Book 6: Chapter 110 - Your Queen Is Here

Ah Zong’s superpower had evolved at a shocking speed.

Raffles and Hagrid had once discovered through their constant research that a metahuman’s superpower evolved through experience, and sometimes it was limited by age. Everyone had different evolution ages, too. However, once one reached their evolution age, the speed of those changes would be tremendous.

I looked at Ah Zong and He Lei. I knew what they were worried about. However, it was useless to worry. We could only let things happen naturally.

I relaxed and smiled. “It’s rare for the three of us to dress up so formally. Let’s enjoy the banquet tonight.” I put my hand around Ah Zong’s arm and extended my hand toward He Lei.

He Lei looked at me stiffly and Ah Zong chuckled. “General He Lei, are you going to just look at Bing and not move?”

He Lei’s expression grew stiff. He looked at Ah Zong seriously. “I’m worried! But we’re around, so it should be useless to worry. We should work together with Bing.” Then, he walked up to me and lifted his elbow while he looked away bashfully.

I looked at his red cheeks and put my hand around his arm. His body instantly stiffened. When he turned to look at me, his expression became gentle and affectionate. “When I fell in love with you, you were a man. I finally gathered enough courage to confess to you. In the end, you told me that you were a girl…” He looked distressed.

I blushed and looked down in embarrassment. “I’m, I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay. You’re still you. You’ve been wanting to tell me. Regardless of whether you’re a guy or a girl, you’re still the Bing I love,” He Lei said directly. He didn’t mind that Ah Zong was around.

Ah Zong didn’t feel awkward, but rather smiled sweetly at He Lei. “The banquet is starting soon. We should bring our Queen there."

“Mm,” He Lei relaxed, but his eyes quivered. It was as though something had made him excited and he couldn’t calm down. His chest continued to heave.

That night, I had “frightened” He Lei.

When the door opened, Gehenna and his men were standing outside. The three of them became dumbfounded too. The three of them had put on appropriate suits and they looked good too.

The suit made Gehenna look younger. His long black hair was tied behind his head, and he looked like a noble. But he was still pulling his collar uncomfortably until he saw me.

“Queen! My Queen!” Vanish immediately knelt on one knee.

Earl quickly knelt down too. “Queen, please accept our loyalty!”

They declared this solemnly. They were so serious that I almost bought what they said. Luckily, I knew that they were drama queens.

Geh enna came back to reality as they spoke. He looked around and stomped, yelling, “I am your King!”

“I’m sorry. Ice Fire Queen is too beautiful. When we follow her, we feel as though we become better looking. On the other hand, when we follow you, my wife complains that I’m turning ugly,” Vanish said in disdain as he stood up.

“Plus, Ice Fire Queen is much smarter than you.” Earl got up. “You drag our intelligence down. My girlfriend thinks that I study too little.”

After they spoke, they stood behind me.

Gehenna held his forehead, “All my effort to raise you was in vain!”

“Bro, bring us to the dining hall,” I said.

Gehenna heard me refer to him as my brother and he seemed thrilled. “Here, this way.” He quickly moved in front of me to lead the way. He didn’t mind that his men were walking behind me instead.

Actually, I quite liked Gehenna’s men, including Vanish, Earl, Old Iron, and the rest. With them around, it was always cheerful. Judging from their behavior, I could tell that Gehenna was a great leader. Only a kind leader would have underlings that could “climb on his head”.

Galaxy Hall was located on the rooftop. We only needed to take the elevator to the top floor.

When the elevator door opened, melodious music immediately filled the air. From the elevator door to the entrance of the banquet hall, there were rows of servants in white uniform standing on both sides. They were stunned when they saw me. 

I was used to such surprised gazes. Compared to Silver Moon City when they had found out that I was a girl, they were doing much better.

Gehenna led me forward. “This is Galaxy Hall. The Queen designed it. It’s very beautiful.”

In front of us was a round banquet hall. We could see the beautiful stars across the night sky through the transparent roof. Behind the stars were galactic nebulae that were constantly moving. The pink and blue nebulae slowly churned, and it felt like the banquet hall was in the midst of space.

Gehenna led me into the hall. The lights were dim, and they poured over the people like a galaxy.

“The Queen is a woman who pays attention to details. I don’t even know where she came from,” Gehenna said as he walked. “Anyway, I’ve never seen any woman who paid so much attention to details before. Ever since she came to the Ghost Eclipsers, the Great Ghost King changed entirely. Originally, our resources were used on food, clothes, and weapons, but she used them on exterior appearances. You tell me, how much resources are required for such decorations? Tsk.” Gehenna shook his head and felt that it was a pity that she’d wasted resources.

“It’s in a woman’s nature to appreciate aesthetics. Boss, this is called sentiment! I told you to study more during your free time.” Earl pushed his glasses up with his middle finger. “Women don’t like men who don’t know anything about romance.”

“Seriously!” Gehenna looked at me. I didn’t bother replying.

“Mister Gehenna.” Ah Zong smiled at him. “Our Bing’s husband is Professor Raffles. He’s a romantic man. He’s always decorated our Bing’s room beautifully.”

“That’s true!” He Lei seemed to have realized, “No wonder I always felt that Bing’s room looked like a girl’s room. Raffles is really particular in terms of decoration.”

Gehenna rubbed his chin and muttered softly, “No wonder the men that Brother Bing likes were half…”

“Boss!” Vanish suddenly covered his mouth and stared at him anxiously. “Are you courting death?! Watch your mouth!”

Gehenna stood up straight awkwardly. Vanish let out a breath of relief and lowered his hand wearily. His expression looked simply as if he were looking after a naughty child, and he was worried that the child might run into trouble at any time.

“Gehenna is here.” Suddenly, Napoleon walked over. He walked towards us with a wine glass in his hand. When he saw me, he instantly stopped. He looked at me in surprise and his monocle fell.

Gehenna chuckled maliciously. Suddenly, he pulled me toward Napoleon and said, “Call him Uncle Napoleon.”

Napoleon came back to reality and looked at me blankly. I immediately greeted him, saying, “Uncle Napoleon.”

“Hahahaha!” Gehenna burst out in laughter. His laughter was extremely loud and hearty.

His laughter caught everyone’s attention. The lights grew brighter, revealing all the people gathered there. They looked in my direction in shock.


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