made my scalp go numb.

The brawny man grew weak and dropped to all fours. His head tilted to the side, and his eyes rolled up. He looked as if he were dead. But just then, another brawny man came over.

The black object quickly took shape in the air and formed facial features. Just as the other man arrived, the object morphed into Nubis’ face.

“This shall not end!” His head churned atop the dead man’s stomach as he roared. The other brawny man picked him up, carrying him on his back, and ran toward the window.

“Just you wait! I will definitely destroy your Queen Town and bury everyone with Margaery!” the head roared at me furiously.

Pak!” The brawny man shattered the glass, and debris flew in all directions. The man expanded in the air like a hot air balloon. Then, he ascended into the air quickly before disappearing into the night sky.

I was stunned. I couldn’t return to reality all of a sudden after everything that had happened. He could resurrect even then?! That’s truly the capability of a Ghost King!

Oh no, he’s going to attack Queen Town. I have to rush back!

I immediately turned, and everyone instantly crowded around me. Then, a human breeze blew past. It was He Lei. He held my hand and entered his high speed travel mode.

Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning and He Lei immediately stopped. He looked at Dian Yin standing in front of us in shock. Dian Yin crossed his arms and blocked our path. He combed his long purple and red hair. He smiled wickedly at us, saying, “You’re not the only one who can run so fast.”

He Lei looked surprised.

“Don’t worry. We won’t let Nubis’s spacecraft leave Ghost King City,” Dian Yin smiled at me. “I’ll go and stop Nubis. May I have a dance with you? Your Highness.”

I was surprised, and I looked at everyone in front of me. They didn’t look as if they wanted to stop me or fight against me. They wore smiles and their eyes were glistening.

“North Star, stay behind for a dance. You don’t have to deal with Nubis yourself,” one of them chuckled and commented.

“That’s right, Bing. Relax.” Gehenna walked to me with a smile. “Don’t worry. With the Great Ghost King’s command, no one can leave the city.”

I turned to look at the Great Ghost King, and he looked at me with a smile. The Queen looked calm too. She exchanged a glance with the Great Ghost King and smiled.

Before the Great Ghost King said anything, Dian Yin turned into a bolt of lightning and vanished before us. Then, lightning flashed outside like laser lighting on a rock stage!


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