Book 6: Chapter 109 - New Queen

I took the elegant ice-blue gown off the rack. The gown was light, and it shimmered under the light like stars. It was as though I were draping the galaxy over my body. It seemed to have been made by weaving moonlight into a dress. 

I slowly put it on and pulled my long hair through the collar. Its slim cut and comfortable material made me feel unwilling to take it off. The gown was faintly warm, too.

There was an ivory ribbon on the rack, and also a white headdress with some blue trim. It looked like a spirit flower blooming in the snow.  

The headdress reminded me of the headdress that Jun had chosen for me when I left Steel Ghost City. It was a flower of sorrow that I’d put on for Harry.

Back then, Harry had been right next to me. I’d been merely a step away from him. I believed this would catalyze the process of attacking Silver Moon City after the banquet. So I had to seize the chance. It was not only a banquet, but also a diplomatic gathering!

I felt that most of the people among the Ghost Eclipsers were like Gehenna. They no longer wanted to be Ghost Eclipsers and they were embarrassed by the name ‘Ghost Eclipsers’.

They were dying for a chance to prove themselves. They wanted to prove that they weren’t just Ghost Eclipsers, but they could be as noble as Silver Moon City. Otherwise, why would their designs and fashion be so similar to Silver Moon City?

They wanted to build a brand new kingdom, too. They wanted to build a brand new order. They wanted to shake off the name ‘Ghost Eclipsers’ and become a noble tribe. At least, in other people’s hearts, they wanted to be an existence that people worshipped like Silver Moon City.

That meant it was an opportunity. It was an opportunity to change the Ghost Eclispers.

I tied my long hair up in a bun with the ivory ribbon and put on the beautiful headdress.

On the other side of the rack, there was a small shelf. A pair of silver heels sat on it. I took them down and they felt extremely light in my hand. The heels weren’t very tall, so even I, who didn’t usually wear heels, didn’t find it uncomfortable.

I took a deep breath. Luo Bing, you are a Queen today. You can’t lose to that bunch of drama queens.

I opened the door. He Lei and Ah Zong were already waiting in the living room in their suits. The moment they saw me, they looked surprised and dumbfounded.

Ah Zong looked at me blankly, but he was less confused. As for He Lei, he was completely dumbfounded. He looked at me blankly and his gaze was fixed upon me.

The Queen was good at picking formal wear. Ah Zong wore a white suit with silver trim. It set off his long pink hair well. He Lei wore a black suit. The dark color set off his reserved yet mysterious vibe.

“Bing…” Ah Zong walked up to me in shock. He almost gave me his hand, but stopped in midair. The ruffled, golden-edged sleeves made him look innocent and elegant.

“Bing, what are you doing?” He Lei finally came back to reality. He took huge strides toward me and looked at my face. He asked, “You, you, you… Are you Bing?!”

“Mm, I am,” I replied with my own voice, and He Lei was caught by surprise again.

He began to blush and his gaze flickered. He couldn’t fix his gaze on me. “Why do you have to put on ladies’ wear?!” he roared.

“Is ladies’ wear… bad?” Ah Zong smiled. “I like Bing in ladies’ wear… She looks beautiful…”

“But not here!” He Lei roared. Suddenly, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room. “Go back and change. And…” He couldn’t bear to take another look at me and quickly looked away. “Change your face back!”

“He Lei…” I held the hand that was grabbing my arm. He suddenly stiffened. As I called him with my girl voice, he froze, and he even forgot to breathe.

I took his other hand and turned to face him. “This is the truth that I’ve been wanting to tell you, but never got the chance to.”

He Lei looked shocked. He slowly turned to look at me and fixed his gaze upon my face.

I looked at him solemnly. My hand became hot as I said, “Since the first time we met along with Xing Chuan, I was a girl. It was because my voice was hoarse that you mistook me for a guy.”

“Xing Chuan… knew too?” A commotion stirred in He Lei’s clear black eyes. He grabbed my hand firmly.

I creased my eyebrows because I didn’t want to talk about Xing Chuan. “He didn’t know at first, but..”

“He found out. That’s why he kept his distance from you…” He Lei muttered softly. He suddenly gripped my hand tight. “That b*stard!”

Pfft!” He Lei gripped my hand so tightly that it hurt.

“Lei, you are hurting Bing.” Ah Zong placed his hand over He Lei’s. He Lei immediately let go and Ah Zong smiled at him, saying, “Don’t be angry at Bing. She wanted to tell you."

He Lei blinked and looked away. He blushed and his ears were red. “What I meant was... Can’t you be in men’s wear tonight?!” He Lei was anxious. He turned to look at me. “It’s safer to be in men’s wear among the Ghost Eclipsers.”

“Lei.” Ah Zong placed his hand on Lei’s chest as if he were comforting him, trying to get him to calm down. “We don’t want anyone else to see our beautiful Bing, but… The Queen chose the outfit. So…”

“The Queen knows that Bing is a girl!” He Lei’s expression grew grim and his eyes became sharp. “That’s why what Earl said about the Great Ghost King’s intentions might be true. The Great Ghost King might really want Bing to marry the Ghost Prince.” He Lei’s expression instantly tensed up.

“Calm down.” Ah Zong patted He Lei’s chest again. “Even if the Great Ghost King wants to, our Bing must be willing to. Lei, why don’t we run away now so that Bing can kill all of them?” Ah Zong blinked at He Lei.

He Lei was stunned and he looked at Ah Zong, asking, “Are you being serious?”

Ah Zong smiled helplessly. “Of course we can’t. Bing needs the Great Ghost King’s soldiers to attack Silver Moon City.” Ah Zong’s expression became solemn. “Lei, it was only a matter of time that everyone would find out Bing is a woman. Plus, Bing is a Queen. She might receive more admirers and worshippers. It’s a good thing for Bing…”

He Lei creased his eyebrows. He thought for a while and sighed. “I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

“Because you saw such a beautiful Bing today…” Ah Zong smiled at He Lei.

He Lei instantly blushed again and looked away. “Cough!

“When I found out that Bing was a girl…” Ah Zong looked into the distance. “I was so thrilled that I was shivering all over…”

What Ah Zong said reminded me of when I’d first met Ah Zong. His superpower hadn’t been as powerful yet. He could only change his own body from male to female. He wasn’t as sensitive towards emotions and scents then, either.

When we’d met again, he’d realized that I was a girl via my scent.


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