Book 6: Chapter 111 - Ghost Prince Arrives

“You, you’re…” Napoleon looked at me suspiciously.

“My brother, Luo Bing! You never expected that, did you?” Gehenna draped his arm over Napoleon’s shoulder and patted his chest. “In the current situation, you know, how can a girl expose herself outside? It was merely my sister Luo Bing’s disguise. Isn’t she amazing?”

“That’s Luo Bing!”

“Luo Bing is a girl!”

“The North Star is a girl, a girl?! Silver Moon City’s strongest warrior is a girl!”

“I think she’s really the North Star now. The North Star should be a woman who shines!”

“Yeah, she’s the real North Star, a… Queen.”

“Silver Moon City suffered a great loss losing her!”

“I want to have a daughter with her. Our child will definitely be very strong.”

“Go away!”

Napoleon looked at me and slowly came back to reality. He examined me with his shocking gaze. He suddenly bowed, saying, “My Queen.”

“Don’t be so courteous. You’re her uncle from now on. Hahahaha!” Gehenna patted Napoleon’s back and said.

Cough…” Napoleon stood up. He squinted and looked at Gehenna sideways. “It looks like you’re her uncle too…”

Pfff!” Ah Zong covered his mouth and laughed.

“I’m his brother!” Gehenna immediately stood next to me with enthusiasm. He wanted to hug my shoulders again, but He Lei suddenly put his hand on my shoulder. So, Gehenna’s hand happened to land on the back of his hand. I looked at He Lei, and he looked away slightly with his ears red.

Ever since he’d seen that I was a girl, his blush had never faded.

Gehenna didn’t notice, but just kept holding my “shoulder” and shaking me like a bro. “We’re very close, like blood brothers. Oh no, like a blood brother and sister. Napoleon, didn’t you want a Queen? What do you think now?” Gehenna said smugly as though he were showing off next to me.

Napoleon looked at me as he picked up his monocle. He chuckled, remarking, “Not too shabby.”

“Kill her!” Suddenly, Nubis’ roar reverberated from off to the side and he pounced at me.

Napoleon immediately stopped him. Nubis roared at me furiously from behind Napoleon’s arm, “Regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man, it’s only a matter of time until I kill you. I’m telling you, as long as I, Nubis, have a chance, I will definitely kill you!”

I glared at him coldly. Come at me if you dare!

Pak!” Just then, the lights all turned on and the galaxy vanished. Galaxy Hall instantly became magnificent and glittering. It took on another kind of extravagant aesthetic. Everyone turned to look in another direction.

Napoleon kept restraining Nubis. “The Great Ghost King is here. Calm down, calm down.” Napoleon forcefully turned Nubis’s body to face forward, but Nubis’ head turned a hundred and eighty degrees backward to continue staring at me coldly.

I saw a pale yellow moon slowly descend from the roof. Above the moon, there was an exquisitely luxurious silver chair engraved with flowers. Not only was the Great Ghost King sitting on the chair, but there was also a woman wearing an elegant white mask. Her mask was embellished with clear diamonds on its edges, and red teardrop-shaped gemstones at the corners of its eyes. The mask looked elegant and beautiful.

Her pale yellow gown reflected the gentle moonlight, and the end of her long dress hung past the edge of the chair. Her hair was tied up at the back of her head in a beautiful ash gray bun and decorated with pearls. The woman looked elegant and poised even with a mask on.

A man with a gray mask stood behind her, next to the chair. His mask was simple and plain gray with no decorations. His taste in masks was entirely different from that of the Great Ghost King and Queen.

He was wearing a simple, long ash-colored robe that looked like a funeral outfit. There were no accessories at all, not even a subtle dark print. He looked as if he had merely draped a piece of ash-colored cloth over him. He wore simple shoes made of the same material on his feet. The ash-colored shoes and white socks made him look like a servant.

His long gray hair was streaked with white, setting off its color even further. Among metahumans, there were many with colored hair. However, his gray and white hair made him look indescribably old.

He combed his long hair up into a simple, neat braid. His hands were behind his back and he stood straight. He didn’t behave like a guard or servant though, and he had come along with the Great Ghost King and the Queen. Would he be the Ghost Prince?

That’s strange. The Great Ghost King’s family members all wear masks. Are they trying to be mysterious, or are they embarrassed to deal with the filthy Ghost Eclipsers?

Everyone suddenly became quiet because of the Great Ghost King and Queen’s arrival. They stood in reverence.

The throne landed on the platform of Galaxy Hall. The Great Ghost King and Queen sat high on the throne as they overlooked the entire Galaxy Hall, like true monarchs looking upon their humble citizenry.

The Great Ghost King and Queen’s gazes fixed upon me. They exchanged a look and nodded. They didn’t look surprised. Judging from that, they’d known that I was a girl all along.

The Great Ghost King turned to look at me, declaring, “Tonight’s banquet is to welcome our North Star. Everyone must have realized that our North Star is wearing a gown. The North Star has not transformed; she was a Queen to begin with! Let us welcome our Queen!”

There was applause again. The people in front of me looked at me as they parted to either side. Napoleon pulled Nubis to the side too, while Gehenna and his men followed. There was a broad walkway in between me and the Great Ghost King’s throne.

On one side of the crowd, Feng You squeezed through to the front and looked at me in shock. Dian Yin and Flurry were next to Feng You too, equally surprised.

“Our new Queen Luo Bing, do you have anything that you’d like to say to everyone?” The Great Ghost King looked at me with the amiable smile of a senior.

I looked at the people on both sides and cried, “Attack Silver Moon City!”

“Yes!” Everyone immediately cheered back.

“Attack Silver Moon City!”

“Attack Silver Moon City!”

“Attack Silver Moon City!”

The cheer was fueled with enthusiasm.

In between the cheers, I shouted loudly and forcefully, “Try to condemn Ghost Eclipsers who eat humans!”

Suddenly, everyone stopped and looked at me in shock. I looked forward solemnly with my chest out. I didn’t regret that I’d said something that would make enemies.

“What did she say?”

“Did she say that she wants to kill us Ghost Eclipsers?”

“We are not Ghost Eclipsers. Those who eat humans are!” someone suddenly roared angrily.

“I never thought of myself as a Ghost Eclipser!”

Everyone immediately became quiet, shocked, or surprised as they looked at me.

“How would you like to try and sentence them?!” Feng You rested one hand on her waist and smirked coldly. “You should know that you are in the Ghost Eclipsers’ territory!”

I looked at her grimly and asked, “Do you eat humans?”

Feng You chuckled lightly. “This question again. What if I said I… Mm!”

Suddenly, Dian Yin charged forward and covered Feng You’s mouth. “Don’t act rashly out of spite!”

Feng You shook Dian Ying’s hand off angrily. Then, she crossed her arms and turned away, vexed.


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