Book 6: Chapter 112 - Condemnation

“I do!” Suddenly, Nubis shoved Napoleon away and stood before me. He roared ferociously, “I eat humans! How would you like to try and condemn me?”

I glared at him coldly and raised my hand. He Lei and Ah Zong immediately retreated while Gehenna moved back to take refuge too, saying, “Hurry up, hide!” Vanish and Earl had hidden behind the last row long ago.

It seemed that because they had avoided me, the rest of the people had moved back simultaneously. The space around Nubis and me grew.

“You tell me. Margaery’s death wasn’t because she wanted to eat you, but because you condemned her. Am I right?” Nubis roared at me.

I glared at him coldly and said grimly, “Margaery did want to eat me. So, I condemned her too when I defended myself.”

“See that! Did you see that?!” Nubis roared. He turned to look at the Great Ghost King. “Great Ghost King, she came to kill the Ghost Eclipsers. Why aren’t you fighting back?”

The Great Ghost King seemed to have been caught by surprise at my sudden reply. He was at a loss for words. The entire hall was silent.

Nubis looked at me ferociously. The corners of his lip lifted and revealed a malicious smile. It was as though he were determined that the Great Ghost King would definitely agree to let him kill me right there in order to prevent future consequences.

“Luo Bing, did you really come to kill us?” Suddenly, the Queen leaned forward and asked gently. Everyone immediately looked to the Queen in reverence.

I looked at the Queen fearlessly and declared solemnly, “I didn’t come to kill the Ghost Eclipsers; but I am here to try and condemn the man-eaters! I know that you want to attack Silver Moon City, and I do too. But I don’t want to only try and condemn these man-eaters after the war against Silver Moon City. That’s something that Silver Moon City would do: Exploit people. I, Luo Bing, don’t like to exploit people.

“I’ve had enough! Tonight, I’ll be frank. I can feel that most of you don’t want to be Ghost Eclipsers! You no longer want to be the lowly, fear-inducing tribe that has no humanity! We’re humans! You’re humans too! You were Ghost Eclipsers in the past, but that doesn’t mean you have to be Ghost Eclipsers for the rest of your life!”

They looked at me as I gave a burning speech. Flames burned in their glistening eyes. I felt astonishment, anger, unwillingness, and rebellion in their gazes. I felt an intense desire to change the future.

“So, I want to try to condemn those Ghost Eclipsers who would still eat humans and refuse to become humans again!” I raised my right hand and blue light danced in my palm. Everyone around me immediately looked anxious and alert. I looked around at the people who were on alert, declaring, “If you want to kill me today, I won’t be afraid!”

The entire hall became quiet again.

Everyone slowly retreated, but they began to prepare their superpowers. The entire situation became bitterly hostile and filled with murderous intent. Even though my speech had moved their hearts, I posed a threat against them now. With the command of the Great Ghost King, we would instantly become enemies!

“Do you think I’m scared?!” Feng You jumped forward.

Flurry immediately pulled her back. “Don’t go there!”

“What are you doing?!” Feng You wanted to shake off Flurry.

Flurry looked at her solemnly. “Take a number. Corpse King is first!” Feng You’s eyes flickered and she held herself back.

Motes of blue light formed all over my body. Alone, they weren’t enough to irradiate the people around me, but it was enough to make myself immune to their superpowers.

The Great Ghost King didn’t speak, but watched Nubis and me behind his mask. Behind the Queen’s exquisite mask was a worried gaze. The Queen looked sideways at the Ghost Prince next to her. He hadn’t spoken from the beginning, nor did I feel his gaze upon me or his emotions.

He was quiet. He was so calm that he felt like an emotionless wooden statue standing in Galaxy Hall. People would easily forget his existence. His extremely weak presence and overly dim clothing made him look like a passerby instead of the Ghost Prince that everyone was referring to.

“That’s great. I can finally kill you.” Nubis raised his hands. “The review this afternoon was simply a waste of time! I could have killed you then.” He stared at me and the surrounding ground began to rot. But the ground under my feet was perfectly fine.

Suddenly, Nubis stared with his eyes wide open. “Why, why isn’t it working?! Why is it not working!” Nubis roared. “You should be a corpse by now!”

“Nubis’s superpower is useless against her!”

“Is this the truth of Steel Ghost City?”

“She, she is immune to superpowers!”

“Look at her men! They’re hiding so far away! They knew about the North Star’s superpower. Would that distance be the safest?!”

Because of the person’s exclamation, everyone began to back off again.

The ten meter range around me and Nubis was empty. To the surrounding people, it actually wasn’t the safest distance.

They should be glad that I’d learned how to control the range of my superpower on Hagrid Island in the past one and a half years. Otherwise, the minimum distance would be wider.

“I want to have a daughter with her… This is so cool…”

“This is beautiful… She is like the Goddess of Ice and Fire…”

“That’s enough! How can she be more beautiful than me?! Look at her body figure, her height, and her face!”

“Feng You, that’s enough. You’re gaudy, but she’s beautiful.”

“You! Hmph! I don’t want to sleep with any of you anymore!”


“Cough, cough, cough!”

Nubis looked at his hand in disbelief. He clenched his black teeth furiously and waved his arms at meThe surrounding dark, rotten soil around me suddenly popped up and formed black hands that clawed at me!

I reckoned that Nubis’s rotting skills would be different from Totole’s. Otherwise, how could Nubis become a Ghost King? It turned out that there were other kinds of techniques. It seemed that he could create a rotten corpse army.

The hands clawed at me, but they turned into ashes when they touched the surrounding blue light.

“Ah!” Nubis roared. He didn’t give up, and more rotten hands came out of the ground. Then, rotten corpses that dripped with dark liquid climbed out of the dark, filthy water. They roared like Nubis as they clawed at me.

The Great Ghost King and Queen didn’t respond, as though they were watching how the situation would develop.

“Nubis eats humans! Try to condemn him!” Suddenly, someone seemed to have cleared his throat and shouted.

“Condemn him!” Another person did the same.

No matter who they were, they wanted the situation to become worse.

“Condemn him!”

“Condemn him!”

Suddenly, there were people cheering me on. The Ghost Eclipsers’ banquet wasn’t a dance party but rather a massacre, a real bloody massacre!


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